2020-01-30 - Marhaban Sadiq Amrun! (Part 2)

Lucey sits outside until she is completely relaxed. Her heartbeat was steady and she felt like she could breathe again. She sighed and began her tap tap tap back inside. She decided to take the back steps through the kitchens. If there were still many people in the Inn she could avoid them all that way and head to her room for a little quiet. She swings her staff back and forth in front or her and feels it tap something as she walked along.

Ahmrun hunches his shoulders under the threadbare cloak, his mind on other things, and that is the only reason he is fool enough to stand directly in the way of the young woman with the walking stick. He reacts quickly and darts aside so as not to hinder her, but her staff catches his calf. "Sorry," he apologises quietly, stilted.

Lucey stops walking, "Oh! Im so sorry. Tha' were me own fault. Are ye ok? I didn' hurt ye did I?" He must be really mad at me based on his voice. 

Ahmrun is very ready to make good his escape, expecting some kind of tirade for his carelessness--but he pauses when the woman addresses him. "No...This one is not hurt." His accent and strange speech betray what her eyes cannot see.

Lucey smiles and sighs relieved, "Oh thank goodness. Im real sorry abou' tha'. Names Lucey." He wasn't mad at her! This was a first. Usually when she bumps into someone this late or when it is this cold out they get real grumpy.

Ahmrun hesitates. He thinks he has seen this woman once or twice, and now up close he understands: she cannot see him. "Ah..." As always, the dialect of Bree makes Westron that much more difficult to parse. "Lucey. That is nice name. This one is Amrun."

Lucey smiles, "Sorry to run into ye Mister Amrun. Well met! Ye don' sound from around here...ye travel real far to get here?"

Ahmrun is put at ease a little by that smile. It is an unaccustomed sight since he's been in these lands, at least when the locals are confronted by him. "No...This one was in way," he reassures politely. Doing his best to follow her speech, he nods, pointlessly. "Far, far away." He glances to watch the Hobbit walk past.

Lucey smiles brighter, "Really? Wha' brings ye to Bree from so far, far away?" She leans a little on her staff smiling in his direction. He has the most amazing voice! It is soft sounding, but powerful. Musical and light.... I bet he comes from somewhere warm.

Ahmrun hesitates again. That is a very long story, and much of it would no doubt be difficult for him to explain, and no doubt difficult for her to believe. "Uh...This one follow master to this land." He shifts his feet against the cold cobblestones. "Lucey, you are not cold?"

Lucey blushes. She forgot how cold it was out here. The crowd inside having made her flushed and too warm, "A little, bu' its awful crowded inside....I don' like when its real crowded...makes it hard to breathe. It ain' too cold out tonigh'. Well...no' if I don' stay out here too long anyways. Wha' land ye come from?"

Ahmrun agrees with the sentiment, as large groups tend to make him nervous as well. Perhaps for different reasons. He notices her blush and wonders at it. "Must not stay in cold too long, but air is good, and quiet." Ah, there was the question of his origins. Quietly, but not much more quietly, he answers. "This one is of Harad."

Lucey thinks looks like she is trying to recall the name. "I don' think I ever heard o' there. Must be real far away like ye said. Must'a been a long ride. Ye get in today?"

Ahmrun is faintly relieved by Lucey's reaction. Even if only for a lapse in memory or a grasp of geography, she is not repulsed by the mention of Harad. "Is very far away. This one...been here for long time. Year and more."

Lucey smiles, "Ye like Bree Mister Amrun?"

Ahmrun remembers that 'mister' is a polite thing to say before a name. "Mm...Yes, but no. Not like it so much but there are nice things," he offers. "Lucey likes it here? You are born here?"

Lucey smiles a little brighter when he speaks and leans her ear closer enjoying his accent. "Im sorry ye havnt liked Bree while ye been here...Aye, I were born here in a farmer's village no' far away. I like me farm....the big city no' really. I like it more quiet peaceful. I do like all the folks I been meetin'...Like ye Mister Amrun." Smiles. His voice is definately musical. It made her heart race listening to it. Like her heart was dancing with his words. She could listen to his music all day.

Ahmrun notices her leaning closer but refrains from stepping away, understanding that she must be listening. He follows her answer carefully. "A farm, that is nice, yes?" If he isn't mistaken, she complimented him there at the last, and his lips curve in a slight smile. She was kind indeed.

Lucey smiles, "Aye. Me farm is nice. We had horses an' our crops...were real quiet. Just me Mum an' Da an' me brother. Were real nice....now its only me left." Smiles sadly. She pauses, "Wha' is yer home like? This Harad?" She said it with his accent having picked it up from the way he pronounced the word. Her ears catching the little inflexes and dipthongs in his speach when she says his name or where he is from.

Ahmrun wonders how crops can be anything but quiet, but that thought is fleeting, a side effect of the language difference. What he does understand is her sudden sadness, and from her words he gathers that her family has passed. "This one is sorry," he offers sincerely. He has raised his voice just a little so that she might better hear him--and not only has she heard him, she seems to have picked up on the accented words. His smile is more genuine, white teeth against dark skin, if only briefly. "Harad is beautiful. Some green, but different, more wet. The rest all sand, hot sand." 

Lucey keeps smiling as she listens to him talk. I knew he was from somewhere warm and pretty! "A land all of sand?' Sounds in awe, "Bree must be so cold compared to yer home! Did ye wan' to go back inside? Are ye real cold?" looks concerned.

Ahmrun wishes he could better describe the jungles, deserts, and plains which make up his home, but he doesn't have the words. He is shivering, however, and at the mention of going back inside he makes a somewhat wry face. "Bree is very cold, this one hates the...uh, the weather." He glances about them. "Near a fire would be good, but this one does not wish to keep you." She had on her way somewhere when he'd gotten in her way, hadn't she?

Lucey smiles, "Oh ye ain' keepin' me. I were headin' for me room through the back door. Wanted to avoid all them people...We can go back inside if Im no' keepin' ye from nothin'?"

Ahmrun hesitates, glancing once more about the courtyard. He is still hunting someone, but that person has not shown themselves. "Not keeping this one from..." If it was difficult to understand her dialect, it was more difficult to repeat it back. "Glad to join you, yes."

Lucey smiles brightly offering her arm. "Where would ye like to sit in there? There be a couple places in the back o' the Inn we can talk if ye don' mind no' bein' round all them people."

Ahmrun glances down at her arm when she offers it. He is unsure what to do at first, but finally takes her arm very gently, not quite linking them together. "If Lucey can be brave, this one will too," he responds, the first hint at humour.

Lucey giggles and walks with him into the Inn. "Yer braver'an me...ye came all this way from yer home. Tha' took bein' brave."

