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Arnethelion (S, pron. [ˈɑr.nɛθˈɛli.ɔn]), first son to Aeranthuil, is a young Sindar Elf. His most noteworthy qualities are his black hair and his pale silver-blue eyes. His youthful, unscarred complexion is paired with an orderly and well-kept manner of self. His resting expression is outwardly contemplative and observant, seeming always in a calm state of attention. His build is lean yet well-toned. His gait is firm and strong in its foundations yet still somehow maintaining the typical feather-footed nature that elves carry, making layers of plated armor seem as light silk.


Overview Childhood and Vocation • Traits and Perspective

• Overview

Arnethelion was born and raised in the city of Rivendell. No older than eight hundred years, he prevailed as a modest provisioner for the earlier half of his life, with his remaining and more recent years spent as a faithful companion and protector to his beloved Elenathriel. He is son to Aeranthuil and Illynadriel, both well-respected provisioners for the protectors of Imladris.

In more recent days, Arnethelion can be found frequenting the open areas near the markets of Rivendell, quietly partaking in modest – yet well-prepared – rations of spiced bread and vegetable broth, seemingly distracted or lost in thought, yet maintaining a poised posture and an unweathered presence. Contrary to his ostensibly tranquil and solitary demeanor, he remains open to conversation, often considered a hospitable and warm-hearted acquaintance to those familiar with him.

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• Childhood and Vocation

Aeranthuil, Arnethelion's father, was one of many quartermasters for the armies of Rivendell. Illynadriel, Arnethelions's mother, was a talented Yavannildi, an elven-woman trusted with the secrets of producing Lembas. Their marriage was a union between two talented provisioners from seperate spheres, conceiving an elven male with an innate talent for the culinary arts.

Like many elven children, food was very much at the core of Arnethelion's upbringing. Considered a bridge between practical tradeskills and art, cooking has been imbued into his day to day life. He had developed a sensitive palette as early as the age of ten, a diverse understanding of spices and herbs by the age of eleven, and upon reaching adulthood, he could estimate the ingredients of most elven dishes by taste, texture, and visual inspection alone. 

Throughout his early career, Arnethelion was a provisioner like his parents. His father was gravely wounded after a foray with wolves in the Trollshaws, and so he took his father's place as a provisioner for the armed soldiers of Rivendell. During his time with Elrond's army, Arnethelion developed a proficiency with a blade, making him an adept swordsman when the need arises. His confidence in voice also added an aptitude for leadership, though his modest nature lead to no such ambition developing for the position.

As the years progressed, his mastery over the culinary arts, his appreciation for craftsmanship from a variety of trades, and his skillfulness with a sword all continued to grow. Eventually, a well-trained Arnethelion sought leave from his duties, to subsequently pursue a life of adventure alongside Elenathriel.

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• Traits and Perspective

In addition to his aptitude for the culinary arts, Arnethelion was most noticeably adept at language acquisition, becoming proficient at speaking Sindarin, Westron. and to a lesser, purely academic extent Ñoldorin Quenya. As he entered adulthood, his innate talent in language became most apparent. While not necessarily pedantic or excessively scholarly in his words, his aptitude manifests in the manner in which he speaks, as his words seem to peirce the wind with such confidence and inexplicable resonance, granting him a substantial presence when he wishes to be heard. 

He is not without weaknesses, however. As a child, he was plagued with a surreal and inexplicable sense of misfortune. This innate aura of adversity has compromised many of his friendships, and granted him a subtle degree of infamy. While not explicitly ostracized or hated for this mysterious attribute, many are wary when in his company. The most remarkable instance of this calamitous trait was the unforeseen destruction of his childhood home by lightning and fire, then subsequent week of unrelenting rain, following the day of his conception. This uncompromising characteristic has left him with a great burden into his adulthood. After years of patience and perseverance, this weakness has granted him a desire to seek agency over his own circumstances, as well as a profound appreciation for the few instances of serendipity. 

His history of disadvantageous experiences combated by poise and confidence has manifested within him a series of virtues: modesty, generosity, insightfulness, and optimism. His cordiality is born from wariness and caution, as he feels he need not impart any more unpleasantness than what already may be following in his wake. He is often regarded as an altruistic and noble individual treading on an unwarranted journey of anguish. His resilience to tribulation, determination against hardship, and fortitude when the odds are not in his favor are frequently an inspiring sight for those at his side.

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"I need not make anyone's journey - yours or my own - any more quarrelsome than it already may be. In an age such as our own, there exists an evil that carries such unpleasantness in vast abundance."

Arnethelion's Adventures

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Arnethelion's Adventures

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Arnethelion's Gallery