Blades Kin Meeting 02/01/2020

Nitsu pulls down her hood and looks warily around the entrance to the large building. She walks slowly to the Main Hall and clears her throat as she enters, hoping to get someone's attention.

Arnomir turns to Nitsu, "Are you sick?"

Nitsu blinks a few times and doesn't know how to respond to the man.

Nyswyn turns to the newcomer with curiosity. "Er, hello there..!"

Arnomir says, "It is good to see a new face"

Vaniie looks up from her papers at the new person. She sets her work down and walks over. "May I help you?"

Nitsu nods and pulls a letter out from her pouch, handing it to the woman. "My commander sent me. Said I was to be transferred here to help with your patrols?"

Arnomir says, "Ah so you must be the one I've heard of"

Vaniie reads the letter, "I am Guard Captain Vaniie. Second in Command of the Blades of Valour. This is Grand Warden Arnomir. He will be your superior while you are here. Come on in and make yourself at home. There is food and drink aplenty."

Nitsu smiles and gives a nod, then offering a polite wave to the man sitting at the back. She then looks around curiously, looking slightly nervous. Nitsu says, "Oh! I am Nitsu by the way." She adds, "You might already know that though.." Nitsu smirks.

Arnomir believes this..Nitsu is uncomfortable, "Trust me..Nitsu. You have nothing to fear. Come.. take a seat and make merriment."

Nyswyn smiles and nods to Nitsu, setting her weapons aside to join the others.

Vaniie nods beneath her hood and mask. "Food is up there. Nice to meet you Nitsu." Vaniie nods to Nyswyn as she walks by. She seems agitated.

Nyswyn sits down.

Arnomir sits down.

Vaniie says, "Have a seat Nitsu. We are waiting for a few others to join us."

Nitsu looks around before taking a seat at the table, sitting in silence for the time being. Nitsu sits down.

Vaniie | The table is covered in food. A roasted boar sits surrounded by roasted vegetables. Freshly baked bread, cheese, nuts, and pitchers of Milk, Ale, and Wine are on the table.Vaniie goes back to reading over her papers.

Nyswyn begins serving herself a plate. "Another Ranger, good to have you with us indeed!"

Arnomir vigorously digs into his always. Some might wonder if Arnomir is the physical embodiment of the Grodbog creeping under the table by the way he eats. Either that or just a Dwarf.

Nitsu smiles at Nyswyn. "I'm glad to be here." She then looks to the food as her stomach grumbles. She grabs a piece of bread and cheese and starts munching.

Arnomir says, "We are happy to have you!"

Vaniie looks at everyone, clearing her throat to let everyone know she was ready to begin, and removes her hood and mask. She says in an even voice, "Hello Blades. Get yourselves seated and get some food. We shouldn't be here too long tonight, so you can get back to your patrols. I wanted all of you here to make a few announcements. First, Aranoll got called away on a lengthy assignment and won't return until Summer. Until his return, I am the acting leader of the Blades. Aranoll..." gets a little choked up, clears her throat, and continues, "will return to us when he can and has us in his thoughts." Frowns and pauses.

Nyswyn nods solemnly. "We await his safe return," she says quietly.

Vaniie continues, "As a few of you know, we will be moving to a different village. Many have already made the move and the rest of you are encouraged to do so. Grand Warden Arnomir will be in charge of the Rangers patrolling our new neighborhood, Pickdean. His office can be found in Pickdean Keep, our jail, barracks, hospital, and training hall. Any new Rangers or current Rangers will report to him for your assignments. Arnomir, would you like to say anything?"

Arnomir says, "Yes actually."

Vaniie motions for him to continue.

Arnomir says, 'There will be a new Oath of service for all of those wishing to become inducted into the Dunedain forces. I will not speak it here but if you wish for further details, make a journey to the keep soon. We will make inductions in groups of 2-3. That is all"

Vaniie adds, "Any Rangers under the Grand Warden's command will be required to wear their uniform during patrols and special functions, like our weekly meeting. Those who do not have the uniform may see me after the meeting or the Grand Warden at the Keep."

Vaniie continues when he finishes, "Nyswyn will be in charge of the archives of Pickdean and the local crafting hall, Hammerfall Crafting. Nyswyn will be our Curator and is in charge of anyone not in a uniform. Nyswyn, would you like to say anything?"

Nyswyn says, "Yes, briefly."

Vaniie motions for her to continue.

Nyswyn looks around the table. "I simply wish to state that I hope the crafting hall can be a place where we can share knowledge amongst each other. Additionally, any artifacts found that may be of interest can be brought to the office there for study. That is all."

Vaniie continues, "We also have a lovely little town square with a stage, provisioner's office, some crafters, and an Inn called The Lucky Bladesman Inn, owned by a nice woman and her hobbit friend. We are told we are welcome to come in for a drink any time. The hall, my home, will be moved to Pickdean in the next couple of days."