They walk towards the main steps and she leads him up. She feels him pause and get the door for her. What a gentleman! She feels the warmth of the Inn as soon as the door swung open. She pauses and listens. "Sounds like most folks left." She could feel the air wasn't as thick. Her whole body relaxed. She might even be able to get rid of the headache the fiddle gave her.

Ahmrun is relieve to see less of a crowd. Now it is mostly farmers. "Yes...Lucey has good ears."

Lucey smiles, "Thanks. Since I can' see me ears an' smell an' touch are more sensitive...its how I see."
Lucey moves towards the fire still holding onto his arm.

Ahmrun nods again, out of reflex, and joins her near the fire. He is uncertain if he is meant to keep holding her arm. Ahmrun positions himself so that his back is not to the door or the hall. "That is a good skill. You could not see from being born, or?"

Lucey lets go of his arm once they are by the fire. She warms her hands and lets the heat seap into her bones. "It will be warmer here for ye." Hugs her staff a little tucking it in her arm. "Aye. Born this way. Ye think I would'a be better at no' runnin' into folks." Smiles with a soft giggle. 

Ahmrun lets his arm hang somewhat uselessly once she releases him, but then he stretches his hands towards the fire. To hear her giggle and see her smile, one would think she had no cares. Knowing what little he did know of her, Amrun is impressed by her attitude. "Uh, it is good that you move on your own, so bravely, in the dark. This one is glad to have been in the way this time."
Ahmrun says, 'But...not all are nice. Is dangerous to be so friendly?'

Lucey smiles in his direction a smile that gets brighter as he talks, "Its no' so dangerous in Bree...I still gots to be careful, bu' there are guards all over. I met a couple tha' weren' real nice, but most are pretty good folk. I like to believe all folks are good til they show me elsewise." Pauses and thinks more on his exotic musical voice, "Do all folk where yer from sound like ye?"

Ahmrun frowns, more out of concern than anything. Of course there were guards (he'd run afoul of them more than once) but her version of Bree contrasted with his own experience. Perhaps he should just be grateful she was content and safe in her dealings. Her question catches him off guard. "Sound like...Oh." He considers that. "There are...uh..." He is unsure how to explain. Ahmrun says, "Where this one was born, in the south, they sound the same. In the north they sound a little different, and to the east a little more, and to the west. Mostly same language but some tribes have their old tongues.This one had a tribe. The language was old, not same as most Harad. This one not remember how to speak it."

Lucey smiles, "It sounds real pretty....like music....like the little twiddlies from a flute." Blushes not really sure what to say to his last. "Wha' do ye speak now? Besides the common tongue...which ye do real nice." 

Ahmrun glances down at the compliment, so he misses her blush, which is a shame. "This one not speak the language here, uh, well, but thank you." They called it the 'common tongue' here, which seemed strange to him. "The language is Haradric. It is the common there, most all tribes speak it."

Lucey smiles, "I never though' o' tha'...tha' wha' ye speak would be wha' were common for yer home an' ye wouldn' call what I speak common." Smiles at the fun thought. "Could I hear wha' Haradric sounds like?"

Ahmrun looks up at the request, the firelight flickering in his black eyes. She wanted to hear some of his language? The interest wasn't unwelcome, simply surprising. But what to say? "(H) The colour in your cheek outdoes the desert rose," he says quietly, no longer stilted or hesitating.

Lucey is looking in the direction of his mouth when he speaks. She smiles brightly with a blush. "Tha'...were beautiful! Wha' did ye say?" His voice sounds better in his own language. More sure of himself. I wish I could speak his language...then I could hear that beautiful voice all the time the way it was meant to be heard...in his own tongue.

Ahmrun cannot miss the blush this time, and it is both fitting and lovely, considering his rather bold statement. His smile fades at having to say it again in Common. "...You cheek, it has colour, warmth. More pretty than a...alwarda. A rose."

Lucey blushes deeper biting her lip smiling and hugging her staff a little. "Could ye teach me to say somethin' in Haradric?"

Ahmrun says, 'What would you want to say?'

Lucey thinks a moment. "How abou' 'Hello me dear friend'?"

Ahmrun frowns thoughtfully. "Hello...me...dear friend?" Usually when one teaches another a language, they have a good grasp of both. In this case he would do his best.

Lucey says, "Aye. How would I say hello to ye in yer language?"

Ahmrun lifts his brows in understanding. A simple greeting was much easier than directly translating. "Marhaban. That is, uh, hello."

Lucey smiles and repeats with his accent, "Marhaban Amrun!" Giggles, "Tha' is fun to say. Marhaban! Did I say it righ'?"

Ahmrun is impressed with her practically flawless pronunciation, and her enthusiasm makes him smile. "Yes, just so," he responds. "Marhaban, sadiq. That is friend."

Lucey smiles brighter practices, "Sadiq....Marhaban sadiq Amrun!"

Ahmrun says, "Lucey learns quick."

Lucey giggles, "No really...I'm just repeatin' wha' I hear ye say....Do ye think ye could teach me more Haradric?"

Ahmrun is finally warm enough to be comfortable, and he lowers his hands from the heat of the fire. "You want to learn more? This one is not good teacher," he points out, humble as usual. Just hearing someone else speak his language is nostalgic and welcome, however.

Lucey smiles, "Aye I wan' to learn more. Its real pretty an' fun to say." Giggles. "Marhaban sadiq Amrun!" Her lips pucker up a little when she says Amrun. "I like how it feels in me mouth speakin' it...like me tongue be dancin'. Do ye get tha' too? I think yer doin' great so far. I can now tell me Haradric friend in Haradric hello." Beams proudly. "Could ye teach me more please?"

Ahmrun smiles more with his eyes, but he is pleased to hear her opinion of his language. Bias aside, he finds it far more pleasing to speak than the heavy, coarse Common. He wonders how many Haradrim she knows but her plea draws his focus. "This one will teach you," he relents.

Lucey beams! "Thank ye Amrun! How do ye say thank ye?"

Ahmrun is pleasantly warmed by the brightness of her smiles. "Uh, to thank...That is 'shukraan lakum.'"

Lucey straightens herself so she is facing him as much as possible. "Shukraan lakum sadig Amrun!" She wants to let him know how hard she will work as his student...how much this means to her...how highly she thinks of him.

Ahmrun does not fail to see the amount of gravity she places in the words. He would bow, but she cannot see it. "Ealaa alrahb. You...are welcome."

Lucey bites her lip to contain her excitement at learning a whole new language! She repeats, "Ealaa alrahb....its so pretty!" Smiles wiggling a little in excitement. She couldn't hold it in anymore. She couldn't believe her great fortune after such terrible and lonely times.

Ahmrun says, "This one is glad you think so. Yes, the tongue of Harad is a song." Ahmrun smiles, because in the face of such enthusiasm and happiness it was difficult not to.

