In Lothlorien

Nindis  was an elf of  Laurelindórenan when Amroth ruled tree and glade. 

Elves sang under starlight and ever-shining sunlight. Their voices fell on water like the moonlight. They sang along the waters flowing and bubbling along the banks covered with mallorn leaves. Now this stream is named Nimrodel, perhaps you have heard of it. 

This pure flowing stream was not named Nimrodel when Nindis walked on  countless flowers blooming. Nimrodel the elf-maiden was walking beside her and they were friends. They had met very young,  when they were both driven to the same flower and their hands met while intending to pick it. After that they never parted, always lived side by side. Thus is the bond of friendship, hard to break once it is knit under startlight.

Amroth was the celebrated king of the people of Laurelindórenan. Now, I know what "king" means for you, my lovely reader. A king may be someone who has "power" or someone who can do whatever caprices he pleases ? Someone who leads the folk ? But no, you have the wrong conception for an elvenking. Amroth was only at the centre of the elves. He had not fought for it or his kingship was not given to him because of his lineage. He just was. That is what he was and standing at the centre suited him so much so that the elves wanted him there. He was wise in council and kind in speech and a music followed wherever he walked. The elves loved gathering around him and following him, whispering to each other about him. He was the centre: the centre of attention,  light,  energy, hence, if you want; power. But, as you might have already understood, his was an elfin kind of power, very unlike what you have so far known. 

Amroth was in love with Nimrodel. He wished for her to come and sit with him on the high hill, upon the high throne, under birch and mallorn. Yet, Nimrodel was reluctant and she did not want to leave the stream, pool, glade and her friends. This coming and going between the lovers lasted for centuries as the seasons followed each other. 

Yet one day, Darkness fell on the Halls  of the Naugrim. Durin's kingdom fell into darkness and so great a terror it was. Elves sense and feel many things we cannot. The Fall of Khazad-Dum, with its many sorrows and fears gave unease to the elves of Laurelindórenan. Thus they began to dream of the West, the land beyond the Seas. This gave them comfort much needed. They did not want to take such a voyage across the sea until that day. Yet the fear and anger that was spreading from Moria was so great that their hearts were at unease and the journey seemed to be their only relief. 

Thus Nimrodel asked Amroth to leave Laurelindórenan and sail with ther into the West. After much thinking, Amroth accepted her plea and the elves set their way for the western shores of Arda. Nindis was with Nimrodel, they had reluctantly began their journey and they walked together on the paths leading west. That is how the sundering of Nindis and Nimrodel began.