Vaniie pauses to grab a sip of her tea. "I would like to welcome any new members to the Blades. We will have your induction ceremony next meeting to officially welcome you to the Blades. Speaking of welcoming people to the Blades... we need to begin a recruitment drive to bolster our numbers. We need fighters to join the Rangers, as always, but anyone with crafting talent or other skills is always welcome. We can use all the help we can get. Healers are needed as well. Combat healers for the Rangers even more so." Pauses to let them all comment.

Arnomir says, "What use is a warrior in battle if he can't sustain himself to the end?"

Vaniie says, "Those are all the announcements I have before the briefing begins. Did anyone have anything to add or questions?"

Arnomir shakes his head

Vaniie looks to Arnomir, "Not all warriors know how to heal."

Arnomir says, "Indeed."

Nyswyn says, "No questions from me."

Nitsu says, "When can I get my uniform?"

Arnomir says, "Right after this meeting if you wish."

Nitsu nods.

Arnomir says, "If Vaniie doesn't have any here then we can go to the Keep."

Vaniie nods to what Arnomir said. "I have it set aside for after the meeting. Anything else?"

Nitsu shakes her head.

Vaniie already looks exhausted from speaking so much. Her hands shake outside of the comfort of her mask and hood. She sips her tea again and continues, "We are currently trying to thwart Angmar's plot to open the Door of Night and release Morgoth. From what intelligence has been gathered thus far, they are using an ancient ritual book as instructions. We stole the only other copy in existance and it is being translated. We have a couple of the known ritual items and are tracking a few others. There are still many variations of the ritual and many other items to identify, but we will know more once the book is translated."

Vaniie continues, "While we await the translation of the tome, we are focusing on taking out the soldiers of Angmar. Right now, our greatest threat in Bree is a man called The Crow. What his real name is, no one knows. He is the leader of all the Blackwold bands west of the Misty Mountains and is working for Angmar. We are in a race with him to get the ritual items first. Recent intelligence shows he is targeting the Blades. Seems we have made him mad and he wants to take us out. He thinks us a mere nuisance. Something easily rubbed out. We know he is watching the Hall, my house, Berillyn's house, and a few other homes in Duffley. Hence, our move to Pickdean." Pauses to let Arnomir or Nyswyn add anything to what was said.

Arnomir says, "I have ended many lives of these miserable Blackwolds. Any who train under me need not fear them."

Nyswyn says, "When he is taken care of once and for all will be a great day.." before continuing her meal.

Arnomir slouches back in his chair, completely full from all he ate.

Vaniie sips her tea again. "We recently discovered The Crow has a spy in Duffley. The butler of one of our neighbors is poisoning his master, Mr. Barker, and using his illness to cover up covert messages being signalled to his partner in the Town Hall. His partner being the Mayor's Assistant. The spy is reporting to the Crow our every movements. Every gap in patrols, every trip to the market in the village square, who we are seeing... They are gathering information on us to wipe us out. Starting with Gilly, it would seem. Gilly, for those that do not know, is Lord Mandorallen's wife and Aranoll's daughter. My stepdaughter."

Vaniie frowns and continues, "The recent messages we have acquired from various intelligence missions has revealed she is their first target. Gilly would be an easy target to start with as she is a gentle soul who does not fight. She is the mother of five very tiny children, the oldest being a year old, and tends to the animals here at the Hall. Our most recent intelligence revealed more than I had hoped. Seems they have a plan for 'taking out' her husband, whom they have dubbed 'large and stupid' in their missives. They plan on grabbing her and bringing her directly to The Crow. We know the next clear night they will be sending a message of when her planned abduction will occur. We know the spy is poisoning one of our neighbors, Mr. Barker, and uses the distraction of Mr. Barker's illness to sneak away and send his messages using an old Gondorian light code. We need to get that message. Either intercept it and keep the spy in the Mayor's office from getting it OR get the message and let it go through. Giving us the option of laying a trap for Gilly's would-be kidnappers. Nyswyn and Arnomir were tasked with solidifying our basic plan. Would either of you like to present it now?" Looks to them both.

Arnomir says, "I believe Nyswyn should."

Nyswyn nods and takes a sip of water. "Ah, I do have a basic plan for intercepting the message.." She digs through her bag for a moment.

Vaniie picks up her tea and sits down at the table.

Nyswyn pulls out a map from her bag and lays it on the table. It is quite large, and details an area including the Bree villages and Bree-Town itself. Nyswyn says, "The main idea will be to intercept the message before Tom Howell - the mayor's assistant - can decipher it."

Arnomir says, "I should be able to decipher it as soon as I obtain it."

Nyswyn points to the Town Hall. "I would be stationed here at the message's destination, and create some smoke to obscure Tom's view before the message completes."

Vaniie nods listening.

Nyswyn says, "Another person, perhaps Arnomir, would view the message and decode it for our own knowledge."

Arnomir says, "Indeed I will."

Nyswyn says, "We *could* station someone to send another message instead of the original to foil their plan.. Or we could let them send their message and merely observe it for our own purpose, and then trap them. In this case, we would not need to obscure it in the first place." Nyswyn crosses her arms and surveys the map. "Those are the two options so far. What are your thoughts?"