Lucey smiles, "The tongue of Harad is a song....ye even speak me own language prettier 'an I do. Wha' do ye do? Ye some sort o' scholar?"

Ahmrun reaches to touch the long braid of black hair lying over his shoulder, a slightly self-conscious gesture at the compliment. His joy is short-lived at the prospect of explaining his trade. Or lack thereof, perhaps. "No...this one is no scholar. Cannot read, cannot write."

Lucey says, "Neither can I. Wha' do ye do?"

Ahmrun says, "Hm...This one does many things. Not have a trade or...a place to work, honest work."

She listens to him rapt. She was about to ask him more questions about himself when another voice broke her concentration.

Moderac says, "Hello lad, and lass."

She finished one of her thoughts in reply to what he said, "I know a few lads tha' do tha'. Work here an' there where they can." Lucey tilts her ear towards the new voice, "'Ello."

Moderac says, 'Mind if I ask ye if any of the rooms are occupied? I need to use the shieter! Excuse me manners... It is a bit of an emergency!"

Lucey says, "Mister Barliman would know. He usually at the counter."

Ahmrun turns to look at the dwarf. No matter how long he's been here, dwarves and Hobbits still unsettle and astound him. He lets Lucey answer.

Moderac says, "Oi! Looks like he's quite busy... Seems I better just check meself! Thank ye me boy..." Moderac bows deeply.

Lucey looks very confused. She didn't see him bow. Did he call me a boy? I don't look anything like a boy....do I?

Ahmrun is more confused thatn even Lucey, but thank goodness for language barriers. That could have been most embarrassing.

Lucey says, "Did he jus' call me a boy? Do I look like a lad?" Lucey tugs at her long black hair nervously. What if she did and no one told her? They were all being kind to her?

Ahmrun says, "No, Lucey does not look like a lad. That is boy? No. Lucey is a lovely woman."

Lucey blushes, "Aye, lad an' boy mean the same thin'....Shukraan lakum Amrun...for callin' me pretty." Blushes deeper.

Moderac says, "Ahhh... I feel ten pounds lighter! Thanks again laddy." Moderac smiles at the man. Lucey didn't see his smile to Amrun, but wondered deeper about being called laddy....

Ahmrun tilts his head. The dwarf looked like to be the same weight as before. Ahmrun says, "Uh...yes."

Moderac says, "By any chance lad, do you know of any Blackbeards runnin around? They be Dwarves of me clan. They look just like me... I was suppose to meet a few of them here!"

Ahmrun says, "No dwarf with same black beard, no. This one not see any."

Lucey tilts her head towards the dwarf again having no idea what he meant by they look like me as she were blind.

Moderac says, "Ahh, you look a bit confused... Dwarves of my clan all have black hair and black beards! We hail from far away... A distant land." Moderac smiles.

Ahmrun says, "Clans? Dwarf...Uh, have clans?" Ahmrun knows next to nothing, and doesn't know the plural for dwarves.

Lucey says, "We gots mostly Longbeards round her Mister Dwarf." She is still not pleased he called her a lad. 

Moderac says, "Oh yes, Longbeards... Aye. I know of them. The Elf-lovers, eh?"

Ahmrun looks between Lucey and the dwarf as they speak. Lucey has no idea about the Elf-lovers comment. Do the Longbeards like elves more than the other dwarf clans?

Moderac says, "Well... You two lovers be safe! Aye?" Moderac smiles. Moderac bows deeply before Ahmrun.

Ahmrun performs a strange gesture: palms pressed together, and he bows over them.

Lucey blushes a DEEP red when he calls them lovers and is stunned speachless as she turns back towards Amrun. She misses the smile and exchange of bows. Even her brain stammers into thought...She stands there stunned for a moment until Amrun speaks his music to wake her up.

Ahmrun notices the deep blush and is concerned. "Is something wrong?" He caught the word 'lovers,' obviously, but hadn't put two and two together.

Lucey stammers, "He....well....he called us....um...he called us" whispers like she is saying a dirty word "lovers." Oh PLEASE do not let me be the one to have to explain what lovers means! Please, please, please let him know. This is embarassing enough as it is. He must be mortified someone thought he was my lover. Who would want to do....that....or be known to do...that...with a blind lass? No one. That's who. I hope he isn't too upset or embarassed....

Ahmrun turns his head to better hear that last word, as she'd suddenly dropped to whispering, as if afraid to repeat what had been said. His brows lift in understanding. "Oh. Lucey does not like him to think you are this one's lover?" That was understandable, he supposed.

Lucey blushes deeper. Wait....he thought I would be upset about people thinking he was MY lover? Not the other way around? "Its no like tha'....If ye were Im sure I would be righ' proud of ye....bu' I'm.....we're...." Shuffles nervously. She has never thought about taking a lover before..the thought making her nervous and blushie and awkward. She never thought about taking a lover...someone would have to like her first and she never thought that would happen....a lover? I wonder what that would be like...to have someone love me and want to stay with me....?

Ahmrun generously comes to the rescue. "This one is glad to be your sadiq. Your friend." He does not wish to cause her any more discomfort. "This one would be proud to be your lover as well. If it is said again, this one will, uh, correct them."

Lucey looks relieved when he says he is glad to be her friend. She blushes deeper when he said he would be proud to be her lover. He would be PROUD?! He would be proud....Proud? He would be proud to be my...lover...Oh. "Um...thank ye...." Thinks and tilts her head says sounding surprised, "Ye really would be proud to be with a lass like me? I didn' even think any lads would be interested in bein' me...." whispers "lover."

Ahmrun arches a brow, understanding her question but not her reasoning. "Those lads would be fools," he points out, quite firmly.

Lucey frowns sadly hugging her staff and tugging at her hair a little "They would be fools for bein' interested in me?" I knew it was too much to hope for that a lad would like me out of more tha pity or some need to protect me....for...more....I don't know why I feel so disappointed. I never thought of taking a lover...until now....

Ahmrun grimaces at the blunder. He hesitates to touch her without warning, but places a gentle hand at her elbow in reassurance. "No, no. They would be fools for no interest. For not wanting Lucey, that is what this one meant."

Lucey blushes at her mistake, "Sorry....i missunderstood....." Pauses embarassed. "Shukraan lakum Amrun....even if ye were probably sayin' it to make me feel better. I know no one really wan's a blind lass....Me friend once said it were like watchin' a little one. Ye gots to watch me all the time except ye don' gets a break with me....Bu' thanks for makin' me feel a little better."
Lucey isnt bothered by him touching her elbow. She was more worried about where her mind was going with all these new thoughts and ideas and....He really is kind....a kind man from a warm place that speaks music that makes my heart dance.

