Aurthiel Golodhmiriel

Name Aurthiel
Crafter, Adventurer, Orc Slayer
She's seen the Trees of Valinor, so she's pretty old.
9 Haven Way, Celon Thonion, Falathlorn
Outward Appearance

A Noldor, Aurthiel has jet black hair and pale skin. Her eyes are green. She generally wears red and black clothes. Her Noldor armor is gold, black, and red. She always wears a black scarf on her neck.

Warrior of the Noldor

She has several scars from her battles throughout the Three Ages.

She has a tough yet light figure. She is muscular, but also lithe. She is light on her feet and agile.



She carries herself boldly. She is not the kind to back down, yet she also is not confrontational. An "outgoing introvert," she is simultaneously gregarious and distant in social situations. An artistic person, her dressing style is often self expressive. Her hair is not nice and neat, but it's not unkempt or messy either.


She always wears a black scarf, a momento of the scarf given to her by her dear friend Mythrennial while crossing Helcaraxe. She wears her golden ring, a Lesser Ring, on her left pointer finger.



Sindar Name: Aurthiel.

Quenya Name: Alasiel.

Eregion/ Rivendell Region Sindar Name: Golodhmiriel.

Race: Noldor Elf.

Gender: Female.

Height: 5'9.

Weight: 129 ibs.

Hair Color: Black.

Eye Color: Green.

Lesser Ring: Ellaer - Star Song.

2H Sword: Morelmegil - Black Star Sword.

Spears: Rafnecthal, the Winged Spear; Ecthel Morlithui; Spear of Black Ash.

1H Swords: Angruth, Iron Anger; Angcrist, Iron Cleaver.

Knife: Maeglaer - Sharp Gold.

Bow: Naurcu - Fire Bow.

Rune: Enodel - End of Fear.

Known Languages: Quenya, Sindarin, Westron.

Alignment: Chaotic Good.


Big Five Personality: RIOGD.

Enneagram Tritype: 437, SO Variant.

Theme Songs: Here.





Possibly, if you are or were:

  • A Noldor, or other high elf who made the journey back to Middle Earth (Fingolfin's party.)
  • A member of the Noldor Army. Especially any special force units. (Aurthiel was in the Winged Kindred.)
  • Lived in Eregion as a trader or crafter.
  • Was one of the Gwaith-i-Mirdain.
  • Was part of the Last Alliance of Elves and Men.



Aurthiel generally caries a sarcastic, humorous demeanor. She has a quirky, eccentric nature and tends to shout puns while making dry remarks about her pet peeves. She's grown tired of petty social customs and tends to cut straight to the point. She tends to say what she thinks without any filter. She's too old and bitter to deal with any goat dung.


This playful, energetic, odd exterior only scratches the surface of her personality. Despite seeming spontaneous in casual situations, when danger strikes she switches from an senile crazy lady to a ferocious warrior. She is insanely skilled in many forms of combat and maintains sharp reflexes. She served in the military for two ages and still has its discipline instilled in her. She just has to be in a serious situation for her soldier mode to switch on.


Aurthiel is extremely sensitive deep down. She feels intensely and has a passionate spirit. She loves art and self expression. She's a talented musician, metalworker, and jeweler. She never properly was able to deal with her loses at the end of the Years of the Trees and failed to fully heal. She has a powerful morale compass and is severely dedicated to justice and mercy. When her morale code is broken, she freaks out. She has control issues and is a perfectionist. Her desire for power stems from her circumstances when the Noldor moved out from Valinor to march against Morgoth.







Born in 1470 of the Years of the Trees, Alasiel had two parents and an older brother, Atamiredo. Growing up, she wanted to be an amazing craftswoman, like Feanor, whom crafted the glorious Silmarils. Alasiel was in her mid teens when on the day of a festival, Morgoth and Ungoliant destroyed the Two Trees. She had happened to be standing on top of a balcony when it happened. When, in the darkness, elves panicked, she was shoved off the edge. Before she could fall, a hand caught her's. She looked up to see a blond elf, in her late teens, attempting to pull her up.


