Eotharl Eothaine

Name Eotharl
Leader of the Guardsmen of the Bane of the White Hand
Middle aged
In the Officer's cabin in Bree
Outward Appearance

Bearing a long, cruel scar across his face, probably from a Dunlendings scimitar, Eotharl Eothaine is anything but untarnished. His face is dark and grim, his nose, long and straight and his eyes, a deep, dark green. His hair, a dark red-brown, is long and he has a beard covering his face. He wears a grey hauberk made of chainmail and cloth and a long, grey cloak adorns his back. a brown belt on his waist, bears two swords, different only at the hilt, their names, Aramdar and Nagrunber after his father's twin horses. Upon his feet, two heavy black boots, crushing anything underfoot, be that friend or foe. Eotharl Eothaine is anything but untarnished.


Eotharl Eothaine was born in a small farm house just north of Edoras in Rohan. He grew up mainly as a farm boy, helping to bring in food and money, but secondly as a warrior. His father was a Rohirrim under Theodred, Second marshall of Riddermark. His father taught him all he knew as he was the oldest of nine and was expected to care for the family once his father died.

Eotharl always hated life in the farm and aspired to be like his father, a rider of Rohan. So when he was only eighteen winters old, he joined them and the skills his father had taught him came to good use as there was evil growing in Rohan even then, and it was the rider's job to destroy it.

His four brothers; Eongor, Eongard, Eondryt and Eodarl also soon joined the riders of Rohan and became powerful warriors and riders. Upon one eve, Eotharl was aorund the back of the farm, training with his eight brothers when they saw fire at their house and heard shouts and cries. as they arrived they saw a mixture of many Uruk-Hai and Dunlendings had pillaged their farm and many others nearby. Theogard, their father was surrounded by Uruk-Hai and the Dunlendings were dragging their mother and sister out of the house. Eotharl reared his horse up and charged at the Dunlendings, they scattered and his brothers followed him as they began to strike down the rest of the Uruk-Hai and Dunlendings, when suddenly, they heard a cry, the War-Chief of the raid, a foul Uruk-Hai called Urzbarg, had just thrust his mighty sword into their father's chest. Eotharl and his brothers were upon him before their father hit the ground, cutting off his wretched head from his shoulders and throwing it into the pile of the other bodies. They ran to their father's side. He was pale and gasping for air, but they clutched his hand and held him up as he took his final breaths and spoke his final words, "Rohan...has fallen m..my sons...you must go to Eriador, go to Eriador and hold back Saruman's fell devilry" and with that, he fell to the ground, and spoke no more. Eotharl lost his father and three of his brothers that day.

Eotharl turned to his brothers, mother and sister and said "Father is right! The Wold has fallen to Saruman without any opposition! Rohan has fallen! But give up hope, we will not. We must go west to Eriador! To try and prevent these fell doings that happened here spreading to other lands! We must go west not only to save ourselves, but also, to help the people of Eriador."

And so, Eotharl, led the remainder of his family out of Rohan and into the dark lands of Dunland. Upon their second day in Dunland, Eotharl made a vital error, in order to save time, he went across the open lands of Dunharrow which went far too close to a large Dunlending camp. They rode swiftly across the plains of Dunharrow to avoid being seen however, when passing through a ford, Dunlendings sprung up from all around them, they had been hiding behind the rocks.

His mother screamed and fell from her horse. Eotharl's own horse, reared up and he struggled to control it, yet control it he did. He came down upon the Dunlendings, both his swords in his hands, swinging and clashing against their onw scimitars and axes. He killed many before one jumped at him and cast him from his horse's back. He rolled as he hit the ground and stabbed the Dunlending in the heart before he could even stand. However, the Dunlendings surrounded him, stepping slowly forward, closer and closer to their prey. He looked around and saw his brother, Eodarl with many Dunlending corpses around him, being bound and pulled away by the fell Men. As he continued to retreat backwards, away from his enemy, Eotharl hit something and whirled around, both swords drawn. However, it was only his brother, Eongor standing with his own dagger and sword drawn, being herded in just as Eotharl was. They were now surrounded in a circle of Dunlendings, across the battle his other brothers, Eondryt and Eongard had finally been defeated and they were too being bound and dragged away. That left only him and Eongor but they stood valiantly over their mother's corpse, she had been killed by an archer when she first fell from her horse, and slew any enemies that dared approach them.

They soon had many Dunlendings' bodies upon the ground around them but they were being overwhelmed. But then, Thinroch, Eotharl's warhorse, returned and crashed through the Dunlendings like a mighty wave. Eotharl and Eongor jumped atop him and they fled, the arrows of the enemy falling just behind them.

When Eongor and Eotharl finally arrived in Bree they found the city very different from the beautiful fields of Rohan they had left behind. However, slowly but surely, they began to love Bree-land and the people in it, setting up the militia group known as the Bane of the White Hand to oppose the growing forces of evil in Bree-land.

Just weeks after Eotharl and Eongor's arrival in Bree, Eodarl, one of their brothers, long thought dead had survived and had come to Bree to find them. Soon later, the three brothers recieved even more good news, when two of their brothers, Eongard and Eondryt, and their sister, Eoryleth, arrived in Bree, looking for their lose siblings.

With the brothers and sisters united, the Bane of the White Hand began to grow ever greater, slaying evil where ever they could find it. However, they find it more and more difficult to do so with Saruman's ever growing strength in Bree-land.

Brothers: Eongor, Eondryt, Eongard and Eodarl (dead). Sister: Eoryleth.
Saruman, The White Hand, Uruk-Hai, Orcs, Brigands, goblins.
His horse: Thinroch, horse riding, sword fighting, tactics, strategy and Rohan.
Defeat, Saruman, the White Hand, Uruk-Hai, Orcs, Brigands and ignorance
The thought of his father's last words "Rohan has fallen, go to Eriador, go to destroy Saruman's devilry."
"While I breathe, I hope".

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Eotharl's Adventures

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