Ahmrun does not make the connection between 'little one' and a child, but what he does clearly gather is that Lucey doesn't believe him. He increases the pressure of his hand at her elbow, as if it would give his words more weight. "This one speaks no lie." His voice is soft. "Missing eyes, an ear, a hand...what is this when there is love? Blind does not make you less beautiful."

Lucey blushes deeply smiling bashful. "Shukraan lakum Amrun..." Gently touches his hand on her elbow covering it with hers...as much as her small hands will cover. Yes, a very nice man with a gentle heart...amd strong hands.

Ahmrun has larger hands than her, it's true, and his fingers are long, graceful even. "Ealaa alrahb," he replies, simply but meaningfully.

Lucey stands there quietly a moment unmoving smiling and blushing. She recognized a change in his tone...a meaningful change in his tone. He really was trying to cheer her up. That made her feel all warm inside that this foreign man who has seen and done so much actually wants to make her feel better....what a beautiful heart he has.

Ahmrun has the sudden thought that kissing her would be lovely, but instead he raises his other hand and places it over hers. It seems more appropriate. "This one speaks no lie," he repeats kindly. "Brave, clever, kind - these are good things, from a good heart. If they say Lucey has, uh..no worth, then they are the unworthy." He smiles.

Lucey blushes feeling the warmth of his hand on hers. "Shukraan lakum Amrun." Giggles softly, "I keep sayin' tha' bu' I mean it." Smiles, "Ye plan on stayin' in Bree for a while?" Please say you will be here for a while...please, please, please, please....I know Im not real lucky, but please let me be lucky enough to get to know him better....maybe become his friend.....

Ahmrun presses his hands to hers before gently withdrawing them. "This one does not know."

Lucey misses the warmth of his hands a second, "While yer here...would ye like to keep company with me? Be me sadiq?" Please say you will! We could be the best of friends and hide away from the others and have conversations in your beautiful music language!! What am I doing? I just met this man...why am I wishing and pleading to have my new friend stay? What is wrong with me lately?

Ahmrun is at once incredibly flattered and concerned. "This one is glad to be your sadiq. You...do not mind being around this one? A Haradrim, a..." Foreigner, ruffian, assassin, there were many titles he could give.

Lucey smiles. He is worried about ME being seen with HIM?? How? Why? He is so wonderful and perfect and kind and smart! He speaks two languages! I barely speak one, "I don' see nothin' wrong tha' ye are from Harad. Do ye mind Im from Bree? If ye don' mind bein' seen with a blind lass...I don' mind bein' seen with a nice lad from Harad tha' speaks so pretty and teaches me pretty words." Smiles brighter.

Ahmrun smiles. His dark skin makes it nearly impossible to tell if he blushes, not that Lucey would be able to discern it anyhow. "You are too kind. When this one is around, you will have your sadiq."

Lucey beams! He wants to be my friend!!! This is the best day! The very best day in my whole life! "Then Ill be yer sadiq! For as long as ye'll have me." Near wiggles with excitement at her new friend. She cant stop smiling and is ignoring how tired she is cause she doesnt want to leave her friend yet.

Ahmrun is not good with language, but he has a keen eye. "Lucey...you are tired, yes?" Behind her beaming sunshine smiles her eyes looked heavy.

Lucey keeps smiling, "Aye...bu' I don' wan' to go yet. Are ye tired? Am I keepin' ye up?"

Ahmrun nearly shakes his head before catching himself. "No." He cannot help wanting her to stay, but not at the cost of her own comfort. "You should sleep. This one does not wish you to be ill."

Lucey smiles, "I'm alrigh'. A little while longer....I like talkin' to ye....I like bein' around ye..." Blushes a little. Lucey doesnt seem to hide any emotion she feels. It crosses her face, no filter. She never needed to hide her face or ever noticed she actually makes faces when deep in thought or embarassed. She is an open book and only gets more animated the happier she gets...when she is around someone she is comfortable with. How is she so comfortable with him so fast? How is this even possible?

Ahmrun is quite the opposite: by nature he is quiet and withdrawn, and by neccessity he is adept at hiding his emotions. Lucey's honesty and shyness doesn't fail to make him smile, though. "Then a little while. This one enjoys Lucey as well."

Lucey blushes more giggling softly, "Tell me more abou' ye Amrun... are ye married?" Blushes deeper. Did I really just ask that? Is he married....I hope he doesn't think I am...that I have bad intentions. What if he thinks I am...interested....in more than being his friend....? Would that be so bad? I wonder what that would be like..............?

Ahmrun says, "No. This one never had that, married, or family like that."

Lucey says, "Oh...is tha' no somethin' ye wan'?" Is that something I want? I never thought about it really....What if I did marry someone....started a family....? What if I had bairns? What if they were born like me......? Nope. No wee ones. I couldn't put my husband through that or the wee one.....It is too hard as it is.....

Ahmrun says, "Mm...this one did not think much on it. Before, it was not allowed. Slave not marry unless master allows."

Lucey looks surprised, "Ye were a slave?" Slave? Did he say slave? She could feel a new emotion build up in her...an emotion she hasn't felt since she heard her family's cries at the hands of the brigands. Please let it be in his past....if he is a slave still....What could I do....? What would I do? I don't know, but.....something. Something big....something that would set him free I know that much.

Ahmrun hesitates, but he has already said it. "Yes."

Lucey reaches out to touch his elbow now. Her hand is soft and warm. "Sorry....tha' ain' righ'. All folks are born free....sorry." Her cheeks flush a little with anger? for her friend. "Wha' abou' now? Could ye have a lass, go courtin', get married an' all tha' now?"

Ahmrun glances down when she touches his elbow. She had an impressive sense of space, considering she couldn't see. Her anger is understandable and he takes it for what it is. "It is past," he reassures, though it was only ver recently passed. "Now...This one could have those things, but with no home or trade...not good enough for that."

Lucey looks relieved he is free but keeps her hand where it is. Not good enough? He is one of the most amazing people I have ever met and he says HE is not good enough? What does he mean not good enough?  "Wha' do ye mean no good enough? Do ye think I'm good enough for tha'? I don' have a home. The same brigands tha' killed me family are still there....without me farm I gots no trade...Does tha' make me unworthy for love? If ye ain' worthy....then a blind lass with no home or trade has no hope." Surely out of everyone in life Amrun MUST be worthy of happiness.....I know it.

Ahmrun is rightfully put in his place. "Not unworthy, then," he concedes. Her mention of brigands diverts his attention. "Still there? What does this mean?"

Lucey blushes, "Oh...they are still there...on me farm....they killed me family, but I escaped...I were found after 3 days wanderin' around the Chetwood...lost....tha' were 3 months ago." He is going to think I am such a coward...I survived and they didn't...I should have died with them....then I wouldn't be the coward that sat and hid while...while they did that to my family. Here goes my new friend....he was perfect while it lasted....