"I have your hand! Hang in there, child!"


"Child?" Alasiel scoffed, "You appear to be only a few decades older than me!"


She was a gentle young woman. She held a torch as she helped Alasiel reunite with her scattered family. This was a Vanyar elf. Her name was Mythrennial.


In the darkness that followed the downfall of the Trees, Atamiredo grew restless and enraged. Meanwhile, their parents continued to trust the Valar. Nonetheless, when Feanor gathered a crowd and made that terrible vow with his sons, Atamiredo jumped at the opportunity to offer his allegiance. Alasiel decided to follow him, yet often times looked behind at her home in Tirion.


The first kin slaying was carried out by the bull headed Atamiredo, whom also gave Alasiel a sword. Yet Alasiel stood in the sidelines, merely watching with horror in her eyes. This death… she never wanted this death! Yet, when a Teleri snatched her brother's sword and raised it, she rushed in to protect her brother and killed the attacker in the process. Immediately she was filled with intense regret and sickened guilt.


Alasiel was now hesitant and even considered going back. But how could she face her parents with blood on her hands? When the Doom of Mandos was spoken, however, she felt that, unfortunately, her fate was sealed. She was certain she would never see Tirion again, and that she would never gaze into her loving parents' eyes. She was certain they would not even forgive her if they saw her again. Now, she at least surrounded herself with Fingolfin's group. Meanwhile, her zealous brother pined after Feanor's party as a valiant soldier.


Atamiredo followed Feanor's party onto the ships that had been stolen. Alasiel was so conflicted, even her relationship with her brother was estranged.


Alasiel stared in horror up at her brother. From the shore, she watched him as he proudly looked down on her. Was he so obivious? Sick to her stomach, the pale girl clenched her fists bitterly. "I never should of followed you…"


He only scoffed.


"What are you afraid of?" Atamiredo inquired as he swung from one of the ship's ropes. "That curse was just the Valar trying to scare us! They are selfish and greedy, right? They want to keep us from inhabiting Middle Earth. They'd hand it straight to the Second Children! Bah!"


Alasiel felt herself grow in anger for the first time. So much misery, so much horror… Suddenly, a strange flame burned within as she stomped her foot. She threw her hands as she screamed, "This is all your fault! You made me do this! You wretch! You-you! -" Her brother's chin was still up. He arrogantly clasped the hilt.


His eyes were cold as he glared down. "I thought were not like our parents. Are you just a coward?"


Tears welled up in the child's eyes as she hugged herself. The anger was gone. Now, only sadness remained. "I lost everything…" she faintly whispered, "Can't you see we can never go back home?"


He scoffed once again, "Nonsense." She heard him start climb down the ropes. "Middle Earth will be our new home."


A rare flash of that old warmth seemed to return to his voice. She looked up to see him smirking confidently at her, "Do not worry, sister! Our party will clear the way of our new home for you!"


Tears continued to fall from her eyes, but she felt herself smile as well. Maybe, just maybe, he was right. He had to be…


When Atamiredo crossed with the ships, they waited. Yet, soon, the ships burned. Flame seemed to reflect off of Alasiel's eyes as Fingolfin's party cried out. Yet, they refused to give up. Soon, she found herself crossing the bitter wastes which bound Middle Earth and Valinor together.


It was frigid, frozen. She never felt so cold. She was sure she would die out here, alone… Her brother had not paved the way for her, he had forsaken her. The going was slow and long. She began to feel like it would be just fine to lay down and wait for the cold to kill her.


Yet, soon it would be a rare kindness that would save her.


During one bitter night, she shivered over a dim camfire. She felt sudden surprise when she felt a scarf wrap around her neck. She looked down to see gentle hands working with black cloth. Then, she looked up to see a familiar face. It was Mythrenniel.


