Aredwenn II of The Dúnedain

Name Kamilatko
Middle Aged
Outward Appearance

Tall woman with medium black and messy hair, of pale skin. Big round eyes, dark grey, are crowned with long eyelashes. Small nose, sets upon her young pink lips with no expression, but she is a cold person. treated hard by her life she gained experience that give her more serious and mature tone of woman in her best years. Strong, wide shouldered with muscular arms and legs  represents typical warrior. For many she remains hidden. She roams the lands wearing her worn clothes, while her hooded cloak and a mask guards her face before the other's sight. She removes her mask and hood only when she speaks with someone close to her or when she really trusts you. 

She is proficient with Great Axes, Greatswords and Greatclubs. Her favored weapon is Argalad (Noble Light) made of steel, heavy on her hand and with emblem of a star. She is an excellent fighter, using her force and skills to break weaker iron armor or chain mail.
In close combat she uses her Greatsword Nethadir.
Aredwenn can also fight with swords and daggers which she uses both while fighting in close combat and at range.

Armour and appearance:
If remaining with her kindred she can be seen around wearing her black and white clothes with a green cloak to help her blend in the woods. 

Same goes for the winter, she would be seen wearing clothes that would help her stay warm, with furs that are also in that colours.

While in the woodland, where she wears a medium leather clothes that are brown, long boots also brown and hooded dark green cloak with hood and mask to alter the woodland camouflage. 

- Horses:
She can be seen riding a dark chestnut horse that she found during one of her journeys.
- Other:
Irbis - White and brown wolf encountered by Valor, The Forngarmo's wolf in the forest, that became his mate and created a family with him. She had 4 pups with her lately but as they grown up she stayed with Aredwenn and now can be seen around her. 


Kamilatko or Aredwenn Elendar was born long after the fall of the Northern Kingdoms. On 21st day of the Thrimidge on the year 2980 of The Third Age as a descendant of the Legendary bloodline of the Dúnedain. Others of her kindred were already scattered around the lands of Eriador, creating and settling in a small villages or living in the forests at the camps. There, in a small camp in the forests of Evendim the story of Aredwenn begins.  Anyway, the life of the young woman was not easy. Her parents trained her as well as it was possible in those foreign lands. She enjoyed the fighting at range and mastered her use of bow and arrows. Then, at the age of 20 she went to scout the nearby forests with her parents. Everything was going well, until they encountered a large force of Orcs, that came out from Forochel. They fought well, but got separated during the fight. Both of her parents were forced to retreat, but Aredwenn was pursued by the orcs throughout the plains of Evendim. There, by a tree she decided to make her last stand. Everything went succesfull, until the young woman got grabbed by an orc-lieutenant. She stabbed him with her sword throughout the stomach. Anyway, he had enough force to throw her away. She hit the boulder hardly with her head and lost her consciousness. The Orc died before he reached her again. The fight on the ice desert ended for her victorious, but for what cost. She was separated from her family for a year, then, her sister The Forngarmo has found her. Then the family has reunited. After spending some time with them Aredwenn decided to move on towards Bree-Land and protect its people, going by the name Kamilatko.

Mother: Lillanor (Fornenar), Father: Nethinor, Sisters: Alanza (Niphredil, deceased), Katrandil (Forngarmo), Brothers: Netharion, Nethirion , Thorenion
Nature, Singing, Dancing
All that endanger the Free Peoples and The Dunedain
To keep the world safe and peaceful

Kamilatko's Adventures

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Kamilatko's Adventures

Kamilatko's Gallery

Kamilatko's Gallery