Open RP in Snowbourn (every Saturday)

Behind the high, sturdy walls of the city that overlooks the joining of the Entwash and Snowbourn rivers, the streets bustle with life. Weary Riders seek rest and refreshment around the fire in the meadhall, farmers and craftsmen work diligently to keep the townsfolk fed, sheltered, and armed, while women trade coin, goods, and gossip around the marketplace. 

Situated along the road leading to the capital city of Edoras, Snowbourn is a bastion of safety and restoration for soldiers, traders, and wanderers, as well as a thriving village with its own hearty populace. 


January 25th, 2020
3:00pm EST/servertime

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(This event is open to anyone who has an in-character reason to be in or traveling through Rohan! We meet at the Snowbourn meadhall (location: 60.4S, 62.3W). 

If your character is at a low level, travel can be purchased for a mithril coin from the Bree south-gate. The training dummies outside the barracks should be avoided!) 


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