Bane of the White Hand

Founding date
25th of November, 2011
To protect the North from the same fate as Rohan
Main area of operations
Bree-Lands (Homesteads, Bidsnade)
Kinship type
The Free Peoples
The White Hand, Blackwolds, Dourhands, Brigands, Orcs, General Evil
Kinship status
Dormant (not recruiting)
Recruiting Officer(s)
OOC Leader - Eongor Officers Eotharl Eodarl


In recent years, the legacy of the House of Eothaine has changed extraodinarily. The legacy of their house begins hundreds of years before the times of when Rohan was granted to the Men who lived there as a gift from Gondor. Infact, it can be traced back to the Northmen.

In recent years, members of the house have been forced Northwards, back to their ancestorial home, Bree. As a consequence of their father, Theogard Eothaine's high ranking in the Riders of Rohan, Dunlendings attacked their farm, bearing the insignia of the White Hand. The Dunlendings burned their farm to near rubble, many of their nine brothers were either killed in the original assault or on the perilous journey to the North. Many of this is yet, still a mystery. One of the key members of the house who was killed was their mother, Arnawyn. Their father was brutally murdered during the assault, leaving his children and wife shocked.

After managing to escape the Gap of Rohan, they were split in Dunland, Eongor carrying his mother's near lifeless body on his faithful steed, Aranor. The wounded company rode swiftly through Dunland until they approached the 'city' of Galtrav where they barely passed through. Reaching the borders of Dunland, they were ambushed by what they believe to be the same clan of Dunlendings that pillaged their farm. Almost all of them were split from eachother, their mother had been taken, along with their brother Eodarl. Eondryt and Eongard were splt from Eotharl as well, being their leader, Eotharl had no choice but to defend them while his brothers galloped ahead. Eongor stayed with Eotharl until the end,

They finally reached Bree, only to find that their brothers and sister had gone missing entirely.  Eongor and Eotharl were left in Bree, with small amounts of coin to spend. Eongor purchased a lute and began as an apprentice musician to the bard, Owen Oaks, though he knew his heart belonged to the forest and not to music. Eotharl continueously looked for work, finding none as their money went extremely scarce. Eongor managed to make enough money as a mercenary, doing basically anything to survive. He then bought a large house far to the South of Bree-land in a village called 'Bidsnade'. 

Within the next month, their only sister, Eoryleth finally arrived, within the week their brother, Eodarl arrived. Followed by Eongard and Eondryt within a month. Luckily they arrived with the majority of their cargo and more silver. After weeks of watching the evil spread throughout Bree-land in particular places like Chetwood and Andrath, they decided to do something to prevent the North from becoming corrupt like Rohan. They formed a pact, dedicated to protecting the North from the White Hand and hopefully defeating it. Though they cannot do it alone..

They are split up into various groups, Scouts that are lead by Eongor, Groundsmen that are lead by Eotharl, Heavy/special weapons lead by Eodarl, Phalanxes lead by Eondryt and Cavalry lead by Eongard. Together they make the Bane of the White Hand. Set out to destroy evil in the North and banish it from Middle Earth. 


-Written by Eongor Eothaine of Rohan, son of Theogard, Fifth Rider of the Third Marshall of the Mark.



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