The Next Chapter

Brandilyn had spent the last year once again trying to pay a penance to herself. Her selfishness of the past left her alone again, but this time still in Bree. Kris and Amanda were still there too but Brandilyn did not seek out their company. She found a family in need and she made herself useful on their farm. She helped the new mother balance the chores of a wife, and mother, along with the duties of a farmer. It reminded her of home on The White Rose Farm and she missed the days there with Kris and Amanda and her sister Daylyn.

Brandilyn missed her sister, Daylyn had been gone for over two years and no word had ever reach Brandi on her whereabouts. In her heart, Brandi felt her sister was still alive, out there fighting for the free people, following the passions of their father. The other part of her makeshift family was right here in Bree and she was too afraid to seek them out.

Until one day she was not.

The farm was doing very well, they hardly needed her. Brandi knew it was time for her to move on and once again find a life for herself in Bree. This was her home and she needed to find her place. She packed up the few things she had and wished the family she was staying with well before she headed back through the gates of  town. She walked up the cobble stone streets until she found herself standing outside The Prancing Pony. A small smile flashed across her lips as she looked at the fountain in the center of the courtyard and recalled meeting Amanda. The smile widened, as thoughts of summer festivals and horse races filled her mind. She made her way up the familiar steps and pulled the old wood door open. When it shut behind her it was as if no time had passed at all. The Pony was not full, but a fair number of patrons were milling about with mugs in hand. Her eyes darted from each one until she saw who she hoped.

The meeting between the pair went well and Amanda and Brandilyn were soon on their way to check out the old refuge. The place was in shambles, dust and spiders were now running the place and Amanda insisted Brandi come with her to the farm, where she lived with Kris. He was officially her father and the pair were doing quite well over the last year.

Brandilyn and Amanda talked about Brandi's plan to open a bakery and the young lass encouraged her and volunteered help. Brandi has always loved to cook, and this seemed like the perfect venture for her and The Buttery Bakery was the perfect name. Brandi cooked up a feast that evening, including Amanda's favorite blueberry muffins and when Kris finally arrived home, he did not seem too displeased to see Brandilyn standing by his fireside. He was friendly and kind to her and the three of them shared a nice evening talking about the farm and Brandi's new idea. To Brandilyn it felt like the next chapter was about to start.