A Day in A Life

Eira yawned, awakening in her bed. A half finished drape laid across her lap. She was still wearing her dress from yesterday. With a sigh, she tiredly pulled the drape close to her and continued to sew it. Natural sunlight peered in through the windows. The carpeted blue floor was bathed in rays of the sun as Eira continued working on the drape. She just had to fall asleep at the very last one....


Eventually, she finished the drape. Laying on the edge of the bed, a pampered Fisher lazily got up, stretched, then found another position. Eira chuckled at her first cat as she put the sewing stuffs aside and slipped off her bed. She stretched, happy that she was not experiencing morning sickness today, and trudged over to her dresser to get changed. She changed into her looser, golden and white dress. Of course, the bloating was still a problem. She was sure Nimraph enjoyed her swelling, but she did not. Thankfully, this was one of her most comfortable dresses. She put some shoes on  walked out to the kitchen.


She dished out leftovers from yesterday and ate them cold. This was both due to the blazing summer heat and her extreme hunger. She was feeding three people, after all. What was strange was her recent hankering for pickles. Why did she want pickles? It was not even canning season yet! She devoured her meal, neeps an'tatties and apple sauce; then she got up and briefly returned to her room. She collected her drape and the sewing supplies, then returned them to the workshop that was her library.


In the morning, she tidied up her clothes and drape flooded library. She fed the cats, fed the chickens, and checked up on Moss. The stubborn bog guardian still was unmoving. Eira was fearing the worst, that its parents had been killed by predators or orcs, and that Moss had nowhere to go. Eventually, Eira started cooking lunch for the workers. She smirked, working on an improved neeps an-tatties recipe. She would make a turnip dish that Helmwod would like! She would keep trying until she succeeded!


The meal and accompanying dessert, fruit rolls, were set out to cool. She placed her sun hat on and left the house with her new owl staff (the first one still needed repaired.) Chickens cluttered amongst themselves and fluttered about. Eira once again checked the pen, and once again caught her other cat eating an egg.


"Obsidian!" Eira frowned, "Get out of there!"


Obsidian licked her chops from the last of the egg yoke and flew the coop. As the lithe cat slipped behind the windmill, Eira sighed and thought to herself about really needing some help with her chickens. And cats. And her vegetable garden that was hardly getting along. Perhaps she should teach Dammon to help her? She started to walk down the road, passing the little creek. Tiny fish swam in the waters, and dragonflies danced along the rocky path. Eira eventually ascended the hill, passing some workers who were fixing a fence.


"Misses Blackstone!" One of the men waved, "How are you this fine day?"


Eira adjusted her hat, placing the staff she was using to help climb on a stone. "I'm looking for my family. Have you seen them?"


The second man, Dunlending by the looks of him, looked up and pointed to the direction of the Library with his hammer. "Ah, the large, gloomy house on the hill. You're headed in the right direction."


Eira nodded, "Thank you! I'm happy to fill any requests for food, boys?"


The Dunlending smiled, "I would throw out my back to taste your blueberry muffins again!"


Eira chuckled, turning to leave, "There will be blueberry muffins tomorrow then! Farewell!"


As she turned and ascended the hill, using her staff to assist her, Eira frowned. Of course they were at that library... She had figured. Not wanting to make Nimraph feel worse than he already probably did, however, she was determined to hide the extreme discomfort that place gave her. She was saved, however, when she saw Nimraph and the boys approaching from the top of the hill. Seeing their adoptive mother, Dammon and Briar took off darting down the hill towards her.


"Mommy! Mommy!"




Eira gasped, extending her arms, "No! Don't run, you'll trip!"


Nimraph had a similar reaction, racing forward and scooping Briar up. Meanwhile, Dammon slowed and stood between his parents. "Momma?"


Eira chuckled and approached Dammon. Pulling her staff's leather strap up and placing the walking stick on her back, Eira picked Dammon up and gave him a big hug. "You were pestering your father to come to me, weren't you!"


Briar giggled while Nimraph held him, "We help!"


Eira smiled in gentle joy, "I always need my big helpers to help deliver food, don't I?"


Dammon lifted his hands and shouted in excitement, "Yes!"


Eira chuckled and set Dammon down, taking his hand. The family was soon walking back to the house. Eira spoke with Nimraph about Dammon starting to help Eira on her little tiny farmstead.


Soon enough, the boys were helping Eira carry the meals to the hungry workers. Every day the workers looked forward to Eira's meals. Syllea had told Eira that if it were not for her, they would be stuck eating moldy bread. Eira was once again thanked for the food by many, including Egfor and Demlemoth. Eira, of course, was keen to watch if Helmwod would like the neeps an'tatties. Of course, Helmwod tasted the turnips and did not enjoy the meal, opting for extra fruit rolls instead. Well, that was a bit of a blow to Eira's pride…


After that, she went back to the house and refilled her bird feeders and threw more feed down to the chickens. She introduced Dammon and Briar to Moss before Nimraph took them for more reading lessons. Then, Eira cooked up her next scheme for Project Helmwod Will Like Turnips. If Syllea liked it, tomorrow's meal would be Rabbit with Bacon and Turnips - as much as Eira hated cooking rabbit. After bringing the dish to Syllea and visiting with the poor girl for a while, Eira raced back to Millshaw and helped in dusting the houses. And sweeping them. And moping them. Even though only dusting was on the list.


She kept doing this until the day grew late, and Eira felt a pull to her evening haunt of the Prancing Pony.