Bëor Ionnath

Founding date
«¡Lacho calad! ¡Drego morn!» - Help whoever requests it
Main area of operations
All Middle Earth
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Kinship status
Active and recruiting
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This kinship was founded in order to follow the values of the House of Bëor in the First Age, and its oath with the elven house of Finrod Felagund, oath that was sealed with the ring that Finrod himself gave to Barahir, sixth generation of the House of Bëor, swearing eternal friendship and aid in every need.

In the current days of the middle-earth, full of constant pressure for the growth of evil, it is necessary to have the unconditional help of someone, regardless of race or skills, and this help is what we seek to offer. That's why we consider ourselves descendants of Bëor, descendants of the First Edain House, Bëor Ionnath.

We would like all members to participate in its growth. This is a space to build community and grow together by organizing activities, events, forums, role plays, etc.


Marcoms Candhîr, Grey Company Man

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