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Tale of a Child of the Green Elves

It should be noted that the tale herein begins in the 3015th year of the Third Age when Legelion had but lately come of age at fifty years old.

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Methlegel son of Gellin son of Echeleb Túbeng, who is known to all as Legelion, is the last born of a proud line of Laegil that came out from Ossiriand to merge with the Tawarwaith of Eryn Galen early in the Second Age of Arda. Because he was ever eager for knowledge and always asking questions in his desire to learn more, his mother bestowed upon him the name Cethron, which means "seeker" in the Sindarin tongue.

This is his tale.

Since Nandorin has declined among the Tawarwaith in the Third Age, this journal is written in pure Sindarin -- as well as he is able -- for this is the tongue spoken in the court of Thranduil the Elvenking (rather than the dialect that is now common across the Woodland Realm.) While Legelion speaks and reads Annúnaid, he finds writing it an irksome task!

"Though the comparison of the Silvan dialects with their own speech greatly interested the loremasters, especially those of Noldorin origin, little is now known of the Silvan Elvish. The Silvan Elves had invented no forms of writing, and those who learned this art from the Sindar wrote in Sindarin as well as they could."

- Unfinished Tales, 'History of Galadriel and Celeborn'

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