Faeswith daughter of Garmund

Name Faeswith
Maegisterwigend Scealdmagden
Youthful in age of twenty eight
Harwick barracks, family home at Wold croft
Outward Appearance


    If she had  a beard she would be just another rider in eored, willful and spirited with courage and prideful bearer of the banner.

Faeswith ( roh. Faest - Swith; Fast and Courageous) is tall and golden haired, with sky blue eyes and proud noble nose. Her lips are thin and rarely smiling, giving her a rather challenging look. 

   She is her padded hauberk most of the time, wearing an additional undershirt made of chain and leather, in case a trouble rises, and to maintain her endurance. As she comes from family of horsebreeders her family was able to afford her well made armor, an arrange of weapons that are ordered from best smiths from Edoras.

​    Thunor (Thunder) her horse is with her since she was sixteen and she tended and trained him since he was a foal. Her father swears that foal was half maeras, as he breed it in Edoras stables. Of that she is not sure, as horse is willful just as she is, yet bears great swiftness that left behind many horses with better heritage. He is hotblooded light steed of mixed heritage.

    She is proficient with riding, spear wielder, shield bearer, bearing good arm at javelin. Of other perks and flaws of character:

   Many would consider her foolishly brave, ready to bear banner of Eorling's in middle of hardest battle. She is tomboy of Eored, drinking, smoking and making crude jokes as in a way seeking to fit in the men's world. She can muse few songs on harp, she has a good ear but lack of time and tenderness in fingers due to military training.

     On another side she is stubborn, willful young woman, insecure in her role in eored, and society itself.


First picture: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Sigurd.svg
The 11th century Ramsund carving in Sweden.



     There was always something in her eyes as watching riders passing by the farm of her family, an deep desire that was not lessened with time. As feeding chickens she would salute them, while leading cows to the pastures she would march the first then use stick to defend the cows from orcs that were only in her fantasy.

      She grew, strong from farm work, strong from secret training of spear and shield behind chicken pens. In time her parents couldn't  say no to her, even tough mother was heartbroken as path of shieldmaiden means she will not see grandchildren from Faeswith. Father was proud, as man without any sons, Faeswith's choice was gift from Bema himself.

      In next years she was sent to Harwick (at her age of thirteen) for training and serving to thanes family as spear-maiden, speremaegden that included from maintaining fires in the halls till delivering messages. After four years, as her chastity is proven just as honor and will to be a shieldmaiden, she gained a bed in barracks among all other riders, as their equal.

      Even tough women that become scealdmaegdens are respected cause of their will to leave family life, to bear no children or marry, it was still a rare sight among riders.         

     From pranks to bulling, doing the guard duty most of the time, rarely ever riding out with eored, it was  a hard time for her, and perhaps she did regret her decision but she would never confess it. 

     Now in age of twenty eight, she is finally riding out with eored, enjoying the every skirmish they come into, and more of late, she wonders what would her life be if she pursued more simple way, normal way for a woman.

    Turning to her solemn mood she spends free time with her harp and singing only for her own joy old songs of her people.


One of rare dreamy smiles she shared.
Source: Avannak - Deviant Art.
Brethren and sisters of eored, she has very few true friends.
Father Garmund, and mother Eliswith, four siblings, most of them living in Wold, as herders of horses
Any danger against banner of the Mark
Her horse Thunor, playing music with harp and singing, riding and chance to prove herself as equal rider to men, brawls and mead, gambling and songs.
Cowards, orcs, easterlings and pretty much anything else that degrades her like men that pinch her behind or such disrespect.
Her name in songs to be sang and praised!

Faeswith's Adventures

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Faeswith's Adventures

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Faeswith's Gallery