Mutton and Mead night in Bancross (Rohan event)

January 23rd, 2021
2100 CET (3PM servertime)
Bancross (Kingstead homesteads), 1 Colt road.

Event details:
The locals and riders garrisoned at Bancross are coming together during these cold winter months at the Roaring Dragon tavern, to feast and hear news from the mark.
The rustic menu
Mutton stew, meat and cheese plattern available. Assorted nuts.
Ale of the month: Old Saddle (local brew).
OOC details:
A social event in the Bancross village.
People of the Riddermark and dwarven traders are welcome.
Please do not bring an elf or hobbit, since we feel this breaks the lore.
For more information about the Bancross village, please visit this link.
How to get to Bancross:
Visit the Broker's office in Bree (31.3S, 51.2W), southwest of the townhall. Within you will find several real estate ledger. Find the one for Kingstead homesteads and choose Bancross. This will teleport you outside the gate of the homestead.
The banner is made with a combination of a ingame screenshot and a movie shot from the TV serie Vikings and edited by me.

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