Druing Something Social

She had done it. Dru went to the Harvest Ball, where she was sure she would know not a soul.

As she wriggled out of her fancy dress, she could not help but smirk a little. A Gondorian noble. That was her "costume". She knew she still had a few choice dresses and so on from when she first arrived in Bree years ago, though most of what she had, she had given away.
Her costume was amusingly ironic to her, and gave her just enough courage to truly show her face.

Well, mostly. She still could not help but cover the terrible scar with her hand for the duration of the evening. No hood meant no coverage, which meant no drink. She needed both arms to hold a drink to her lips, and one was constantly up at her cheek.
One lass poked Dru in the ribs suddenly. Why? Dru could not tell...but she was glad she had enough self control to not send her elbow into the girl's face. She hadn't even known the lass, though she was endearing. By the end, Dru simply  assumed she was a friend of Hawke's, and that was the reason for the poke. 

Dru did little talking, little eating...little of anything aside from simply watching and listening. She spoke to Piper for a moment toward the end, and an adorable Halfling named Gustine. It was hard for Dru not to smile by then. The two of them were lovely company for the short time they spoke to her.

Something about her scarring, having her face open and her being all dressed up, made her hesitant to approach people. Dru was nervous. Nervous! Who thought she had such an emotion possible? But she apparently did.

She was nearly sure she saw Dav...but he left so early she hadn't gotten a decent look. All the better, considering what his reaction would be to her attire. Utterly ridiculous. She also saw Anastasiar, and spoke to her momentarily before she too left.

Dru came to the conclusion that they Ball was a decently laid one, and that she was not enjoying herself was simply owed to the fact she was scarred so.
Ash had been very generous, helping Dru get ready. Putting her hair up and placing a circlet among the raven locks.
But in the end...Dru was still the cause of her own discomfort in that moment, and making her look lovely did not save her from it.
As she came to all of this, she spoke to Piper, and began to actually enjoy herself a tad. 

But it ended rather soon after. Dru stepped outside into the rain, holding her hand up to receive a droplet or two...And forgetting she was doomed to forever wear gloves. She walked home without covering herself from the rain, though it rather destroyed her bun. It wasn't as if she would keep it anyway.

Looking down, she saw the deep purple bruise across her abdomen from the night before. She snorted, grinning to herself as she brushed her fingers against it. "Purple always was my colour," she said to herself as she climbed into bed.

She had made up her mind to do what she could for her wrists as soon as possible. Unfortunately, Ash's best advice was to see someone else, as she had no clue how to deal with such a thing. There would be nothing this healer-man, Dimheim could do about her ugly scar. But if she had her hands and wrists back, she would be much happier about herself.
"Then I would feel the rain," she whispered to no one.