Order of the Free Souls

Founding date
Stand together in friendship against the dark forces.
Main area of operations
Kinship type
The Oaks, Last Stand
Kinship status
Dormant (not recruiting)
Recruiting Officer(s)
Lindolwing, Dwoni


The Order of the Free Souls was founded over three years ago. After the fall of the Edain Order, Lady Tinuvela took it upon her to build a new home for some of the remnants who no longer desired to be in a kin with a strong chain of command. The kin became based on friendship and freedom in the belief that this is a much stronger bond than getting orders from above.

Not long thereafter we met another group who had gone through similar problems in their previous kin, and we decided to join forces. Out of this grew a small but strong kin who stood side by side trough all storms.

Recently a big part of our friends became separated though. Fate and destiny put them on a road aside of ours and while they are still highly valued, the order has to find its own new path into the future.

For this reason we are inviting new members who also believe friendship can grow strong enough to face the dangers of this world. Aside from new members we also welcome new friends who like to share in our experiences, join our battles and be welcomed in our home.

For us, not what you are but who you are matters. Elves and dwarves work side to side with humans and the small folk. We do not fear our differences, instead we value it as enrichment and strength against the dark forces that are gathering.

Nobody needs to tell you,
how you have to live.
You very well know,
what you have to give.

You don't seek orders,
you don't need laws,
you value friends,
who know your flaws.

Friends together
always stand
strong and free
and hand in hand.



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