16. Recent Encounter

Arrygg came running into the room, out of breath from trying to keep up with the long shank messenger that came to get her from the Estate. She looked frantically around the room seeking Egfor, for indeed that was the problem. But, instead, she found him by the bar, rocking a dwarf. He wore a dwarven-made cloak but now was not the time to ask him about it. “What’s wrong wee laddie?”

Dem came out of the kitchen carrying a plate with meat, cheese, and bread and sat it near the strange dwarf. “Mum.” He motioned her to the kitchen. “He saw his lover killed and eaten by a dragon by Thorin’s Gate. And this is within a week.”

“Well, now we know where to look. Is he badly shaken, or was this an arranged marriage?”
Dem shook his head, “Near as we can tell, it was a lover, a male dwarf who was to marry his sister by arrangement. And you know how arranged marriages are taken by young dwarves.”

“And old ones, not well. And them being as they are, it wouldn’t be accepted by either parent, who want grandbabies.” Arrygg looks toward the common room. “But why didn’t he go to the scholars in … or right odd preferences, exposing the dead which maybe no one knew about. And everyone knows about my son and his partner. So I don’t hide it in shame.” Arrygg nods and goes out to the two sitting close together on the floor.

“Hello, laddie buck, my name is Arrygg, and I hear you have seen a dragon recently?”

The dwarf nearly barreled Arrygg over, mostly because she was not ready for him to leave Egfor’s arms and jump into hers. “It…Elder, it ate him. And I was too scared to try and rescue him. So I am shamed, and my family is shamed.”

“Bah, not even close. Were you in armor? Did you have something made of Mithril or a shield made of Dragon scales? You would have died if you tried laddie buck. No, you needed to get help. And help is where you are at, for we plan to go and kill this dragon.”

“You’re just saying that to make me feel better.” He blubbered. 

Egfor came up and embraced the two. Dem watched while Duff stood next to him, finally getting his breath back from the run.

“We really are planning on going to kill him, Thrigi. He seems to have placed some sort of curse on me, and we need to kill him to free me from the curse.”

“O” was all Thrigi said before he collapsed, utterly worn out from his hard ride with little sleep. But, now that he had found who he was seeking, it all caught up to him.

“Put him in a room. Let him sleep himself out. Then we will speak to him.” Arrygg told Dem.

Dem carefully lifted the sleeping dwarf, and Egfor led them to a room.