House of Thangard

Founding date
May 2019
To provide aid to those that need it.
Main area of operations
Bree/Rohan, Famburg, 8 Long Street, Bree-land Homesteads
Kinship type
All those that threaten the Free Peoples of Middle Earth
Kinship status
Recruiting Officer(s)


The House of Thangard is a noble Rohirric House currently lead by Lady Asterthryth "Aster" Thangard. Aster and her brother Halasfath are the last remaining Thangards left in existence. The House brought low by Wormtongue and his machinations. Either through death or banishment, Wormtongue has driven all but one of the Thangards out of Rohan. Only Aster, the Caretaker of the King's Library, has been able to hold her position and the House's good name. She splits her time between Rohan and Bree (Her brother's chosen location for exile), tending her duties and healing those that need it. 

The Hall in Bree is really a hospital where Aster treats any and all that need care, free of charge. Those that need a hot meal, warm bed, and safe space are welcomed with open arms. The Hall is also a horse sanctuary in Bree and is home to a large herd of the finest horses brought from Rohan. 

The Hall in Rohan is next door to the library Aster is caretaker. It has a few rooms and is welcoming to all who need it, though no hospital is attached. Members and allies may stay at her home in Rohan or Bree at any time should they need. All are truly welcome. 

Those recruited to this noble House of Rohan serve Lady Aster loyally and aid her in her duty to assist a people neglected by their King. Though, the House of Thangard will always remain loyal to the True King of Rohan, Theoden King, and fight for People, Lord, and Land. 

((Work in progress. We are a new kin that is actively recruiting new members interested in RP in Bree and Rohan. We have a kin hall in Bree, RP locations in Edoras and Stangard, and we have a discord server. All are welcome to join us.))


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