Ngolwen "Sapthinzil"

Name Ngolwen
At the time of the War of the Ring, she is over 6000 years old.
Her home lies somewhere in the Cape of Andrast.
Outward Appearance

Ngolwen is an unusual Elf in both manner and appearance.  She wears her hair very short and her complexion is dark compared to her Elven kin.   Unlike other Elves, Ngolwen also lacks imagination.  One could say that she speaks and sees the world around her quite...literally.  As a result, she is often at the mercy of Agathinzil's jokes but there is no danger of hurting her feelings since humour is lost on her anyway.


Theme song - Shura No Hana
This mysterious Rune-Keeper was born sometime in the early Second Age.  Ruinë, Quenya for "Fire" or "Blaze", was her birth name but later she was renamed Ngolwen, Sindarin for "Wise" or "Learned".
Secretive by nature, Ngolwen guards her personal information carefully, consequently very little is known about her.  All she will say is that she was born in Lindon around 400 S.A. and her current home, of which she has had several, is somewhere in Andrast, a rugged and remote cape off the most south-western part of Gondor.  Her current spouse, of which she has also had several, is Kalavath, a Lore-Master known as 'The Ancient Master".
In 2889 T.A. she received eight year old Agathinzil into her care when the child's home city of Arphel-Zadan fell to the Haradrim in 2885 T.A.  She renamed the girl Djangolas to conceal her ancestry. When Djangolas was of age, the Elf revealed to the young woman her royal lineage and sent her out into The Wild.
Other information:
~ An Elf of few words, she also has a lack of imagination, especially when it comes to giving names.  Agathinzil often teases her about this.
~ Ngolwen prefers a reclusive life but she is becoming more social as she ages.
~ She has ancient ties with the royal family of Arphel-Zadan.
~She is one of the last original Nardûaninzil.  Her title Sapthinzil means "The Flower of Wisdom".
Her family history is secret, or perhaps she has forgotten.
Ancient Evil
Tardiness and idleness.
Mentor to Agathinzil
"Why is no one ready?"

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