Founding date
Near the end of the Second Age.
The elite guard of the Queen of Arphel-Zadan.
Main area of operations
Originally based in the city of Arphel-Zadan until 2885 T.A. They now exist somewhere in The Cape of Andrast.
Kinship type
The Haradrim
Kinship status
Recruiting Officer(s)


Nardûaninzil, Adûnaic for "The Flower Guard" was founded long ago, near the end of the Second Age, by the descendants of Tar-Anárion's two daughters.  This ancient tradition was created to protect and aid the Queen of Arphel-Zadan.  It was customarily made up of warriors, usually female, who were also highly skilled in a particular craft and profession that was an asset to their queen. 

An additional guard, usually male, held the closest position to the queen as her personal bodyguard.  It was also his duty to keep the histories of the royal family and to protect them, whatever the cost....

When the city finally fell to the Haradrim in 2885 T.A., the last living royal member fled somewhere to the The Cape of Andrast where one of the original Nardûaninzil is said to reside.


Agathinzil Agathinzil Man
Beurnia Beurnia "Ezendinzil" Hobbit
Borniel Borniel "Zaginzil" Elf
Eacnung Eacnung "Ugruinzil" Man
Ngolwen Ngolwen "Sapthinzil" Elf

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