A Finch's Journal: Entry 12

If anyone would have told me before that Bree could be exciting and dangerous, I'd have laughed.

But these days I hear talk of things past; things like shifty characters in the Pony, slavers, fights, banditry, and kidnappings. I thought perhaps the tellers of such tales were exaggerating slightly or that perhaps they were one-off sort of things.

In light of recent events, I'm not so sure of my previous thoughts anymore. And I'm not sure what to make of all of it except that I'm worried. Not for myself but for my friends.

Is darkness really creeping into Bree-land like it is up in the North Downs? Or is it the world at large? That is an awfully sobering thought.

Miss Addie and her friend, both recently rescued, were in such bad shape when I saw them! Even Mister Masin had been injured. It was a bit of a shock, to be quite honest, and I thank my lucky stars that I'm not of a fainting constitution when it comes to injuries and such. And thank goodness that Mister Maddoct and Mister Bild were both there and more than decent at healing. Even another healer, one who had attended to them before, made an appearance. I can't understand why anyone would want to hurt Miss Addie, of all people. Something was mentioned to slavers and such but I didn't think it appropriate to ask. No need to make them relive what I'm sure was a harrowing experience. 

I wish I were better at making others feel better. Sometimes, I feel like all I'm good for is running my mouth on and on. It seems that, whenever those I call friends are distressed, I can't do much of anything aside from express my sentiments and talk. As if talking could really fix anything. I can do this and that and so many other things but apparently I am not of much use when a friend is truly in distress. How frustrating!

Then, there is the matter with my fellow bird friend, Hawk. When Miss Xanderian told me that he and her sister, Miss Xandilif exchanged words, after I left that evening, concerning my intent to go to Lake Evendim and that those words led to them exchanging blows, I felt sick to my stomach! It is surely my fault. Had I better explained myself about my intentions and such to Miss Xandilif that evening -- even Miss Addie had to assist me with putting in words to make Miss Xandilif understand! -- perhaps none of this would have happened. Hawk got hurt on my account and I feel so ashamed for it! I don't think Miss Xandilif is a bad person at heart on any account. Only perhaps, a little rough around the edges. But even I can see that she is very strong and the fact that she exchanged blows with Hawk--

I ended up writing a letter of apology right then and there and asked Miss Xanderian to give it to Hawk in case we do not meet before Mister Maddoct and I go on our little trip to the Shire.

Oh, that's right! The trip to the Shire -- Mister Maddoct and I, along with many others, have been missing and worrying about Mister Maurr something fierce. His errand is taking a lot longer than I'm sure even he would have thought. I've written him a letter and have since heard back from him but, still, instead of waiting, Mister Maddoct decided to go straight to him in the Shire and I've decided to tag along as well. It's just as well since I've been feeling a little cooped up here in Bree. Staying in one place overly long does that to me -- the itch to get out and move to the next place always makes itself known.

So, it looks like I'll see the Shire sooner than expected. That's one positive thing to think about after all of these recent events. I shall try to think on that a lot as I plan for our travel.

I suppose that, though there is lots of darkness and foul things in the world, there is still much that is good. Those are the things that make life worth it. I'll not let the darkness put too much of a damper on me for my own sake and the sake of those I care for. 

[At the bottom of this entry is a hastily scrawled list:

- Ask Byrge for travel fare 
- Plan bags
- Restock bandages
- Sort through previous travel satchel
- Sharpen knife, daggers, shears
- Trim your hair!!!
- Darn sock, fix hole in shirt Maybe ask Bild for help? ]