A Finch's Journal: Entry 19

I am, quite possibly, the most foolish Finch that ever stepped in and out of Bree-land!

I slept quite poorly last night, tossing and turning the entire time. I hope I didn't keep poor Mister Tumunir awake.

But I have been so silly and stupid! How could I not realize where my own feelings have been turning? Xan said everyone around me knew while I didn't. I am so embarrassed! They all must think me a right ninny!

But, what can I say? What can I do?

I like him so very much. I want nothing but happiness for him. I would give anything to see him smile and call me Clever Finch over and over again. Even if I should only be able to find a place in some small part of his affections, I would feel like I've found a place among the stars.

For all that I've learned about this and that, I am wholly unprepared for this. I don't even know where to begin. 

But Xan told me to continue on and have a wonderful time with him at Mister Leoffrith and Miss Lumina's wedding party. So, I will do my best. 

I shall end my writing here. There's messages aplenty for me to deliver back and forth throughout town today and I think I should spare Miss Taite from worry, as I'm sure I look like a complete mess!