"It is not much, but this scarf might help a little bit. I had limited materials to sow it…"


"You-ou're a Vanyar!" Alasiel shivered in surprise. "What a-are you doing-ing he-r-ere?"


She looked away, regret in her eyes. "I-I saw the Noldor marching to stop Melkor… I wanted to join them. I had enough of watching our kind suffer in the dark. I wanted to help."


Mythrenniel sat down next to Alasiel. Alasiel looked down at her scarf again as snow continued to fall. "Why still come when that curse was spoken?"


She sighed, "I initially thought this would be a quick trip there and back. I came with Fingolfin's group so I was shocked when I heard of the Kin Slaying. Yet, even when Mandos spoke of doom, I still followed…"


From there on out, the two stuck together. As the group continued to pass through Helcaraxe, Mythrenniel and Alasiel learned to properly use swords with martial arts for the first time. They watched the first moonrise and were warmed by the first rays of the sun. Finally, things started to look a little up.


It was a joy when Fingolfin's group finally made it to Middle Earth. Soon enough, the group made it to Mithrim. Then, with trumpets blaring and banners unfurled, they charged towards Angband. Yet, the girls were told to stay behind, as they were not yet trained enough. Thus, they watched as the events that took place then happened. It was only after the two factions of Noldor were reunited under Maedhros and Fingon's friendship that Alasiel heard the most terrible of news…


… Atamiredo had been one of soldiers to follow Feanor towards the gates of Angband. He had been one of the many to be smitten by the balrogs there. Her brother was dead.


Now, all the trauma of losing her parents, being barred from her old home, the Kin Slaying, Helcaraxe, and now her brother's death all came crashing down on her. Suddenly, all the tears stopped falling. They were replaced with bitterness and rage. For a long time after, all she knew was anger.


The child grew up. She continued to train alongside Mythrennial to be a soldier of the Noldor. Alasiel proved to have natural talent. With a new fire of hatred burning within her, she became one of the best trainees of her battalion. It had never been about the Silmarils, of course it was not. No, this was about revenge. Alasiel was ready to do everything in her power to stop the armies of Melkor from doing any more damage ever again.



During the Seige of Angband, the times of peace, her efforts as a soldier in training were noticed by the higher up's of the military. Alasiel was offered a chance to join a secretive, elite group of soldiers whom were small in number, tasked by the Eldar to carry out the most dangerous of tasks - the Winged Kindred. Under the agreement that Mythrennial too would join if she wished, Alasiel agreed.


Amongst the members of the Winged Kindred, alongside Alasiel and Mythrenniel, there were many examples of the best of the best. Calaindo, a sturdy soldier whom had proven his steel as a skilled fighter amongst the forces of the late Feanor's party. Brothers Alasornalon and Nuruwe were a skilled duo. Weapon masters and crafters, the close siblings would prove to be the technicians of the group. Telpado was a strange man from Feanor's party. The redhead seemed to rapidly change moods and appeared rather airheaded. Yet, he was insanely talented as a warrior. Culowe was soft spoken, but intelligent and clever. He was a clever strategist who always knew how to escape a situation.


Since the early years of the battalion, Alasiel and Alasornaion grew close. Alasornaion believed fully in the Curse of the Noldor, fearing their doom despite all efforts. With the Siege of Angband in effect and Noldor settlements growing strong, however, Alasiel felt almost positive of beating the odds. Nonetheless, despite differing feelings of the future, they had a powerful bond. Their feelings grew romantic, yet Alasornaion turned her down in fear of loss.


The Winged Kindred went through years of extensive training. The group knew everything from espionage, interrogation resistance, to weaponry and open combat. Of course, Alasiel's dreams of being a crafter never left her. In her spare time, Alasiel picked up various crafts; metalworking considered the most useful. She loved learning to play instruments and especially loved making beautiful jewelry.


