Social invites and such

As the days grow shorter and colder, the pile of tasks required to manage my hall cast a long shadow. I'm torn between the tasks of organizing the much needed supplies for the coming winter months and responding to all kinds of letters of correspondence, ranging from social invites to trade deals. 
I pour myself a large tankard of ale and decide to take care of the letters first. The need for supplies I can deal with on the upcoming dwarf market at Frerin’s court in a few days.
Sipping ale from my old tin tankard, I shuffle through the letters while deciding which one to act upon first. There are several social invites the next few months, fitting this time of the year. My attendance there may provide me with a good opportunity to knit bondage and even secure a few allies in the progress. Putting aside the letters of trade inquiries, I decide to go through the social invites first.
A few letters written by a fellow Broadbeam dwarrow speaks about Hobbits and their social gatherings in the Shire, where there might be huge amounts of food, pleasant songs and merriment. I toss those letters away, since Shire is too far away and little to gain when it comes to potential allies.
Another mention, in some other letters, are the elven social gatherings in Falathlorn. Not too far away though, but their feast is usually a bit stiff to my taste. All they do is dance and sing and while their songs are beautiful, I prefer a merrier tune of more earthly matters.

But in one of the letters there is a mention of Feast of thanks, hosted by somebody called Lady Seregrian. Where have I heard that name before? I shuffle through my letters and I find another letter signed by the Lady herself. Somehow she had come across a book of mine and praised it, followed up by an invite to her home, which she refers to as a lair. Lair, that does not bode well. Who calls their home a lair, beside dragons, goblins and wild animals? I'm intrigued and might take her up on her offer and travel to her feast, when the time comes.

And then it's the Blue Mountain Regiment invitation to their annual yule revelries, which I cannot turn down. The Regiment has done much for the Blue mountains and is a respected unit with a long history. It's only fitting that a dwarrow as myself attends and pays my respect. I signal to my serf that I need a quill and ink, so I can respond to some of the invites.