Ahmrun is tense, angered by the fact that bandits had not only killed her family but also stolen and made use of her farm. "That is not right. This one...this one could help."

Lucey feels how tense he is and lets go of his elbow thinking she was the reason. He does hate me!! He thinks I am a coward! A wretch! She tugs her hair lightly hugging her staff. He wants to help me...they all do...bless each and every one of them with happiness.....They have good hearts but no one ever stays long enough to help or I never hear from them again. The only one that stays in Emanda. "Ye would help me? I had other folks say tha'...havnt heard from 'em since....why would ye wan' to help me? Ye just met me....ye can' risk yer life for someone ye just met...." Looks bashful cause she was about to when he said he was a slave. She looked like she was ready to march down there and demand he be freed. Fight them off with her staff if needed.

Ahmrun reaches for her hands, taking them from the staff and her hair respectively. "Lucey would risk her life, this one is certain." He'd seen it on her face earlier. "This one has not many friends...for a friend, for Lucey, this one will kill those bandits."

Lucey stands there a moment with her hands in his stunned. She sniffles knowing he wasnt lieing like the others. He probably would do it...She could hear the conviction in his voice. She gently pulls her hands from his wiping a tear from her cheek before making motions to hug him if he would let her.

Ahmrun is a little concerned that she's started to cry, and while he doesn't dissuade her from hugging him he seems unused to the gesture.

Lucey hugs him warmly. He is the sweetest...kindest...Please let him have happiness in his life....give him a forever happiness. "Shukraan lakum sadiq.....Im glad we bumped into each other...."

Ahmrun hesitantly puts his arms around her to return the hug. "This one is glad as well."

Lucey sighs hugging him a little tighter when he hugs her back. He gives the BEST hugs! I could stay like this for hours...I could fall asleep like this...Just like when Da would hug me when I had a bad dream. He would hug me and kiss my head and stay with me until I fell asleep again...feeling safe....I should move before I fall asleep....or start crying again. She pulls back a little from the hug, "Ye give really good hugs....real warm an' cozy...like me Da used to..." Smiles. She hears the door to the Inn open and someone enter.

Ahmrun is aware of unfriendly eyes and he makes note of the dark-skinned woman who enters, though she makes a point to steer clear of him. Ahmrun carefully extricates himself now that they've hugged. He doesn't much like having the newcomer at his back.

Lucey steps back with a smile. "Would ye like to get some air with me? After tha' I should probably get to sleep....would ye like to?" Was it just me or did he...change there? Something....bothered him. Was it me or was it the footsteps?

Ahmrun isn't keen on going back out into the cold, but he doesn't want Lucey to traverse the street alone. "This one will walk with you," he agrees.

Lucey smiles, "Shukraan lakum. I know a spot ou' o' the wind where ye can sit too." Holds her arm out for him so she can lead him. Good! We can talk more and get away from the Footsteps that made him...change. 

Ahmrun takes her arm, though it is humorous that she, the blind one, will be the one leading.

Lucey leads him up the steps and through the warm kitchen. As she walks she is counting under her breath. Yes, still counting, but more out of habit.....even though not many other people are awake at this hour. It must be nearing morning again....I wish I knew. The cold weather always throws off my guess of time. I dont feel the sun as strong and can't tell if it is day time or night.

Ahmrun is curious. "The numbers you say...that is for remembering?"

Lucey smiles, "Aye. It helps me know how far it is to the next area. I got all of the Inn and half of Bree-town counted out in me head. I can make it all the way to the town hall an' back." She guides him to a little nook on the other side of the Inn where she knew was a couple little benches and at least two walls to block the cold wind. Lucey feels for the bench and sits.

Ahmrun is impressed. He releases her arm as Lucey finds the bench and takes a seat. "That is so much to remember." Ahmrun takes the empty place next to her on the bench, sitting a little closer for warmth.

Lucey sets her staff on the wall to her left. The little corner is warmer and out of the wind. Blushes, "Its no' so bad....ye get used to it after a while." Scoots close when he sits huddled close for warmth.

Ahmrun has only the ragged cloak, which is thin and badly mended, but he offers her as much as he can spare. "That is true. You seem not so limited."

Lucey puts his arm around her tucking close to his side so she is pressed close for warmth and the cloak can go around them both. She wraps an arm around his waist. She shivers a little but soon warms from his body heat. Hers should do the same eventually. "Im limited in lots o' thin's...bu' I try hard. Tha's all I can do I guess..." Her hand touches his braid. "Wha's this?"

Ahmrun blinks when she positions his arm and tucks against his side, but the cold warrants it, and he doesn't mind. His only worry is that she doesn't brush against a hidden throwing knife; there are more than a few concealed in his vest. "That is this one's hair," he answers simply.

Lucey smiles not thinking twice about huddling so close as it was common for farmers and country folk to huddle close even share beds when it was cold out. Giggles, "I think yer hair be longer 'an mine. Can I see it? Yer hair?"

Ahmrun shifts his shoulder. "It is," he agrees. His hair was very long, worn in a style even most Northern women didn't adopt. "See how?"

She says, "I feel it. Run me hands over it...if tha's alrigh'?" I wonder how he will react to this? Most people find it strange when I ask to feel their hair or face....

Ahmrun says, "Yes, that is fine." 

Lucey without moving too much trails her hands along his braid until she reaches the back of his head. He is fine with it...he didn't even hesitate. Just said yes like it was perfectly normal. Wow! This braid keeps going!She blinks in surprise and giggles, "It IS longer 'an mine! How did ye do this? With yer hair? It feels...woven...like rope almos'....but soft...." Smiles. "Is yer hair curly when ye let it down?" Lucey's hair is long and straight down to the middle of her back.

Ahmrun sits very still while she does this, and it's rather pleasant to have someone touching his hair. "Woven, yes, a braid. This one did with fingers...Can teach you, if you like. It is...curly, that word."

Lucey smiles, "Ye could do this to me hair? Would it look nice?" Smiles, "I thought I felt a wave to yer hair. Me hands never lie." Giggles.

Ahmrun is amused by that. "Your hands never lie..." At her question he touches her hair carefully, always mindful of his movements. "Your hair is nice now, would look good as a braid too."

Lucey smiles when he touches her hair blushing too. Her hair is straight down brushed but that is about it. No styling of any kind. "I would like to learn to braid. Is it fun?"

Ahmrun slides a ribbon of her hair between his fingers, admiring how soft and straight it is. "Fun? Yes...fun, and nice to relax."

Lucey smiles leaning close to keep warm his braid still in her hands. She is running it through her fingers twirling it about but not knotting it up or taking it out of its braid. "Would ye teach me?"

Ahmrun smiles to himself. "Yes. Can show you now?"

Lucey wiggles excited, "If ye wan'!" He is going to show me now!!! I am going to learn a fancy exotic thing worn by the people of Harad!!! Me! Miss fancy hair!

