Preparing for Bullroarer Took Day - Conquering Writer's Block

Today I set out to write an epic poem for Bullroarer day. I had been struggling for days, writer’s block can be a real headache sometimes! So I decided it is time to go and visit the Greenfields for myself. It was the first time I ever took a stroll that far from home!

I’m not sure why I decided to set out today, as the weather was rather dreadful! Dark clouds and torrential rain were my constant companion during this trip. It made it so that bringing any sheet of paper with me would be impossible, thus I had to remember every detail by head before I would return home.

My first stop was the statue of the old Took. Brockenborings was a lovely place to visit, at least that’s what I think it would’ve been if not for this dreadful rain!

At Bullroarer's Statue

Looking at the beautiful statue filled me with inspiration, but when trying to start forming rhymes the writers block remained. It was time to visit the greenfields themselves!

The fields were a short stroll north, once I reached it I found a lovely hill that would grant a great view of the surrounding area.

After huffing and puffing my way up the hill I was amazed by the view. In the distance to the south you could see the hamlet of Brockenborings, while to the north the greenfields stretched as far as the eye could see on a terribly cloudy, rainy afternoon.

The green fields and a sky lit up by the lightning

Was this view of the fields the final blow to my foe that is writer’s block? Unfortunately no. The words were simply not coming to me as they normally would. 

Dejected and disheartened I made my way down the hill and headed back towards Brockenborings.

As I made my way down, something caught my eye. What is it I saw? A chink? A crack? No, it is a rabbit hole!

A rabbit hole!

I started to chuckle and laugh as I looked at the burrow. It reminded me of the old Took and the story of how he won the war in one swing. As I finished my moment of bliss, I looked around me, the rain stopped, the clouds were clearing.

The clouds clear, and so does the mind.

The evening had begun, and with it the dark clouds and thick mists of writer’s block started to clear. “I did” I rejoiced. “I have conquered my writer’s block!”.

I spent the night in the Plough and Stars and came morning quickly made my way back home, it was time to write my poem and I was certain it would be my best one yet!