A Finch's Journal: Entry 18

Ever since Maddoct and I arrived back in Bree, things have occurred at quite the whirlwind pace!

But now I have more questions that, while I am no longer afraid to ask them, I'm not certain will be answered as soon as I'd like. But, perhaps Fate has determined that I should wait awhile. So, I will do my best to be content with what I do know and remain patient. For now, all I can do is offer what I can and write:

- I am still concerned for Miss Addie. I feel that, though some great battle she took part is in done and her injuries are no longer hurting as much, something or other is weighing down on her still. 

- Miss Xanderian is looking a little worse for wear lately. When I heard a little of what happened to her and saw the scar on her neck I thought I would burst into tears just imagining what sort of pain she had felt! But I know she is well loved and looked after. I hope our little gathering a few nights ago in the Pony has not overtaxed her.

- Still no sign of Miss Xandilif. But I have not forgotten the apology I wish to make to her. I am also curious to see how she fares after everything and thank her for doing her part to keep others safe.

Oh, what else?

Hawk is going with me to the wedding party after the ceremony for Mister Leoffrith and Miss Lumina! I am so excited! This is going to be such fun and hopefully Hawk will enjoy it too after everything. I will be more than happy to have him by my side. His presence always makes me feel incredibly happy. I am always myself in other company but, with him, I perhaps feel more reassured of myself. Sort of like flowers bloom on their own but perhaps bloom more when the sun is out.

Well, that doesn't make any sense either way!

Truly, lately I've become quite the silly person. I've even earned myself a new moniker: Tatersbane! Also, Queen of Taters, Lady of Starch, and other such things. I am now more certain than ever that I will go down in history as one of the silliest lasses that ever stepped out of Bree-land! Not that I mind overly much, it's all good fun to me. Laughter truly is the best medicine.

I also appear to have another person to call 'Grandmother' now, though I don't know what I've done to deserve it. I only met Miss Enthan not too long ago, but have found in her a kindred spirit as far as books go. She also clearly cares very much for Miss Xanderian, Miss Addie, and even Hawk, who all call her 'Grandmother' now. But me? Surely, I have not done anything to deserve the honor of calling such a smart lady of many years (Miss Xanderian implied that she is whole ages old!) by that. But, I think it'd be imprudent of me to ask.

I confess, it will be good to have someone to call that again. Even after these last few years, I miss my Grams. I have only the wooden hair pin she always wore to remember her by. I had a conversation about her with Miss Cesistya that had gotten me feeling all soft hearted and a little weepy. But I never thought it so strange until now that, while she took me in and raised me into adulthood, I never knew her name, never met any family she might have had, and never could get her to tell me of her life before I came along. Of course, I never really worry or am bothered about my own lack of memory as to where I came from before arriving on her doorstep, so perhaps that has something to do with it. But even people in our little village knew little of her and swore that she had always lived in our house ever since they could remember.

I think, when I travel westwards again in the springtime, that I will go to lay some more flowers upon her grave and reassure her that I am keeping my promise to her as best I can.