Eorl Ortellus Falheim the Tarnished

Name Ortellus
Eorl of the Redhall, Knight and Rightful Heir to Karthmere
Around Late Thirties or Early Forties
Currently The Ruins of Arnor... potentially Karthmere in the future.
Sons of Redhall
Outward Appearance


"The Banners of Redhall fly high once more!"


"A divided people cannot stand. Be not divided amongst yourselves. Be as one with Redhall. Lest we fall with it, repent and unite."

(Artwork done by Lysis of Mareholm: http://frejasiri.deviantart.com/?rnrd=192764)

Ortellus may not be stupid, but he doesn't seem to know much about the world and it's history, especially being born in a more militarized village that was more on the outskirts of civilization, and prides himself more on his leadership skills and fighting prowess than his knowledge on history.


This Fallen Knight of noble blood no longer has any allegiance to any other than his Order and his home of Karthmere, and though his attire still remains covered in the colours, markings and sigils of his House and Gondor, he seems to only keep them to remind him of his past failures. Despite this, he is obviously trying to redeem himself and his honour, and it is as if every deed he does is selfless and in the aid of others.


Ortellus is around six foot in height, with dark brown, but slowly turning grey, greasy hair and a beard, with broad shoulders, baggy eyes and a herculean physique. His prime never seems to end, yet he is tiring. 


If you were to meet him, he would appear often sulky or reserved, a man with nothing but his tarnished honour and battered blade and armour, although he is undoubtedly trying to give something back to the community he feels he has failed.


He is often accompanied by men from Arnor or Gondor who seek business with him, or one of his remaining bannermen of Redhall: Ulric Eastford, Valaric Redmare, Thainor Aldran and Aeden Ithian.


This man truly has almost lost hope, and needs something, or someone, to re-ignite the fires of battle within him.








Sworn Sword


Not much is known of Ortellus, nor does he know much. Though what little is known about him is a tale of war, heresy, darkness and blood.



Ortellus was born of nobility to the Falheim family, in a small militarized village named Karthmere, only a couple of miles from Osgiliath. Here, he learned the basics of life: friendship, family, trust, honour, swordsmanship, gallantry, valour, virtue and responsibility. He never really fit in with the other children, being the only child of noble blood, except for Thainor of the Aldran bloodline. His family were lower than his but he was always more popular and confident. Though eventually, the other children that bullied him, especially Thainor, were astonished after he began to learn skills as a squire to his older brother, including hand-to-hand combat, swordsmanship, fencing and other forms of martial training. Soon enough he was one of the most respected people in the village, rather than the "joke of the Falheims".



When he came of age, he enlisted in the Town Watch for Karthmere, as he felt like he was giving back to the community that served his family... despite his father's warnings. There were a few near-death situations with stray orcs or bandits but all it really did was test the mettle of Ortellus and give him team-based and leadership skills. After a year of servitude, the Karthmere Town Watch joined a division of Gondorian troops to face a large warband of evil men named the "Blood Arbiters", who were swiftly put down. The banners raised high from villages across Gondor and Ortellus finally knew what it was to be in a true battle.



After the fall of the Blood Arbiters, Karthmere began to grow, and grow, and grow... and after only two years the population of this dead-end village had doubled, and the amount of trade had tripled. Eventually, people had began to realize that the Town Watch wasn't enough to defend the now much larger village of Karthmere. Henceforth, Eorl Agravain Falheim, Ortellus' father, created the Order of Redhall: A band of knights sworn to the Falheim bloodline, and the defence of Karthmere, Osgiliath and Gondor. His brother, Sir Percival Falheim, would become the Chaplain, and his father would be the Grand Master and Eorl. Ortellus was to become a Knight of Redhall, as his squireship had been completed under the wing of Percival. Thainor Aldran had also joined alongside him, and surprisingly they had become good friends.

