"Ye Olde Ripe" tavern


"Nestled on the edge of a moor, amidst a choir of frogs, lies a small, rundown tavern. It's a den of great renown amongst the dwarves of Eriador - "Ye Olde Ripe". From the small, clouded windows a faint and fallow light emerges. And from within, a traveller is washed in the tumultuous sounds of loud voices, strange Dwarven speech, and odd merry melodies. All are welcome in this dwarven home. As you enter the tiny cottage, you are rudely welcomed by a whirlwind of smells. The scent of the ripe onion cider swirls in the air, cutting its way through the dense fog of pipe smoke. Don't falter on the threshold, traveller - enter, enter! The fireplace is crackling merrily, and the kegs are full - that is the important thing. "Ye Olde Ripe" welcomes you. What'll you have?"

Bree Town