23. Prisoners

S.A 1352

Falchon kept her spirit high and she also were communicating with Haldanáre a little, but he was further away from her. Orneth was sad by the fact Naerchanar was not looking for her in the barracks. He surely must have known, he was the leader of the place. Orneth had for a long time suppressed the fact that he may have let her down, but he was not cruel. She did not dare to think about other reasons.

She felt a kind of comfort speaking to Falchon. He responded most of her question, usually quite cryptic, but he responded at least. In return he asked her questions as well. He rarely asked much about her mission. He wanted to know about her background, her life in Doriath. Sometimes he asked her about her vocation and her woodwork skills.

"Did you ever met your father?" Falchon paused before he answered the question, "I have. Let us talk about something else. Let us not feed more into all this dark topics." He then whispered in a fairly warm tone, "I do not remember your face. You are a Sindar. I know that. How do you look like?" Orneth had recently discovered he wanted to quickly change subject. She knew she was asking him a lot of questions, but she needed answers. It was clearly hard for him to talk about the past and his family." Orneth paused and decided to answer his questions as well, "Average I would say. I do not have the same beauty as Lady Manyamë and your ancestors. I do not have the dark, cold and beautiful colors like you have. My hair is golden some would say, it is usually a mess. My eyes are grey with a touch of green and sometimes a touch of blue." Falchon responded, "Like the ocean." Orneth smiled, "Well, that is a nice way to describe my eyes I suppose." Falchon answered, "I do like your voice though. It is warm and the way you speak Quenya does not feel so harsh as it usually can sound." Orneth blushed, "Well, I suppose is the accent of Sindarin that shines through." Falchon responded, "Hmm. Yes you may be right."

Orneth decided to ask him more lighthearted questions as well. "You resemble your uncle Marilo in looks very much and you have a few similarities to your grandfather. I know you have never met them. They are extraordinary personalities and have done a lot for their family. Your grandfather was a mighty warrior in Gondolin." Falchon answered, "Is that so?" Orneth smiled, "Yes. He was. He also loves his kindred and family. I am sure he would embrace you into his family no matter what. Perhaps you could channel your darkness into something good, instead? Perhaps being a soldier would be a good thing. To do something to distract yourself from yourself?" She heard Falchon laughed, "I do not think so Lady Orneth." Orneth blushed and said, "I only want to help Falchon. I do not want you to disappear as you said. I do not want you to end your own life. You may be healed. It is possible." Falchon remained silent and she could hear he became annoyed, "Orneth. I rather not talk about me. Tell me a story from Doriath or from the Havens." Orneth bite her lips and felt sad inside. She took a deep breath and decided to tell a story about the events by Ered Luin and how they saw the great sea drowning the lands.


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The next night Orneth heard screams. She stood up and grabbed the jail-bars. She looked confused. She heard a faint voice in the distance yelling. "He only has one of his nightmares. Do not worry." Orneth ran towards the wall and tried to remove some small stones from the hole as she tried to place her hand and arms through it. Would she be able? "Falchon, wake up. It is just your nightmares." She removed as many stones and bits of concrete as she could from the bricks. It was a tedious work and the result was minimal. She tried to force her arm through the hole that was like a tiny tunnel. She felt pain as the edge of concrete and spikes scratched her, but inch by inch she forced through her arm. After a while she felt fingers on her hand. She managed to reach him. She barely could hear him as she had blocked the hole almost. She heard him say. "Orneth…" He held her scratched hand through the wall. She felt her arm was hurting, but the feel from another person made it all worth it. He held her hand.

For a few minutes they shared a moment. It was weird, but somehow she felt closer to this person she barely knew. She pulled her arm back and she noticed her skin and hand having small wounds and scratches and she was bleeding. She felt embarrassed somehow. Her gesture and effort to give him some comfort, probably had an opposite effect. He was worried, "Are you fine Orneth?" Orneth laughed, "Yes I am sorry. I just wanted you to know. I am here." He responded, "I appreciated Orneth. It was nice to hold your hand." Orneth smiled, "Likewise. are you fine?" Falchon responded, "Yes, it was just a bad dream. I am fine." Orneth decided not to ask him about his nightmares. She asked, "Do you have anything nice to think about? Someone that has been a light in your life? Perhaps it helps against your dreams." Falchon paused, "I do not have many good memories. I do have you though." Orneth closed her eyes. She felt weird inside. Someone actually needed her. Someone appreciated her small silly gestures. She suddenly felt special, special for someone.


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The nights and days passed and Orneth somehow felt that something was not quite right in the outside world. Why did not anything happened, why did anyone not come? What had happened to Lord Naerchanar? She kept herself busy writing her diary and she started counting the days. She sometimes heard scratching from the neighbor cell. She knew Falchon was up to something, but she did not quite now what."

"Come here!" It was Falchon voice. "I made the hole and the small tunnel larger. Give me your hand Orneth." She smiled and hesitated. Her last attempt was a painful one, but when she tried it went smoothly in. He grabbed her hand with both of his hands. "Yes!" He put something into her palm and locked her hand around it. She suddenly could feel his lips sealed her hand." Orneth felt her heart pounded. She was warm, flustered and lingered a little. She pulled back her hand slowly and opened it. It was a crystalline green gemstone. It did shine to her eyes. "How beautiful. Is it a beryl?" Falchon responded, "Yes. Do you like it?" Orneth heart pounded and she responded, "To me? Thank you Falchon." Falchon responded, "Well, I have been through the mountains at many occasions. This was a gift given to me in return of a favour I once did. I never really thought about selling or keeping it. It just felt like the right time to give it away now." Orneth smiled and responded, "Thank you. I have never got a gift like this before. It is beautiful." Falchon laughed, "Ahh it is just a stone. It is yours."

Orneth hid the stone underneath her pillow and she fell into deep thoughts. He was very kind to her and he did small gestures that she felt would have been unusual unless he had become fond of her. He brought some light into her life and she was more convinced than ever he did not deserve his fate. She fell in to sleep and had very vivid and lively dreams.