A Finch's Journal: Entry 22

If anyone asks me what the most beautiful place to be in during spring is, I'll have to tell them that, out of all the places I've seen so far, the Shire is the prettiest with all the flowers, both wild and tame, blooming. The moment Destiny and I crossed the Brandywine I could see them for miles and miles ahead of me like fields of color. They also have these great big ones - biggest flowers I've ever seen! - lining crop fields and such called sun-flowers. It's a right good name for them too, since their petals are golden yellow and fan out about the base much like the sun. 

I arrived in Tookland in short order. I almost fell off my horse laughing when I saw a gaggle of tiny Hobbit children running down the road towards me! Truly, the children in this part of the Shire are most precocious! But they are also so adorable that I can't refuse them anything. I spent the entire day and night there telling them many many stories, even making up a few new ones. It was a sort of sad thing to leave them behind the next day to continue my journey and they have gotten another promise out of me to stop by again when I make my return journey. 

So, I have finally made it up through Bullroarer's Throat into Oatbarton. Just in time for a spring fair hosted by the Northcottons, or so many a gentle-Hobbit has told me. I'll only be lingering for a day and then I'll see about going further up north. Most folk here seem to know little of the rangers but have directed me to a settlement called Dwaling further up the road, saying that the residents there have more dealings with ranger folk. If not, I can always take Mister Dewitt's advice and just follow the Brandywine.