Bêlzagahr of the North

Name Belzagahr
Ranger of the North
Appearing around the age of fourty
Nowhere in particular
Outward Appearance

Bêlzagahr (B-/e:/-lzagar) stands at a towering six foot and one inches tall. His long black hair with walnut brown hues falls down just a few inches below  his shoulders. Appearing around the age of fourty his face shows up rugged, with a thin scar leading down from his eyebrow to his eyelid.


With eyes as grey as rough steel he watches the wilds and the paths leading through them.


His clothing consists mainly out of thick furs to protect him from the cold lands he often wanders through. On his back he carries a deep-brown quiver an old bow and an axe. On his belt a sword and dagger are visibly present alongside a small leather pouch to keep his most valued belongings.                

Artwork by: Eve Ventrue
Banner art by: Brennan Massicotte


Bêlzagahr (B-/e:/-lzagar) was born in the year 2937 TA, of his parents Dôlguzagar (D-/o:/-lguzagar) and Nilûindil (Nil-/u/-idil) on the cold Cirith Forn of Hithaeglir. Loved dearly by his mother and father, Bêlzagahr grew up in the safety of his kindred until at the age of twenty-one he left the tight knit band to follow his own path through life, forever honoring his parents love and respect by making it his life's work to fight and protect in the name of them, The Free Peoples of Arda and his Chieftain of the North.


Name pronounciation guide
/e:/ - like the 'e' of ''eight''
/o:/ - like the o as in ''boat''
/u/ -  like the u in ''brute''

         Artwork done by Stefan Koidl

There are only few he considers to be friends
The Enemy of the Free Peoples of Arda
The way the leafs of the trees he passes in his tracks speak to him. He enjoys the sound of birds when they sing to wake the world and has a love for his axe for it has been in his family for lifetimes
The Enemy to his people and allies, the strange smell of some vegetation in the heat of summer
To maintain and expand freedom in Middle-Earth

Belzagahr's Adventures

T.A. 2980 Tûrac S.R. 1380 1 year 2 weeks ago
T.A. 2954 - S.R. 1354 1 year 3 weeks ago
T.A. 3018 October 28th S.R. 1418 1 year 3 weeks ago
Belzagahr's Adventures

Belzagahr's Gallery

Belzagahr's Gallery