Fruit Boy

Well, as evenings go – I have had worse.

The journey from Rivendell to Bree had been quite stressful.   There were points where I was sure we were being followed, but since I had decided to keep the delivery a secret from Adiwen and Maerston, there was no way for me to get a second opinion without raising suspicion.     Thankfully once the welcome sights of Bree came into view, I felt a little more relaxed.

Having entered the town, Adiwen asked me to locate a place we could find refreshment.    Thankfully, the marketwoman I spoke to suggested both the Prancing Pony and The Hammer and Harp, so as the latter was also where I needed to be to deliver my consignment, the decision was easy.

The wooden filled hall was warm and welcoming. The place was filled with men, dwarves and elves and was a buzz of conversation and laughter.     The host, was a pleasant fellow, who skittered from one table to the next, ensuring mugs were filled as well as stomachs.     I enjoyed just sitting and watching the conversations happen around us.   There was a calm to be felt in and amongst the chaos.    

As the evening grew late, Adiwen became weary and retired to her room upstairs. I hung back, doodling in my journal, wondering if the recipient of my message would have been in the room that night.    I admit, the warmth of the fire and the ale had begun to make me sleepy, and I became lost in my thoughts.  However, I was pulled back into the present suddenly when I felt a cold and wet berry hit my right cheek and land with a splat on my open journal.

The host Gal, stood before me, eyes wide open as if not entirely sure what had just happened.  Sat behind him however, feet up on a table I spied the fruit fuelled assailant.  He was laid back in his chair, feet resting on the book covered table – with a stupid grin on his face.

“Oi! Fruit Boy” I called, in bemused mock irritation, to which he raised his eyebrows and just nodded towards one of the chairs at his table.    I smiled at his overconfidence.  I had met his type many times. 

I removed the remains of the fruit from my journal and placed it on the table.  Gal began to apologise, but I gave him a gentle smile and told him that I didn’t hold him responsible for the foolish behaviour of his guests.    I gathered my belongings together, keeping an eye on the boy in case more raspberries flew my way, then I moved over to join him at the table.

“You know there is a more normal way to start a conversation right?” I asked with a smirk.  “for example, Hello my name is Elladoraa, and you are…?” 

The boy just sat for a moment, watching me, his seagrey eyes smiling. “Nah, ” he laughed, a wicked grin appearing on his lips once more, “I’m just going to call you Raspberry.   And me, you can call me Bara."  then, his gaze unfaltering he added "So...  I believe you have a message for me.”