The Many Names and Titles of an Elf Known as Aurthiel

Aurthiel has been alive for thousands of years. She is older than the moon and sun. She has watched history play out before her eyes and traversed many lands. Thus, it makes sense that she has had many names and titles throughout these long years.


This is the list of such names and titles.




Alasiel: Day Maiden. This is her Quenya name, given to her by her parents at birth. It has rarely been used since the First Age. She adapted it to the Sindar name Aurthiel.


Aurthiel: Day Maiden. This is her primary Sindar name, taken from the Quenya name her parents gave her. She is known under this name in most places in Middle Earth. The elves of Lindon, Lothlorien, and Eryn Lasgalen primarily know her by this name. Due to Eryn Lasgalen's close proximity to Erebor, some dwarves of the lonely mountain and iron hills call her by this name as well. She is known as both Aurthiel and Golodhmiriel in Rivendell.


Golodhmiriel: Noldor Jewel Maiden. Her name in Eregion and Moria. Anyone who knew her from there may also know her by this name. It is also a common name in Rivendell. The dwarves also generally use this name for her.


Alataiel: Light Maiden. A Teleri name privately used by her close friend Mythrenniel. It is a personal name used in their sisterly relationship.


Gologdrok: Noldo Demon. Orkish tribes have muttered tales of a vengeance fueled high elf, dressed in dark armor. From the ruins of Beleriand, this shadowed hunter exterminated countless feral goblins and orcs within the remaining mountains of Ered Luin. The champion slew entire tribes alone, within her own agony and hatred for all Morgoth's creations cost.




Aurthiel Golodhmiriel: Day Maiden, Noldor Jewel. Adapted from her two Sindar names, crafted after the first and surnames of men. This is her first and last name combination. Men, dwarves, and hobbits generally use this name for her.


Gwaith-i-Mírdain: People of the Jewel-smiths. In Eregion, Aurthiel was one of the top jewelers. She even crafted a lesser ring