Sworn Sword

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The members of the Sons of Redhall, such as Ortellus, Thainor, Renelwyn and Landrik

Chronicle Summary

Sir Ortellus Falheim of Gondor.

A Knight, a noble, an oathbreaker and a sworn sword.

This chronicle is based on the events taking place after he left Gondor after years of service to the Order of Redhall and the Rangers of Osgiliath, to fight in the North and leave behind, or perhaps hide from, the fate that awaited him in the south.

Chronicle Content

TIMELINE AND HISTORY: http://laurelinarchives.org/node/40833

Ortellus is a chauvinistic patriot of Gondor, though recently he has fled to the North to escape his fate as the rest of his family, the Order of Redhall and his company of Rangers from Osgiliath were slain, save for the four bannermen who follow him to this day: Thainor Aldran, Aeden Ithian, Valaric Redmare and Ulric Eastford. After failing to find the Dúnedain, Ortellus begins to recruit his forces to fight alongside him to perhaps redeem his honour before returning to his homeland, and reclaim Karthmere for the Order of Redhall...and when he does, he'll have an army of Honour Guards and Sworn Swords by his side.

These tales are literally just tellings, tavern stories, books, happenings and diary entries of what is going on in Ortellus' life and those of Redhall: As the title suggests, rising to war and re-affirming his oaths as a sworn sword to Redhall, and building an army to return to Gondor and his home town of Karthmere.


In Order, what is to come, or what has happened:

Chapter 1: Rallying the Redhall


PART 1: http://laurelinarchives.org/node/40687 (Above)

Chapter 2: Return of the Blood Arbiters, and the Traitors Revealed


PART 1: http://laurelinarchives.org/node/40827 (Above)

PART 2: http://laurelinarchives.org/node/40829 (Above)

PART 3: http://laurelinarchives.org/node/40857 (Above)

PART 4:  http://laurelinarchives.org/node/40891 (Above)






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