Vaniie thinks, "We could do both. Stop the assistant from getting the message Terrance, the butler, is sending out AND send a false message in its place. We would need two teams; one to stop the message while reading what it says and another to send our control message so they don't suspect."

Nyswyn nods. "I agree. In the case of our control message, would we use the same light signals, or pass the message another way?"

Vaniie says, "Same signals. Let them think that was the intended message. We could pass false information."

Nyswyn says, "Then someone will need to be at the message source, in full view of the Town Hall. And the smoke will need to be cleared once the original message is deciphered."

Vaniie thinks, "Put the smoke up as he sends the message, drop it after it is done, then send our own."

Nyswyn says, "right!"

Arnomir listens and agrees with everything.

Nyswyn says, "So far it is Arnomir and I stationed at the destination for distraction and deciphering. Once the deciphering is done, we clear the smoke - and I could send Farwing as a signal to begin the false message. Who will be at the source to send the false message?"

Vaniie says, "I will."

Arnomir says, "I have not heard from Kenshii in a while. I would have sent him to do it."

Nyswyn nods to Vaniie, and writes in her journal. "Hm, what should the message say? Something believable.."

Vaniie says, "We may send two teams.... we can see who is available to come with us. I like the two of you leading the team to intercept the message. I can lead the team to send the new one. Since I have to go inside the Marker's house, my team should be as small as possible." Thinks on the message. "There messages so far have been 4 words or 4 blocks of words. All with Nightingale.They should be reporting where Gilly moved to and the location of where they want to grab her. The location that is sent should be where we want to ambush The Crow's men."

Nyswyn says, "Right, and there will need to be a team for the ambush, when the time comes. For now, what will be a good location? Somewhere isolated perhaps.."

Vaniie studies the map of Bree and the surrounding villages.

Arnomir says, 'Lenglinn has a camp near the homesteads. There is the Lowbanks estate in Bree. Nobody would suspect there."

Nyswyn says, "It would need to be a place Gilly would pass through...Maybe the estate but could we stage an ambush there?"

Arnomir says, "Wait a minute..refresh me on the location of the ambush."

Nyswyn says, "That is what we are deciding."

Vaniie says, "We are going to send them a false message with a location of our choice where they are to kidnap Gilly. Instead of finding Gilly they will find us."

Arnomir says, 'The Lowbanks estate would be a good place. There is enough room for us to hide and one of us can bar the door."

Vaniie thinks, "She does take care of an old woman down that would make sense for her to pass by there."

Arnomir says, "So. It seems things are all settled then?"

Vaniie looks to Nyswyn, "Do you think you can come up with a message using that information?"

Arnomir says, "If Nyswyn comes up with the message, I will translate it into the language they're searching for."

Nyswyn nods. "There should be enough in the code book to signal that location."

Vaniie nods, "Good. Come up with a message and next week we will send it out. Everyone come prepared...just in case."

Arnomir says, "Affirmative."

Nyswyn rolls up the map, replacing the dishes she'd moved aside. "Understood."

Nitsu nods, and was listening closely the whole time.

Vaniie nods. "Then it is settled. If you have nothing else, I would say this meeting is adjourned."

Arnomir says, "Seems so. When will we meet again?" Arnomir begins picking up the dishes and arranging them in stacks at the center of the table.

Vaniie says, "Next week. It is scheduled to be a cloudless night. I assume that is when they will send their message."

Arnomir says, "Most likely. Good that it is cloudless, when it rains it pours, as they say in Bree'

Vaniie walks over to Nitsu, "Would you like a hood on your cloak or will you be choosing your own hood?"

Nitsu thinks for a moment. "I'll be choosing my own..-I have too many." She smirks.

Nyswyn places the map back in her bag. "Then I will take my leave to make preparations. An honor to meet you, Nitsu."

Vaniie nods, "You select the rest of your gear. If you need help with gear, please see me or Arnomir." Vaniie nods to Nyswyn, "Be careful Nyswyn."

Arnomir says, "I will take my leave too if nothing else need be said."

Nitsu dips her head to Nyswyn. "Likewise." She smiles.

Vaniie says, "I need nothing else."

Arnomir says, "It is good to make your acquaintance soldier. Training begins soon. We are honoured to have you." Arnomir smiles.

Nitsu says, "Sounds good! Thank you very much."

Arnomir bows deeply before Nitsu.

Nyswyn says, "Until next time all!"

Nitsu says, "I should be going as well. It was lovely to meet you all."

Vaniie says, "Until next time Arnomir and Nyswyn. It was lovely to meet you Nitsu. If you ever need me, I am usually here or on patrol. This is not only the headquarters for the Blades, but is also my home."

Nitsu offers a smile. "Likewise! And I'll keep that in mind. See you soon!" She says as she pulls her hood over her head, giving the woman a quick nod before heading out, leaving with a smile.

Vaniie watches her leave and goes to clean the kitchen.