A Finch's Journal: Entry 4

It's been a few days since I've arrived back in Bree-town and already the cold winter air is starting to settle in here as well. Looks like I've made it just in time. I'd rather be off to my next destination but I know it is wiser to stay put for the season and give Destiny a chance to rest and have as many treats as her heart desires, for she sees precious little of them on the road.

And, as grams, used to say -- If there were no winter, springtime wouldn't be half as sweet when it comes around. She also used to say that winter is a season for rest and a time to use one's noggin. Come to think of it, perhaps that's the reason why she made me study my reading and writing more often in the winter instead of letting me out to lob more snowballs at some of my playmates. I always knew her for a smart woman, but it seems that, even after her passing, I work out more of just how smart and kind and good grams really was. I miss her as I always do around this time of year. And it's not like she ever had any family left before I took me in, so I have no one to remember her with or tell me stories about her youth now. If I could see her one more time I'd give her a hug and proper thank you for all she ever did for me. No doubt she'd scoff and tell me to 'stop that nonsense' but I would do it all the same.

While I've been in town, I've seen Mister Leoffrith again. He's always good company for talking and, though he calls himself a 'dunderhead', I think he knows more about life, and places, and people than most actual dunderheads, however slow he says he was to learn it. He was good enough to introduce me to a few of his own acquaintances, one being the lady he is currently courting - the one with all the spicy food. One of these days, I'll have to see about trying some of her cooking myself, as I'm mighty curious.

Also struck up a pleasant conversation with a lass named Jendria. Or, Miss Dree, as I was allowed to call her by. It's always nice to meet a fellow traveler! Well, she did say that 'traveller' was a good description but never really claimed it so I do wonder what ever else she does... Curious.

I must end it here since I have a few errands to run for Barliman to earn me some more coin. Though I am staying in this town for awhile, I feel like I'm suddenly busier than I usually am. Maybe it's just that life seems a bit slower on the road. I still need to find a regular indoor place to lay my head at night instead of relying on Barliman's kindness or doing a favor or two for the scholars so I have an excuse to take refuge in the scholar's hall to get out of the cold at night. I haven't seen Mister Maurr or Mister Maddoct around yet but I'll have to remember to ask them for suggestions when I see them next.