Ahmrun actually chuckles; his laughter is soft and quiet, and rare. "Then..." He sits up and carefully directs her to turn her back a little to him. "Like this."

Lucey moves where he puts her smiling. Her eyes start to twinkle when he laughs. He has a nice laugh. Not too loud or too soft. Enough I can hear it, but not hurt my ears. What did I do to make him laugh? How can I do it again? "Wha' do I do?"

Ahmrun shifts his weight a little and then they are comfortably sitting, her turned so he can easily braid her hair. "Do nothing. This one will braid first, then show your hands, yes?"

Lucey wiggles excited again, "Aye!" Its starting!!! Ok....calm down. Concentrate on what he is doing. She focused as best as she could with all her excitement...she tries to pay attention so when he shows her she will be ready to do it herself.

Ahmrun leans closer and then finds the part of her hair with his fingertips. Starting from near her crown, he deftly sections her hair and then deftly weaves it together in a neat braid. His movements are practiced and his deft fingers make short work, and soon her hair is in a long plait.

Lucey has never had her hair done before and is super excited to be having an exotic foreign hairstyle. She is ready to burst with glee and excitment. She tries to hold still as he worked. Lucey sighs as he works. Eventually she loses track of what he is doing and focuses on the happy warm feelings spreading all over her scalp....how nice his long graceful fingers feel in her hair....This is definately a new feeling.....Definately a new favourite.....

Ahmrun does not tie the end of the braid when it is finished, but he moves the plait over her shoulder so she can 'see' the work for herself. He will loosen her hair and show her how to do it herself after that.

Lucey feels the braid when he shows her and her face lights up. "Is it pretty?!" Smiles when he loosens her hair.

Ahmrun smiles to himself again. "It is pretty, yes. Here, now you will do." He reaches over her shoulders to prompt her to let him guide her hands.

Lucey places her hands in his care without pause.

Ahmrun blinks, still caught off guard by such easy acceptance. His eyes are soft as he guides her hands back so that she can reach the back of her head. "Like a rope," he instructs, showing her fingers how to make three sections.

Lucey concentrates following his instructions parting her hair into three sections.I wish I had paid better attention before....but his hands felt so nice....so relaxing.....

Ahmrun merely places her hands in the right place and directs her fingers, he largely doesn't interfere or control her movements. His hands have callouses from wielding weapons but are otherwise infinitely gentle. "Good. Now weave, over and under." He shows her how to make the braid.

Lucey braids with effort. Her fingers not wanting to cooperate with the new movements, but eventually gets the hang of it. Her face is focused in hard concentration as she weaves over and under until she reaches the end of her hair.

Ahmrun waits until she seems to have the trick down, then he lets go while she finishes the braid. There is a smile in his voice as he leans closer, his breath warm on her ear. "There, like that! It is lovely." He kisses her cheek very briefly.

Lucey blushes when he whispers in her ear....blushes redder when he tells her it is lovely....squeeks involuntarily when he kisses her cheek. She bites her lip in embarassment smiling with her cheeks bright red. He kissed me!! He kissed my cheek!! What brought that on? How can I get him to do it again? Maybe I could ask him nicely? Use my manners like Mum would say. I wonder....Stop it and focus on talking to Amrun!! The braid...."How do I end the braid?"

Ahmrun is startled a little by the sound, but her expression tells him that it wasn't an unwelcome gesture. He reaches into the small satchel under his sash and finds a thin bit of leather. "You tie it, like so." He secured the end of the braid with the tie and then let her see for herself.

Lucey feels the tie smiling. "Do the lasses o' Harad wear their hair like this?" Turns a bit to face him. Now that the hair is out of her face he can probably see her doe like brown eyes better. She is pretty but not elf pretty or her beauty will be told of in songs pretty. Just normal pretty.

Ahmrun does see her face more clearly, and seeing her eyes for a moment makes him feel that she is actually looking into his. "Some, yes. Some wear braids, or cover their hair in cloth." There were other hairstyles, much more elaborate and usually threaded with gold, trinkets, or ribbon. Amrun takes a very risky chance and gently touches the line of her jaw.

Lucey blushes when he touches her jawline, "Does it suit me? The braid?" He is touching me!! Why does his touch affect me like this? My heart races and I am relaxed all at the same time....I am tired but I dont want him to stop....What is going on with me tonight??

Ahmrun says, 'Yes. It is a simple braid, this one uses it most often. It suits you and shows your face.'

Lucey smiles blushing, "Is tha' a good thin'? Showin' me face?"

Ahmrun allows his hand to linger, and he leans a little closer. "It is a good thing."

Lucey smiles brighter blushing more. He likes my face? He likes my face!!! Why does this excite me? So he likes my face...it is just a face. My face...that he likes! I wonder what his face looks like? I bet it shows he is smart. Can faces show they are smart? He let me see his hair...maybe he would let me see his face? She asks, "Can I see yer face?"

Ahmrun pauses, only momentarily confused. Like earlier, when she'd touched his hair. "Yes," he answers, lowering his hand so that his arm is out of the way.

Lucey holds her hands up, "Could ye guide me hands to yer forehead? I don' wan'a poke ye in the eye..." blushes. No pressure....just seeing what you look like for the first time....Please don't poke him in the eye!!! Or stick my finger up his nose....I can do this.

Ahmrun laughs quietly again. "This one will be glad not to have that," he agrees. He reaches for her hands and guides them to his forehead, where a heavy fringe of hair that is too short to be braided like the rest sweeps to one side.

Lucey softly glides her hands over his forehead feeling his brows. Pauses over his right eye. Her fingers feel the scar gently all the way to the cheekbone. "Ye poor lad! Wha' did tha'?" Looks concerned for him like the wound just happened and she was hurting him. Silly girl.

Ahmrun is very still again, patient. "A sword," he remarks, the briefest frown knitting his brows together, but there is no pain now. The scar is old. His long lashes flutter against her hands as he blinks.

Lucey stills her hands on his face once on each side of his temples. "Does it hurt?" She holds his face in her hands gently.

Ahmrun shifts his head very slightly to indicate the negative without displacing her hands. "No. It hurt badly then, not now." It is unlikely she will brush his ears as she gets a feel for his face, but the two metal earrings there, small hoops, would be cold.

Lucey brushes her thumbs over his brows...nose...cheekbones and slides her hands down to his cheeks. She would feel the cold earrings on her fingertips as her thumbs explored his face. She smiles, "Ye wear earrings?" She feels his cheeks with her hands. The look on her face when she isnt smiling at him shows concentration. Like she is trying to memorize his face.

Ahmrun doesn't dare nod. "Yes." He's watching her expression, which is set it in that same delightful concentration as he'd seen earlier when teaching her words in his language. Under her hands, his bone structure is sharp but his skin is soft, lacking a beard or even stubble.

