Dwarven Caravan Market

Come one and all to the Dwarven Caravan Market! This is a Dwarven-themed RP market event that will take place EVERY Thursday at a different Dwarven outpost each week. And every market will have a unique RP situation to connect it to the context of a wider Middle-Earth. So come and join the Dwarves of Durin's Folk as they travel to every corner of Middle-Earth in order to bring wealth and prosperity wherever they go!

January 26th, 2023
3 PM Server Time
Bree-land Homesteads, Cranbridge, 5 Long Street

Event details:

This Week’s RP Situation: The legendary architect Aenhir has opened a new marketplace in Bree-land called “Mereth Aderthad” and has asked Durin’s Folk to host its next Dwarven Caravan Market there so as to officiate its opening. And ever having an eye for quality work the Dwarves of Durin’s Folk readily agreed. But not only that, but there is also a tavern across the street from the marketplace called “Fish ‘n Ale” open to the merchants and customers of the market. Ale and quality work! Surely this was an offer Dwarves couldn’t possibly refuse! But it is an offer open to any RP kinship that may want to use it for a future event, free of charge. Just contact Aenhir to sort out the details.

OOC details:

A few OOC details to consider:

1) This RP event will take place during a POST-war timeline. So for the most part for this RP event we will be assuming a timeline that is up to date with what is going on in the game plot wise.

2) Anyone is allowed to attend as a vendor should he or she want to. And the exchange of in-game items as a vendor in the market is OPTIONAL. Though this is first and foremost a RP event, so if you aren't a RPer you probably would not enjoy attending.

3) If you need help getting to one of the markets when it is hosted in a higher level area, please contact one of the officers of Durin's Folk for help getting there.

4) All races are welcome!


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