After half a decade, the town had grown even larger, yet so did the threats. Troll, Orc and bandit activity began to increase, and soon the stockades were filling up quickly. The Order began to grow thinner and many of the original knights of Redhall had perished. Little did they know that the Blood Arbiters would soon return...



The Blood Arbiters returned in strength never seen before, reinforced by prisoners supposedly "rescued" from the Karthmere stockades. The Town Watch and Knights of Redhall never saw this coming, and although they managed to hold them off for a few days, they eventually gave in, leaving Karthmere for good in the hands of their sworn enemies. The refugees were few, and headed for Osgiliath. At this point they were only a vestige of what they once were.



However, on the trek to Osgiliath, the remnants of the inhabitants of Karthmere were assaulted by a small orcish worg party, and most were hunted down or scattered. Ortellus decided to lead his group away from Osgiliath, thinking that it would be a bad idea to head in that direction, and instead headed towards Dol Amroth, whereas Percival led his remnant group towards Osgiliath to join the defence there.... unfortunately Agravain, his father, perished in the worg attack and Percival's party were obliterated thereafter. In utter rage and fury, Ortellus led the last charge of the Order of Redhall to slay the worg riders that had slain his father and brother... leaving the peasantry to fend for themselves. As expected, the civilians were slain and Ortellus was nowhere to be found, and decided to run away in shame, after even his own men called him a traitor. He now called himself "The Tarnished Ranger" and left those lands for good.



Moving north, Ortellus came across Archet in Breeland, and was present during the assault from the Blackwolds and evil men, and fought in the defence of the town, and lended a hand in slaying many Blackwold brigands.



The War of the Ring was well underway, and Ortellus had decided that it was time to stop running. He recalled his knighthood, his oath, and his duty and came back to Gondor to fight against the forces of Isengard and Mordor, as Sir Ortellus Falheim the Tarnished.



After months of fighting, Ortellus joined a group of Rangers in Osgiliath to fight guerilla wars against the orcs of Mordor, before taking a small party to clear out Karthmere. Unfortunately, he was driven back again. However, whilst there he discovered a band of Knights in Redhall Keep... the last of the Order of Redhall: Ulric Eastford, Valaric Redmare , Aeden Ithian and, his old friendly rival: Thainor Aldran himself. With them, he hunted down Warlord Davind Redweller, leader of the Blood Arbiters, all the way to Bree, where he slain him in the woods as he tried to escape them in a grand finale. The execution was Ortellus' own to give, and well deserved. Finally he felt less... hate. Less malice. And  finally, he felt at peace. Rejuvenated, he felt like a good man once more.



With the leader of the Blood Arbiters finally defeated, and the remnants of Redhall reunited, Ortellus decided to begin amassing his forces once more in the Northlands and defeat the enemies of the Dunedain and the Bree-Lands, before moving back to Gondor with an army large enough to recapture Karthmere for good, and re-establish the virtues his father bestowed unto him. One day... he would return, and since the Redhall was reunited he has worked on joining and aiding groups of Dunedain to gain allies, amass forces, amass resources and defeat as many orcs and evil men as he can. However, this task was never completed as they moved away before he could reach them, therefore instead he reformed the Order of Redhall under his name, Eorl Ortellus Falheim, vowing to retake Karthmere within the next two years.

"For Gondor, For Karthmere, For Redhall!"


The remnants of Redhall: Ulric Eastford, Gerian Kaelor, Valaric Redmare, Aeden Ithian, Renelwyn Rencewood, Landrik Wrathe, and Thainor Aldran
All passed away. Brother: Percival. Mother: Mercia. Father: Agravain.
All who stand against the Free Peoples
Valour, Brotherhood, Knighthood, Redhall
Fear, Orcs, Failure
Survival, honour, battle, instinct, his oath...
"It doesn't matter what you say, only what you do." - "The Red Tide comes!" - "We are Sworn Swords!" - "Never shirk from duty." - "The Banners of Redhall fly high once more!"

Ortellus's Adventures

Ortellus's Adventures

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