A Finch's Journal: Entry 2

I've met a few interesting people these past few days. 

I turned right at the crossroads as I was bidden to travel down the Kingsfell road towards Annúndir and heard voices on the air coming from the ruins on top of a rather high hill. Upon climbing it I found a rather careworn group of people taking refuge there including one of the Rangers of the North. Never thought I'd actually meet or speak to such folk! Amarion is what he said his name was. 

When I asked about this place, he told me it was an old watchtower that guarded the way to Fornost. I imagine it was rather impressive before it fell to ruin. Although, I think it is impressive even now.

Amarion told me that most of the people gathered at this place have been driven from their homes by all manner of evil thing. I felt especially bad then. First the poor people of Trestlebridge and now these refugees as well! The North Downs has certainly had its share of bad luck lately as all these dark things come creeping in.

I meant to go explore more places before heading back down South for the winter but I can't just leave these people without giving them a bit of help first. When I mentioned that to the ranger he looked like a starving man who's finally been given some food. Poor fellow. I'll stay a few days and see about gathering supplies and such for the refugees. It's the least I can do.