Within the waning years of the Siege, the Winged Kindred was tasked with the impossible - break into Angband and accurately map its floors, defenses, and weaknesses. It was daunting task, but the group obeyed. Yet, it went horribly wrong. They were indeed caught and chased by a balrog. Nuruwe was slain quickly, promting a hasty retreat. The only reason they escaped was through Culowe's sacrifice. He distracted the evil forces of Angband while the rest of the group slipped away.


It was a heavy blow. Alasornalon had lost his twin, and Culowe's gentle courage would be missed. It angered the group when they realized that this mission had been carried out secretly across a small board of military generals. The higher ups did not even know about it. Eventually, the secretive group was caught. The Winged Kindred was given compensations for their loses, but there was not enough to be given to heal their wounds. Telpado became even more mentally unstable.


The Winged Kindred from there on out would carry out various missions and participated in various skirmishes throughout the First Age. Yet, somehow, something was always off. It was discovered throughout their adventures that Telpado was suffering from extreme guilt from his actions under Feanor's command, to the point where his mental health was in a horrific state. He died in the Battle of the Sudden Flame.


Calaindo was initially the leader of the group. Yet, even under the Siege of Angband his heartless tactics were questioned by the kindred. After the Battle of the Sudden Flame, his command was usurped by the group and they placed the gentle yet courageous Mythrennial in command in his place. She was their leader until the Winged Kindred disbanded.


There was still another tragedy during the Battle of the Sudden Flame. When the Kindred faced off against a horde of orcs, they cut down all but one. This final orcs appeared… strangely familiar. It was only Mythrennial who choked in horror, for this orc was a twisted, tortured Culowe. Now insane and turned over by Morgoth's dark forces. He was not killed, but captured and turned into one of Morgoth's many minions. In rage, Alasiel cut the shell of her old friend down.


After the battle, Alasornalon seemed to act oddly. He was obviously tortured by the memories all of these events, but nothing could help him escape his sudden isolation. What was wrong?


In the times of the unending tears, when Morgoth's forces were taking over Beleriand, the Winged Kindred was tasked with evacuating smaller settlements before the armies of evil got there to slaughter them. The evacuations were mixed between successful and unsuccesful, The failures stayed with the group. Mythrennial took it all especially hard.


Calaindo went missing in action during the evacuations. He was suspected to have been slain.


Eventually, the Winged Kindred was called back to the Havens of Sirion. Once there, Alasiel noticed that Alasornalon was skittish and almost... fearful. When she caught him sneaking away from the havens, she followed.


His excuse that he needed fresh air seemed flat. Alasiel asked if she could come and would not let up. Eventually, the truth slipped... Alasornalon had been a spy for Morgoth since the Battle of the Sudden Flame. It was Alasornalon who made sure as many towns fell as possible to Morgoth's iron grasp during the evacuations. Alasornalon had even slain Calaindo with the help of a troll. It had been his revenge for "letting his brother die."


Now, Alasornalon was trying to get the location of the havens to Morgoth's ears.


Alasiel was horrified. How could an elf work for the enemy? Even more, due to their histories of reluctance to the March and losing family, Alasiel had a close bond with him. When she asked why, Alasornalon was honest. He had believed the Curse of Mandos since it was first uttered. Yet, as a participant in the Kin Slaying, he knew he could not turn back. He hoped he could change destiny by joining the Winged Kindred, but that hope died when his brother died. Positive the Noldor would fail, and banned from Valinor, he thought his best option was to join Morgoth.


Now, Alasiel was infuriated. Betrayed and broken hearted, she wept bitterly. She drew her sword and challenged her old friend to a duel right there and then. Alasiel won. Instead of killing him, however, she took him back to Sirion and made sure he was tried fairly. In the end, he was executed.


Alasiel would always carry Alasornalon's memory with her.


Eventually, the Valar came thanks to Earendil and Elwing. With the remaining elves of Valinor, Their power surged as the War of Wrath enveloped. Beleriand shook as the ultimate forces clashed. The Winged Kindred was of little use in these battles, yet still were sent to free captured people and spy on enemy encampments. During the decades of the war, Alasiel was reunited with her parents.


