Lookin' fer lost relative


Howdy My name is Pozee Longleaf.  I come on a long journey lookin fer my cousin.  She came to Lindelby some time back ta find her family name.  I heard about it frum Gisla Bolga who said she talked ta her and a couple other folks.  That's how I learned that she wuz from the Shire.  I came all the way here stowin away in wagons and theivin pies, mushrooms, and eny thing else I could ta make it.  Been here in the Shire fer awhile, and boy have I been doin stuff fer lots of folks.  I hear tales of Agago, and thinks she might lives in some a the Shire homesteads.  But so far my search has been in vain.  If eny body out there knows where my cousin Agago Longleaf might be please let me know.  I am currently wanderin the Shire here n there still lookin.

Michel Delving