Jackilyn, Jacki, J, Blackburrow

Name Jackilyn
Currently an apprentice potter, part time brewery warehouse keeper but also dabbling in this and that
Young woman
A rebuilt home on what is rumoured to be cursed land, but that's nonsense.
Outward Appearance
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As a result of her work, this twenty year old failed cook, failed stable hand, failed task runner, failed nanny and failed tailor is often marred by splats of dried clay upon her otherwise unblemished skin.  Moving casks in the brewery warehouse can sometimes result in a splinter, but that is about as dangerous the work has been.  Though occasionally she'll be perfectly turned out, as befitting her new work, as it wouldn't do to be dusty and clay clad in those times.
Her hair, a rather dull brown, is cut short due to the clay getting stuck into its once long lengths, though she is growing it out a bit more now.
She is slight, due to having little pay given being an apprentice, so doesn't gorge on cakes and treats unless someone else is paying! This leaves her perhaps a little slimmer than she'd like, and a far cry from the plumper figure she had when she tried to cook. She is also rather short, at 5'2".


Jacki(lyn) is an apprentice potter, one who tends to make right now, lopsided pots, cracked plates and poorly decorated goods, but what she lacks in ability, she makes up for in actually showing up for work, unlike Morris, the potters son.  Having said this, she is improving over time.

She's from Breeland, so common as muck, nothing special, and her parents were not killed by orcs or the like, in fact, they are living a happy life tending their hop farm that's not too far to the west.  Although her accent is Bree-ish, one of her former employers drilled it into her to "Speak Properly".

When not at work in the pottery, the brewery warehouse or in the inn, she is either practicing her writing (though tends to end up doodling) on a slate, or chatting with folk, if not learning that is.

She currently lives in a rebuilt home that is situated atop of a hill, overlooking a village. The garden of the home is chaotic, beautiful and very overgrown, though her cat Bailey is quite glad of it.

Please note This character is now dormant. Thank you to those who helped breathe life into her.

Plenty and more every day!
Father: Archie, Mother: Lillyann. Friends that are like family also.
Dry clay on her clothes. The mice Bailey brings in.
A romantic at heart and not closed off to giving the right person a chance. Her family & friends. Her pet cat and pygmy goats. Yellow flowers. Strawberries and strawberry tea.
Breaking things that she ends up having to pay for. Feeling poorly.
To finally find out what she is good at. To meet someone worthwhile that she might one day settle down with.

Jackilyn's Adventures

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Jackilyn's Adventures

Jackilyn's Gallery

Jackilyn's Gallery