10. The More the Merrier?

It was still early as Egfor, Dem, and Arry walked into the pony. The dwarven messengers were sleeping on their stools, snoring loudly. One of Dem’s guards sat with the dwarf, whispering about the library he had come across in Erigion on his way here to join with Dem and his people.

“The orcs did much damage, but the Angmarian that are there seem to be searching through those books. Don’t know what they are looking for,” He jumped to his feet, smacking his right fist to his heart. “Lady Arrygg, Lord Dem, Lord Egfor.”

Egfor blanched at the title, Dem scowled, Arrygg nodded politely. But, of course, one needed respect if one was to rule. Only then did she notice Thangtan sitting on a stool surrounded by sleeping dwarves. “Thangtan, my dear friend, you shouldn’t have come. I am afraid this is far too dangerous for you to get involved.”

“Come?” One of the messengers said as he woke by the noise of people talking loud. “He didn’t come. He was snooping.” The dwarf cuffed Thangtan across the back of his head.

“I keep telling you I wasn’t snooping; I was curious.” Thangtan squeaked, rubbing his head.

“Thangtan is my friend, and he is deserving of your respect, wee laddie.”

Dem watched, his arm protectively wrapped around Egfor, who clung to him scared. He dismissed the guard. Obviously, this dwarf was of no threat. Friends came after family, and she would kill a friend to protect her family. This Thangtan looked like even Dem could break his body in half. He was that small and delicate looking.

“Thangtan, you’re here, even if it isn’t wise. Like I said in my letter to you requesting all your notes on dragons. This is very dangerous, and only those able to fight should be anywhere near us. But I’m glad you are here. This is my son, the one I’ve told ye about, Lord Dem, and this is his husband, also my son, Lord Egfor.”

“I’ve met Egfor. We talked about poems.” Thangtan blushed. Most dwarves hated his poems, open declarations of love between males. Only a few, like Arrygg, accepted such things.

“Did you bring your notes?”

“I never got your letter. I must have been on my way here already when you sent it. I was passing through on my way to the Blue Mountains. I’ve heard of reports of.” He snapped his mouth closed, looking at the boys and the guard. “Fortunately, I do have some of my notes, but what I don’t have is up in my head. What’s this about?”

Dem and Egfor went to the kitchen or one of the rooms, it didn’t matter, but the guard was at his post by the entrance. She knew this particular guard; it was Dem’s most trusted, so she began telling Thangtan about the happenings and why she needed his notes. She watched as the color drained from her friend’s face. He knew he was in danger of death and was scared as he should be. 

~Arrygg finished telling Thangtan the whole story and blinked as Copperspire. Then, one of his sidekicks came busting into The Stag and the Huntsman. “Arrygg, there you are, and why did you bring Thangtan here? He is in danger, you foolish dwarf.”

“Do you really believe I brought him here?” Arrygg waved her hand dismissively. Dwarves may trust him, but she was mad over what he had brought into her family’s lives. “It is by pure accident he is here, but we do need his knowledge, so be damned thankful. His brain is better than notes.” She waved at the cloth he was carrying, “What thing do you bring that scares you so badly then?” He may be an elf, but he never seemed to be able to control what he showed to the world, Arrygg thought to herself.

“A..a scale from the back of the dragon.” He dropped them in front of Arrygg.

“Oh my gods, the beast is shedding.” Arrygg slowly tipped and fell to the floor in a dead faint.