After five hundred and fifty five years of guilt and torment, Alasiel could barely look them in the eyes. Yet, they still loved her. Somehow, they forgave her. The murder she committed to protect her brother, her brother's eventual death, all the bloody battles in exile, all of it. They still loved her after everything that had happened.


It was what gave her strength as Beleriand sank beneath the sea.


Beleriand had been Alasiel's home for so long - much longer than Valinor. She missed it more than she even missed Tirion. At least, Ossiriand was still there.


In her love of Middle Earth, Alasiel stayed in Lindon instead of sailing back to Valinor. Her brother was right, Middle Earth had become her new home. She took on the Sindar name Aurthiel. Problem was, an elf who grew up knowing nothing but war grew bored of the life of peace. Yes, she enjoyed parties and festivals, crafting and writing songs, yet she desired the excitement of battle once again. Even more, she felt the wounds left by her time in the Winged Kindred strongly. An insatiable hunger for control became quite the issue for her. Although she no longer felt the burning rage from her youth, she still was rather short tempered. She became an explorer, a bounty hunter, who recklessly chased one dangerous quest after another. She never felt at home in Lindon.


When Eregion was founded, she immediately moved there. The jeweler enjoyed it quite superbly. She become one of the Gwaith-i-Mirdain, crafting some of the most wonderful jewels since the times of Feanor. Her oldest dream of being a legendary crafter finally came true!


She enjoyed the friendship with the dwarves of Hadhodrond, later to be known as Moria. She spent so much time polishing gems and making golden ring bands. Her perfectionism pushed her towards becoming the best of the best. Still, her desire for complete control went unquenched...


Then, the answer seemed to come upon her randomly. He was a marvelous man, a wonderful jewel smith. He promised everything she could ever ask for. He was Annatar, the Lord of Gifts.


Annatar had Aurthiel's full attention. He taught the crafters of Eregion the art of Ring Craft. These were no ordinary rings, however. The Rings of Power held the key to the true capabilities of Noldorian power. Aurthiel eagerly devoured the knowledge of ring craft and soon forged her own Lesser Ring of the elves - Ellaer, translated to Star Song. It was called the Ring of Art.


Even though it was merely an essay of ring craft, Aurthiel poured all her passion and energy into making even this "practice ring" spectacular. Like all lesser rings, it was only a golden band. Plain, yes, but Aurthiel made its simplicity a work of art. The ring was enchanted and glimmered brightly. Ellaer was the jeweler's end game work of art. Aurthiel had sacrificed herself, poured her fea into this ring.


One could imagine how hurt and bitter she became when Annatar turned out to be Morgoth's successor, Sauron the Deceiver! When Eregion was destroyed, her old fury returned whole. She blatantly refused to give Sauron her lesser ring!


After Eregion was destroyed, Aurthiel joined the elves making efforts to keep Eriador safe from being overrun. Alas, Sauron and his many lieutenants kept pushing the defense further and further back. The army of orcs Aurthiel's battalion faced was soon notorious for their cunning commander, General Ashburzgul.


Ashburzgul rode on a black horse. He struck fear into the hearts of men and elves. Never showing his face, the lieutenant in black armor devastated the Noldor defenses. Soon, it was discovered that he wore one of the stolen lesser rings on his finger. He had an elegant, disciplined fighting style which pointed to a devastating conclusion - this was an elf.


When Aurthiel and a small squadron met Ashburzgul on the field, Aurthiel told the rest to go back while she distracted him. She pulled out her own lesser ring and let it shine in the sun. She shouted that she had one of the rings Sauron wanted and let him away from the group. After a short duel, she pulled off her helmet and demanded to know if this traitor was truly an elf.


Not only was he an elf. When he pulled his helmet off, tears clouded Aurthiel's eyes


Ashburzgul was, in actuality, Alasornaion.


