Letters: To Blid - A Heavy Heart

My Dearest Blid, 

When I returned home, I found your letter on the floor among many others, the Postman having pushed them all underneath while I was away. I've been away from Bree for several months now, and I am sorry that I wasn't in Bree so that I could bid you farewell. I miss you and Maddoct and Maurr and I hope that you're well, and I wish that I could say that I was. I don't know when you'll be coming home, or if you'll be returning to Bree at all. Please let me know when you do, you know where I call home, I would desire greatly to see you and wouldn't mind at all if you called on me without writing first.

My news is not pleasant, and I hardly want to write it down. Writing it down makes it feel as if it's real, and that's been hard for me to accept. For several months I have been traveling, scouring Bree-land and the regions neighboring its borders in search of Sedryn. It has taken up almost an entire year of my life, and I realized that I could not spend my entire life in this search, and so I have returned home. I don't know where he's gone, or if he left freely or was taken. I know that he wanted to look for his father, but I don't know if he left to do that. We were supposed to do that together, and I suppose he could have decided he didn't want to anymore.

You and Maddoct and Maurr are always in my thoughts, even if they have been so clouded lately. Please come visit the next time you find ourself in Bree's lands.

With much love,