Owena Anne Baker

Name Owena
Pastry Chef
Young Woman
Outward Appearance

Owena Anne Baker is a local of Bree and known by many who have a sweet tooth.  Her bakery is known for pies, wedding cakes, fresh breads and tarts.  Her adopted family, the Bakers that are bakers, passed the shop ownership down to Owena when they moved out of Bree to enjoy retirement.   The trade has been in their family for generations and Owena is skilled in the arts of confections.


The young woman may attract attention due to her natural beauty or the smell of fresh pastries that seem to cling to her.  Her build and red hair suggest she is from Dale but she has no memory of this land.  Her foster parents told her about her birth parents.  They had been traveling merchants that had passed through Bree.  Yet, they became very ill and died when she was young.  The Bakers had not been able to have a child and with joy took in the tiny red headed girl as their own.  Owena has a few keep sakes to remind her she does not share blood with her Ma and Pa.  She led a happy childhood due to the genuine love of her adopted family.


She is exploring a new freedom since living without her parents, now there is no one asking where she has been if she is out a bit too late.  No questions about which friends come to the door and no growling Pa to frighten off interested suitors. It is a new world for Owena and she likes it.
The cornflower blue eyes are often sparkling with an inner happiness.  Freckles cover her nose and she walks with a light step that gives a hint to her being unhindered with the troubles of the world. 


The bakery business has done so well that she has opened up a few different locations in Bree.  Owena's Sweet Shop is at One Garden Street in the Towerglan neighborhood.  The small house serves as both her shop and home.  The barn behind the structure is enough to shelter two horses in comfort.  Snow, her beloved white quarter horse lives there.  The air surrounding her residents smells strongly of fresh bread and baked sweets. 


Owena Baker is always delighted to see a customer and really enjoys hearing about their lives.  She rarely has to fake kindness.  In addition to her home a booth is set up near the public ovens on the west side of Bree that sells her creations.  If she is not there herself she often leaves her cousin Timothy there to sell for her.  


With a growing number of orders and a growing desire for a social life the young woman often seeks help from others to finish her long 'To Do' list.  She tempts friends with free sweets and cheerful conversation into helping her clean dishes or deliver packages.  


The wealth of Owena is easy to notice.  She wears simple silver jewelry and is often seen in different well-made dresses that prove she is thriving. 

The young woman is polite, kind, and at times naïve.  With a love to read, she flirts with the idea of traveling beyond Bree land and past the Shire by looking over maps or listening to those who have traveled more.  Yet, these feel like pipe-dreams for her heart feels bound to her simple town.  She is passionate in her friendships and loyal to a fault.  Independence was trained in her from a Ma that wanted her daughter to have options unlike so many females of Bree that look for a husband as fast as possible.  Quick to blush, laugh, and offer help, Owena likes to make new friends and socialize with new people.  She loves to talk and will ramble to anyone about, even her own shadow.



The list is too long to list! She adores her friends!
Her devoted parents and her cousin Timothie are known well in Bree.
Laughing, people, cooking, reading, poetry, the harp
Her heart does not know how to hate.
"Why change the past when you could own this day?"

Owena's Adventures

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Owena's Adventures

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Owena's Gallery