Gifts and a letter

Buderick Fairbairn, laden with a large pack, runs up the main street of Towerglan. He knocks firmly on the door of the second house from the port to which a stocky figure appears.  "Mister Buderick, come inside." the sedated voice expresses with mild surprise. "Aye, g'day Missus Ashdown," he says busily and shyly enters the home. He sits down as the lady of the house pours him a cup of aromatic herbal tea. "I come bearing gifts," he exclaims with well-mannered excitement while opening the pack: 


A letter reads, 

"Dear Arindiis Ashdown, Askelin Ashdown, Andri of the Vales of Anduin and Solveij of the Vales of Anduin,


I am terribly sorry of the unfortunate turn of events. The termination of the Sparrow's contract and subsequent proclamation of failure of your work was not something I found any pleasure in. Your journey to the lands of Evendim was not without goodness, in that you rescued our valuable pedigree pony, Clippity Gregory Periwinkle Hoofington. The caravan-robbers were nowhere to be found, which does not render your skills ineffective, but betray the seriousness of the situation in the surrounding lands. The robbers have been planning this for so long, apparently, that they have hidden unexpectedly well. It is the fault of the Rosethorn Estate for not keeping the delivery of pipe-weed better hidden from the public. I urge that this mission has not failed because of your efforts, but because of these circumstances:

The season, our unfortunate financial blow, the keen robbers and my admittedly naive dismissal of the seriousness. 

I am sadly distraught by this embarrassment. 

I have gone out of my way to purchase you little personal gifts which I hope goes to strengthen our friendliness in this terrible time of business. 

With much love and appreciation,

Wisterhya Rosethorn."


A name is attached to each gifts,

For Arindiis: a roll of loosely woven, undyed lambswool from the shire and an expensive roll of linen in a blue, yellow and light grey floral pattern

For Andri: a bottle of whiskey distilled in Michel Delving, a jar of Michel Delving red currant jam preserved with brandy. Lastly, a small wood carving depicting a leaping salmon.

For Solveij: a minimalistic silver necklace with a large emerald gem, an ivory comb of foreign make and a jar of fruity sweets. 

For Askelin: a large bottle of strong, dry apple cider, a smaller bottle of herbal liqour and a formal, darkly treated belt with a steel clasp.