Tinnurion Turwath of Nan Elmoth

Name Tinnurion
Wanderer of Middle-Earth and former servant of the House of Eöl
Current dwelling in Mirkwood
Outward Appearance


'Grey eyes shine bright,

under his brows dark as night.

Pale skin to match the snow,

though veiled in twilight's glow.

Sleek is his dusky hair,

and so are his fingers fair.

And so this being stands real tall,

even mountains are in his thrall.'


   Tinnurion's face is pale like snow and stands in stark contrast to his black brows and long sleek black hair. His grey eyes are reminiscent of a beauty and wisdom long gone, and though they may betray some hint of his past life, in all other ways he nigh appears as if one aged among mortal men. For though he was once among the tallest of the Teleri, he now seems stooped and maimed in posture.


   Clad in protective raiment or in garbs that match the night, he walks silently and with careful steps. He carries a blade named Níniolêg, 'Weeping Thorn', forged long ago from the pitch black metal galvorn. The sword's leather hilt is adorned with silver motives, twirling around the hilt from the guard to the pommel. The blade itself shines like black glass. He also carries two knives, Thônan a Lhingnîr.




   Tinnurion is a Sinda who once lived in Doriath under the rule of Thingol and Melian, but much of the beauty and wisdom of that realm has long since left him. Even in his time with the Iathrim, he was averse to concourse of people and could only enjoy the company of a trusted few. He is prone to long silences, and if he does speak, his words may bring to doubt lesser hearts. Throughout the years he has grown increasingly reserved and secretive, perhaps in part due to the hardships he endured.


   His love for dwarfkind ever set him apart from his kin, and like them he is stubborn and easily offended. When treated unjustly, he may become fierce, but rarely violent, for he is quick to despair and faint in heart. In these ways the power of Morgoth Bauglir is written within him. But he can also be exceptionally loyal and kind, and he is remarkably resourceful.


   Unlike the Calaquendi, he never longed to travel west to Aman because of his profound love for the lands of Middle-Earth. However, he would not go as far as to wage war over them. Ever since the terrors of the First Battle of Beleriand he has had no further part in the wars of his kin against Morgoth, or his minion Sauron. Yet it is true that he has not been careless either and that he has wielded his blade in the defence of both himself and others when the moment required it, though more than oft through stealth and secrecy. Ever since his captivity in Angband, he was deprived of much of his former youth and strength.


   Tinnurion has ever been appreciative of the night and the light of the stars, the only light that shone on Middle-Earth in the Years of the Trees. He greatly shuns the sun, the spawn of Laurelin. Because of this he rarely ventures out in daylight, save in great need. Regardless of his rather gloomy demeanor, he also likes to dance, sing and write poetry, and while he often dresses in black garments and pitch black armour, he appreciates the beauty of colours, especially in things that grow.


   Throughout his lifetime he indulged in many a craft, though he mastered few, for in the making of things he was not like his master of old, and more than oft he marred what he made. Only in the brewing of cordials and the art of being unseen did he gain mastery few others possessed. He could even walk among Men as if seemingly one of their own. But such deceptiveness would not work on his own kin, though he ever sought ways to make it so.


   He cares a great deal for the wilds but he knows well the dangers that lurk therein. Of all the dangerous creatures he has encountered, he hates the spawn of Ungoliant the most; and the enmity between them is great for his blade Níniolêg has slain many and they have not forgotten. But like them he indulges in the use of poison, coating dart and blade, subsequently distancing himself even further from the grace of the Eldar.


   Many years of his lifetime he spent on his own in the wide lands of Middle-Earth. Ever a wanderer, he grew accustomed to a life in the wild, staying nowhere for long. But the longing for a place to call home has gripped his heart since the day he left Nan Elmoth.


   Lastly, Tinnurion has no love for the Noldor, who he deems usurpers, warmongers and kinslayers. He blames them for the state of the world and the death of Eöl his master of old. The worst in him surfaces when face to face with one of that people, though that has not happened in quite some time.


Dread and suspicion was ever between the Eldar and those of their kin who had tasted the slavery of Melkor.

-The Silmarillion




   Tinnurion was born sometime during the years of the trees in the realm of Eglador. There he abided by the rule of King Elu Thingol and lived in peace well beyond his adolescent years. He was much occupied with reverence of the stars and the songs of his people, and later also with the Naugrim, who he held close to his heart.

   In the year 1497 Y.T., when all of Middle-Earth was lit only by starlight, the Vala Morgoth waged war upon the Teleri and Elu Thingol led his people into the First Battle of Beleriand. Tinnurion fought valiantly but he returned with a great disliking of battle and vowed never again to take part in the wars of his kin against Morgoth.

   It was in Doriath that Tinnurion met Eöl, a noble elf of like mind. Eöl was ill at ease in Doriath when Melian set her enchantments about the realm. Before long he left for the forest of Nan Elmoth and by Thingol's leave he made it his fiefdom. Tinnurion followed him willingly and served him loyally for many years. There he became secretive and silent like his master, and slowly but surely the grace of the Eldar left him.

   When Eöl disappeared, Tinnurion went looking for him, but he ventured too far north and was taken by the enemy. Five years of thralldom in the mines of Angband followed, which left him maimed and weakened, and increasingly reserved in years to come. Henceforth he was a wayward elf, forsaken by his kin and left to wandering the wide lands of Middle-Earth.

   After centuries of wandering and sojourning in places away from sunlight, he came at last to Eryn Galen, the Greenwood of Old. Here he faced the great spiders, the spawn of Shelob, in his attempts to build a home for his own. But in the end, the dark powers gathering at Dol Guldur forced him out of his dwelling and further into Mirkwood, where he came onto the Nandor. Here he found the solace he had long been bereft of, and though he ever remained a solitary figure, he could again know the comfort of those like minded, like he once did in Nan Elmoth of old.


For a complete history on Tinnurion, I refer you to the chronicle The Legacy of Nan Elmoth, which recounts his many tales.



Here follow the names he carried throughout the long years of his life:

Aeglirion 'Son of Mountains' - his first attested name by which he was known among the Iathrim of Doriath before he moved to Nan Elmoth.

Tinnurion 'He who is crowned in twilight' or for the sake of brevity 'Twilight garland' or even 'Son of Twilight' - the name he took for his own after the coming of the sun and the name he has carried ever since.

Daerandir 'Shadow wanderer' - a name he took in despair after his return from Angband.

The Black Elf of Minhiriath - a simple name the Edain of Minhiriath gave to him during his stay in the forest of Eryn Vorn and by which few men thereafter knew him until at last all memory of him left them.

Turwath 'Master of Shadows' - a name he used in defiance of the Noldor of Eregion and went by during much of the third age.


The Dwarves Fruni and Burfi. Those who once served Eöl, if any there yet remain. Thirenel of the Noldor and a handful of homeless and wayward Elves.
The Noldor, Sauron, the sun and spiders
The stars, the night, twilight, mountains, bathing in still pools, brewing elixirs of all kind, smithing and the company of dwarves.
The Noldor, spiders, Sauron and his host.
To uphold the memory of Eöl, to safeguard the endeavours of his Dwarven friends, but most of all to live a life in peace in a place to call home.
Fruni Stouthammer to Tinnurion: 'I have not yet crossed paths with one such as you. One who would forsake his own kin for the benefit of another."

Tinnurion's Adventures

Tinnurion's Adventures

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