Dusty and Travelworn

Founding date
January 2011
To explore the length and bredth of Arda following out own paths.
Main area of operations
All of Arda
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Dusty and Travelworn is a heavy, mature roleplaying kinship, for the race of men. It consists of players who roleplay a character that has their own particular storyline but feel they can not always fit this within a plotline or collective story of other current kinships on the server. Most of the character's within D and T are travellers of Arda who for one reason or another do not call one place home but move around the land at will doing their own thing. Be that adventuring, helping the locals against invaders or hunting for lost treasures. We give a place and identity to solo roleplayers who may or may not want to roleplay with others within the kinship but want to meet likeminded players. We offer the chance to quest/skirmish/instance with players who will be fair in their gameplay and co-operative. We are a relaxed and friendly kinship in that we do not demand a certain amount of your time or hold a grudge against your leaving for any reason, unless you've broken certain rules you'll be welcomed back. The main thing that the officers of Dusty and Travelworn does not do is organise group events for plotlines, we like to think our members are capable of doing such things amongst themselves and do not feel we should push people towards a particular story.


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