Alasornaion reluctantly took her prisoner. He said he needed an elf with knowledge in ring-lore to tell him where all other rings were. She refused. For a long time, he held her in captivity. He did not want her to be taken to Sauron because he would torture her. No orc was allowed to even touch her. Alasornaion took sole responsibility of this prisoner.


Within the many months, their old feelings returned. Despite all the betrayal and heartbreak, Alasornaion was desperate for relief from all the pain of being unable to turn back. Aurthiel found her bitterness start to melt as she saw the suffering of a fellow Noldor and former lover.


Yet, she decided to break out.


Alasornaion was off guard around her. She took their rings while he slept and put on his armor. She snuck out perfectly, but not without leaving a note for Alasornaion. She was filled with grief for their conflicting paths, but she would never forgive Sauron for the destruction of Eregion. Their roads were divided. Aurthiel fought for the free peoples, Ashburzgul fought for Mordor.


After this point, no one Aurthiel knew ever saw him again. Perhaps he died in the battles against the Numenoreans? Or maybe he was betrayed and slaughtered by his evil master?


When she brought the two leaser rings and the information she gathered in captivity back to Lindon, she was hailed as a hero and allowed to keep her Ellaer. Yet, she also needed to go off duty soon after - she was pregnant.


No, this was terrible! It was an illegitimate relationship, out of wedlock, with a traitor! Aurthiel turned to Mythrenniel for support. The two decided to take off on a "recovery journey" in isolation. When they came back, Mythrenniel had a new daughter, which she claimed was her's and her husband's. Everybody took the elf's word for it, as Mythrenniel was always honest. Yet, only Mythrenniel, her beloved Orotasarin, and Aurthiel actually knew the truth.


The Numenoreans soon captured Sauron and Middle Earth was free... for the moment. All the while Sauron became Numenor's problem, Aurthiel watched from a distance as her daughter was raised by another family.


At one fateful time, earth quakes and floods completely tore apart life in the outer parts of Lindon. Aurthiel was shocked when Numenor's downfall reached her ears. Yet, the founding of Arnor intrigued her and she watched with interest.


She jumped at the opportunity to join the final Alliance. She never joined any special battalion, the Winged Kindred never regrouped. Yet, as a Noldor warrior, she was fearless and courageous in battle. Moreover, Aurthiel felt alive again! She was fighting again, joining in battle again, surviving off of skill and adrenaline again. She was almost disappointed when the final march was made by the Alliance towards Mordor.


She spent the Third Age less restless, but still energetic. She enjoyed frequent travel and finally set up a smaller home in Lindon. In conflicts like the war with Angmar, Aurthiel jumped at the opportunity for another fight. She truly did believe peace was never achievable. Some form of evil would always return. Still, she finally was learning how to live happily between conflicts, enjoying quality of life with her friends and family. She was still a control freak, and even by the War of the Ring struggled with the concept of losing control. She in fact was told my Galadriel that she would, like herself, need a test to return to the West. This test, Aurthiel fears, would involve letting go, even of her loved ones or prized possessions - like her Ring. She fears this test, and worries she could never pass it.


When the summons of the Valar back to Valinor reached her knowledge, she grew disdainful. She would much rather call Middle Earth her home. Yet, the fear of fading was as real to her as any other elf. While Sauron's menace grows once again, Aurthiel wishes to stay in Middle Earth until evil is vanquished once and for all. Maybe then, just maybe, will she consider leaving her beloved home and sailing into the West.

Mythrennial, Hravanis
Orotasarin (cousin), Atamirel (daughter), Gwaindoriel (niece), Losgliniel (niece)
Orc kind; the existence of winter
Crafting, beer, wine, sweets, jewelry, adventure, exploring, parties, art, music, poetry, a good fight, good friends, her scarf, her Lesser Ring.
Anything to do with winter or the cold, orcs, traitors, Feanor, her own imperfections, Forsaken Ale.
Purging evil from Middle Earth before sailing to Valinor.
"Yes, after a thousand years I'm still bitter..."

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