Awakened: hearing breakers crashing

As if on some bleak headland dashing.

Thrust unheeding, ‘I’ is born

To surface in its pale dawn.


A quiet pool, surface unruffled

‘Cept by capricious zephyrs’ breath,

Yet ever sure the water rises

And laps the edge of consciousness.


Dribbles forth a minute trickle,

Seeping, weeping overflow;

A minor rivulet of life,

Being’s quintessential spring.


Now hear the splash of silver stream,

A babbling incoherent rush;

Sparkling, shining, gaily burbling

Onwards in innocent delight.


Frothing, spewing o’er the falls,

The fierce rapids angry roar

Confused, frustrated, venting ire,

Confined by narrow rocky walls.



Stately glides the river deep

Through meads of green, past strongholds proud;

No doubts beset these waters wide,

Sure and certain in their flow.


Meandering now, the waters slow,

Silt banks stifle steady stream;

In stagnant pools and shallow eddies,

Estuarine, the current stemmed.


To sleep: the waves a lullaby,

Distant gulls give plaintiff cry.

Rest now, for ‘I’ no more shall be;

Subsumed by all-embracing sea.