A dagger with green gems

When Ripple heard from a tavern keeper that an Elf might be wanting to talk to her, she did not believe it. When he told her exactly where to find that Elf, she thought she was being duped. Nonetheless, she made a trip to the aforementioned place, because she was too curious to find out if it was true.
Ripple enjoyed the journey, and when she arrived to a designated place, it was clearly in the Elven country. The elegant buildings were dispersed among most beautiful trees and sculptures. An Elf, indeed, met her there and confirmed his wish to talk to her.
Apparently, a word got around about her hunting skills. As she tried not to get distracted with the beauty of Elven art, she followed the Elf, Duilorfang by name, into a magnificent mansion.
Duilorfang and Ripple spent some time discussing safety of those who they care for and general increase of 'brigands and evil creatures' , as Duilorfang put it. Ripple was observant. Duilorfang and RIpple mutually agreed that Ripple can assist the Elf and his group by keeping safety as her priority. She was smitten when Duilorfang produced a silvery razor-sharp blade with a sturdy guard bearing small, shiny green gems. The Elf gave her that dagger for they apparently were fighting for the same causes. Alas, the gifts did not end for Ripple on that day! Duilorfang also gave her a strong bow of the finest woods in the tradition of the Elves of old, but adorned with silvery sculpted horse heads of great beauty. Ripple was humbled by it. Yet she did not forget to pledge her continued endeavor in their mutual cause. After all, if an Elf invited her to fight criminals together, why would Ripple reject?
Ripple's eyes glistened from joy as she was allowed to stay in the mansion to rest from the road. As she sat on her bed, tracing the woodwork pattern on its post, Ripple seemed to be meditating. After half an hour, she got up, took out a small leather-bound journal from her backpack, and went to the most beautiful writing desk she ever sat at. 
The chair did not squeak.