Lucey slides her warm hands over his cheeks to his lips and his chin. She slides her hands from the tip of his chin up his jawline. "No beard? Do men of Harad no wear beards? Or does Amrun no wear beards?" Smiles keeping her warm hands just under his jawline.

Ahmrun has full lips, and they curve in a slight smile at her question. "Some men of Harad wear them. This one has never." He lifts his chin a little out of instinct as she places her hands there. "Now you see this one?"

Lucey smiles brighter feeling his smile. She lowers her hands. "Aye. I see this one."

Ahmrun laughs to hear her speak in his peculiar way. Perhaps it was his limited grasp of the language, or his upbringing in servitude, but he had never quite been able to speak of himself correctly. "Now you will not forget."

Lucey smiles, "Now ye are in me head...for always." Moves back to cuddling him for warmth. She snuggles into his side her braid still in. She wraps her arm around his waist again. "Will ye ever forget me face?" Please say no....Wait... WHY is this important to me? What is going ON? Maybe I need sleep.....? It must be sleep....

Ahmrun is less hesitant to wrap an arm around her. "Now. This one will never forget."

Lucey giggles softly resting her head on his shoulder. "Wha' do ye like abou' Bree? Is there anythin' ye like?" Wonders what keeps such a man in her crummy town.

Ahmrun has his arm around her shoulders, and he touches her braid where it lies there near his hand. "The...what is the word. Festivals, yes? They are nice." Not that he is allowed to take part in them, but he likes to watch. "The lights in the glass--the windows, at night."

She says, "I ain' never been to one o' the festivals...never been allowed to go...Me Da always though' it be too dangerous for me. Wha' were they like? Did ye see the Yule festival? I heard tha' be somethin' to behold."

Ahmrun shakes his head. "The...Yule? For winter? It is in a place with so much snow. Too cold," he explains, shivering just from the idea of it. "This one saw a festival for alsayf, when the sun is high and people laugh. Summer." He leans into her. "You miss your father."

Lucey snuggles tighter when he shivers pressing close to keep him warm. "Aye...I miss me Da...an' me Mum...even me brother who always complained abou' bein' stuck with me...Ye know he were the one tha' saved me? He hid me so the brigands couldn' find me...I didn' think he liked me til then..." Frowns. "Wha' were the Summer festival like? Wha' were the word ye used? Alsayf?"

Ahmrun is stunned by her words, so that explaining the festival seemed heartless. "Alsayf," he repeats, softly. "It is sad that they are lost. Your brother showed his love in the end...and it is good he did."

Lucey sniffles saying softly, "Aye..." Pauses a minute then clears her throat. "Wha's alsayf mean?" Changes the subject from one that will make her cry. She doesnt want to cry around Amrun. She wants to hear him laugh and hear the smile in his voice.

Ahmrun doesn't fight the change in subject. He squeezes his arm around her in a subtle hug to comfort her, but he won't pry, or press the conversation if it means making her sad. "It means summer, your word for the warm season. Alsayf."

Lucey repeats the word softly, "Alsayf...Does Amrun mean anythin'?"

Ahmrun considers how to explain. "Amrun is short for another name. It is in, uh...Elvish. It is Am-rune-door." He has to sound it out in order to say it.
Ahmrun says, 'It is not this one's real name.'

You say, 'Wha' is yer real name?'

Ahmrun is quiet a moment. "This one does not remember."

Lucey gives him a gently squeeze, "Wha' does" mimics his accent, "Am-rune-door" back to her normal one "mean? Did ye pick it yerself?"

Ahmrun shakes his head, and perhaps she can sense the motion. "It was chosen by a master. It means Eastern...brother, that is it."

Lucey feels him shake his head and understands the motion. "Is it the name ye wan'?"

Ahmrun seems surprised by the question. "This one has had other names."

Lucey twirls his braid end through her fingers. "Wha' name do ye prefer? If ye had a name ye wanted to hear yer love call ye to the end o' yer days....wha' would it be?" LUCEY!!! First you ask if he is married and now THIS! He is going to get the wrong idea about you!! Stop it. Stop it right now.....

Ahmrun turns his head, maybe bashful? "...This one has not found that name."

Lucey tilts her head towards him confused by the head turn. Oh no! He thought the wrong idea about and that is why he is turning his head! He doesnt want to hear me! But...but what about the change in his tone? He sounded off....how do I save this distaster of a question....."Yer lucky. Ye can pick any name ye wan'....me Mum picked Lucey. It means light. Im Lucey Lightfoot. Light Lightfoot." Giggles which ends up giggled in his ear thanks to her head tilt. You are hopeless Lucey. Get out.

Ahmrun isn't quite convinced he's lucky. To have a true name is powerful, but to choose names like articles of clothing has its own power. Her laughter brightens his attitude. "Light Lightfoot," he repeats, liking how it sounds.

Lucey giggles, "Aye! Funny ain' it? I like Amrun....its fun to say." Giggles saying his name again causing her lips to pucker in order to get the accent right. "Amrun."

Ahmrun finds that the name, shortened from a longer one or no, sounds significantly better when said with such happiness. He glances at her lips and smiles. "Maybe it is the name this one will always have."

Lucey smiles giggling softly in his ear, "Its a good name...I think anyways." Rests her head back on his shoulder her head leaned back and is looking up. So when she tilts her head towards him she turns it to the right.

Ahmrun turns his head to find her looking up at him, her head rested on his shoulder. "Thank you. This one is glad you like it." He'd been watching her pronounce his name and now a thought had possessed him. "Lucey...will you not like a kiss? Then this one will see you home." He'd kept her far later than she'd probably intended to stay.

Lucey lifts her head blushing bright red and stammering softly. Did he just say....? NO! He didn't....did he? "A...a...a...a kiss? From...you? On the cheek again?" Blushes the more she talks smiling brighter. Another kiss on the cheek!!! I hoped he would and maybe he will!!!

Ahmrun lifts his free hand and traces her smile with a fingertip. "Here. Or the cheek, if you do not like. Or not at all." He was quite prepared to go without, depending on her answer.

Lucey goes wide eyed when he traces her smile. Her whole face flushes. He means a REAL kiss. A. Real. Kiss. What if he can tell I have never been kissed before? What if I am bad at it? Please go with the cheek....anywhere else....I might have to die of embarassment. She says quietly, "Where...where would ye like? I liked when ye kissed me cheek afore...um...I ain' been kissed..." Turns her head away mumbling "on me smile..."

Ahmrun doesn't quite catch what she says at the last, but he can surmise. He lifts her hand to his face and rests it on his cheek. "Then you can try, with Amrun."

Lucey blushes turning her head towards him looking towards her hand on his cheek with a smile. "Try..with Amrun? Ye would wan'a kiss me Amrun?" Is trying very hard not to burst into a fit of bashful giggles. Her heart is racing. He wants to kiss me.... ME?! Why would someone so great....want to kiss me?

Ahmrun might be discouraged if she laughed, but for now he is rather hopeful. "Yes," he replies simply.

She asks, 'Why?'

Ahmrun has a simple answer for that too. "Your smile is beautiful, and this one wants to know how it feels." He understands that a kiss is not something to be taken lightly, especially not in her culture.

Lucey giggles softly smiling warmly with twinkling eyes, "Ye wan' to know how me smile feels?" Loves that answer so much. The man speaks poetry! "How do ye say kiss me in Haradric?" I can't believe I am doing this!!!!! Please let me be good...please...please....and for the love of all that is good and decent and right in this world Do. Not. Burp. Please. Have mercy on me Luck, Fate, Valar, whatever controls what happens... PLEASE do not let me burp during my first kiss.....help.

Ahmrun smiles. He wonders if she knows how her eyes twinkle like that. "Atnei shefiah."

Lucey repeats softly blushing bright, "Atnei shefiah Amrun." It even sounds pretty in his language...........

Ahmrun is still for a moment, just appreciating how it felt to be asked in his own language. To be asked at all. He leans to do exactly that, his nose brushing the side of hers as he touches his lips to Lucey's. It's fairly chaste but he does linger.

Lucey closes her eyes holding her breath as he kisses her. She smiles as he kisses her doing her best to kiss him back by mimicing what he does.

Ahmrun is very glad to feel her respond. His own eyes closed after the first touch, and he breathes an almost imperceptable sigh. Yes, her lips were as soft as he'd imagined. Lucey seems inexperienced but a good teacher could easily change that. He presses more firmly for just a moment before reluctantly leaning away.

Lucey leans towards him with her eyes still closed when he leans away. She gives a little sigh before opening her eyes blushing when she realized he was done and what she was doing.

Ahmrun smiles when he notices. He touches her cheek and brushes his thumb over her lower lip. "It was good to feel your smile."

Lucey smiles blushing, "Shukraan lakum Amrun. It was good to feel yers." She can't stop smiling..cant believe someone actually wanted to kiss her let alone some handsome kind wonderful man from a foriegn land that speaks like music. She worries a moment and it shows on her face, "Will I meet ye again? Yer no' leavin' Bree are ye?" Im doing it again. Getting attached...swept away by charm and intelligence and his beautiful voice and how nice it feels being in his arms.....warm...safe...cozy.....please dont be leaving soon!

Ahmrun now realizes he will always have the urge to kiss her when she speaks the words he taught her. Her expression shifts from happiness to worry, however, and he reassures her. "No, this one does not plan to leave. There is...work to be done, but it is not far."

Lucey sighs relieved, "I....I would like to see ye again...be with ye again...if tha's wha' ye wanted too?"

Ahmrun caresses her cheek once before nodding. "Yes. That is something good to look forward for."

Lucey sighs smiling when he caresses her cheek. "How long will ye be gone?" Thinks he is going away to finish whatever work needs doing. She smiles brightly still hugging him but not so much to keep him warm...not only to keep him warm. She enjoys being near him.

Ahmrun frowns thoughtfully. "This one must wait until the man this one seeks shows himself. It may be days or more. Until then this one stays in the city."

Lucey perks up excited is near wiggle levels. "Ye are stayin' in the city for a few days? Or more?"

Ahmrun is coming to realize that Lucey shows her happiness very overtly, and it is amusing as well as endearing. She seems barely able to hold still. "Yes, until the man shows. Then this one will go where he leads."

Lucey smiles brightly, "Will ye come see me while yer stayin' in the city? Every day maybe? Teach me more Haradric....I have a few more words I would like to learn...Will ye let me spend more time gettin' to know ye? Please? How do ye say please in Haradric?" Sincerely hopes saying please in his language will encourage him to say yes so she can spend more time with the one quickly winning her over.

Ahmrun is inundated by her series of questions, but he laughs and does his best to answer. "Please? That is 'lutfan.'" He is fairly certain he understands why she wishes to learn it. "This one will hope to see you, yes. Perhaps each day."

Lucey smiles giggling brightly gently touching his cheek making sure she is facing him. She smiles saying sweetly as she can, "Lutfan Amrun...lutfan..."Giggles "I hope to see this one...me sadiq...me Amrun. Am I still yer sadiq?" Is he still my friend...or something more? Friends don't kiss each other...not like that...I don't think. Not that I have had many friends....something a little more might be nice.

Ahmrun cannot help but smile at such sweetness, and he turns his face slightly so that the hand on his cheek can feel that smile. "Yes, you are this one's sadiq." Until or unless she wished to be something more. "Now...Your eyes are heavy, and it is cold."

Lucey was about to move her hand when she felt his smile. She smiles so bright wiggling in her seat pressed next to him before quickly kissing his cheek. "Yer smilin'!" Her eyes twinkle and she hopes it was because of her. She likes making him smile. She yawns drooping her eyes, "I'm no cold. I got ye to keep me warm." Is not denying she is exhausted. She could sleep for a month right here on his shoulder...in his warm arms...feeling safe and cozy....could sleep right here.....

Ahmrun blinks at the sudden kiss to his cheek. It was surprising, but quite welcome. "Yes, you make it easy to smile," he comments softly. Upon hearing her rebuttal about not being cold, he feels a bloom of warmth in his chest. She still looked exhausted and there was a yawn to prove it. "You must sleep. Later this one can keep you warm." He probably isn't aware of the double meaning.

Lucey smiles dreamily leaning her head on his shoulder. Her eyes closing, "Ill sleep...then ye can keep me warm..." Is unaware of the double meaning and is starting to fall asleep on his shoulder.

Ahmrun tilts his head to look into her face. She is slowly leaning more heavily now that she has begun to fall asleep, and he doesn't have the heart to make her walk to wherever she is spending the night. "Lucey...This one will carry you. Where do you sleep?"

Lucey nuzzles his cheek leaning into him. She mumbles, "The Inn...little room in the.." yawns "back."

Ahmrun smiles to himself. Carefully getting his arm beneath her shoulders and the other slid under her bent knees, he holds her to his chest and stands, managing the extra weight fairly easily. He will have to return for her walking staff. The little room in the back. He walks steadily to the stairs into the inn and carries her there before placing her gently on the bed there.

Lucey is asleep murmuring in his ear before he sets her down. She curls in bed as soon as he sets her down with a soft, "Shukraan...la..la..." Is out snuggling her pillow braid in her hair.

Ahmrun leans to kiss her cheek before going to retrieve her walking stick from the porch where they'd been sitting. Once he has placed it near the bed for when she awakens, he slips out of the room like a shadow.