The Valliant Heart: Always by your side.

I spent many days recovering in our house but even that time was filled with joy as she was around. I knew that we won't have all the days to spend together. We both were duty bound elsewhere, so I tried to make it the best time for both of us as much as I could. She was everything I ever hoped for. Not only by her appearance - which she kept thinking wasn't nice. But above all by the way she was and her personality. I knew that I would spend all of my life with her but I already knew she was not into a marriage. There was even more that had to be done before we ever could be able to live happily. That bastard... he was still at large and was a danger to my beloved ranger. I needed to deal with it at all costs. But for now, I was focused on her. We were laying next to each other and that was one of our moments. She then started that subject by herself. Could she have sensed that I thought about it before? I knew not. We just started to talk and soon she told me something that had frozen the blood in me. That man... he was in The White City, so close to my love once again. I was a bit scared but most dominating feeling was my worry for her. "Nethillon?" - I heard her voice as she looked at me. - "Are you afraid?" - She then asked me. I looked at her with the signs of worry still present in my eyes but then it was replaced with determination. "Worried about you. And ready to strike if needed." - I then answered. I knew the time has come to leave and finish what I've once sworn to do. But I couldn't before my promotion and by just leaving her here. I got lost in my thoughts for a short moment. "I'm not at my best today..but you deserve to know the truth." - She then said breaking me off my thoughts and breaking the silence. I just looked at her with worry once again as I knew not what she had to tell me. She then removed her clothes to show me how broken her body was. I could tell that she was afraid that I will leave her with that knowledge but when I have seen it all I felt was feeling sorry, useless and then regret that I wasn't around when she needed me the most. I felt so disappointed with myself. I felt so pained by all of this. She has been through so much. I just came closer to her in a moment and hugged her tightly, being careful to not hurt her. I then took her hand gently and put it on my heart. "This is only an appearance, dear. You are here..." - I then said keeping her hand there. "I love you..." - I said with so much affection in my voice. She was everything to me no matter what. The ranger smiled at me then. "It doesn't hurt anymore, just covering scars." - She said calmly and then continued - "I am here, with everything I am..." - She kept her hand on my chest and smiled. I then nodded and kept holding her close. "For me... you are the most beautiful one on Arda. But would you take a damaged emotional man like me?" - I then smiled looking into her eyes. "I would take you as you are Nethillon and if, if this is proposal, then yes." - She then said looking deep into my eyes. I have seen tears in her eyes but I could tell how happy she was. I then smiled. "It could've been but I know you're not into a marriage, my dear" - I said calmly. She always kept telling me this but maybe something has changed. I knew not. "That's my cousin. I, unlike some others spoke... I want a small wedding not crowd." - She then told me and I could feel like I had the chance to make us even stronger. "I am not alone then. I hate big crowds..." - I then explained as well with a smile. For me it was the love, not numbers of people knowing about it that mattered. "Y-you should rest my dear. " - She then said towards me, leaning her forehead against mine. But I knew that I had one more thing to do. "Just a moment then..." - I said looking into her eyes before I moved to the other room quickly. I kept looking for something in one of my chests and I finally found it. I was still bare chested and soon came back to the room smiling. "I just needed to do it properly.." I said then moving closer to her taking her hand gently. Then, I kneeled before her pulling out a box with a gold ring. "My dear, will you marry me?" - I then asked looking into her eyes. She first covered her mouth with her right hand before it was taken by me. She was on edge of bursting in tears not knowing what to say. She nodded first. "Yes, yes Nethillon."  - She jump hugged me then tightly. 
I held her tight with a smile. I was so happy. I closed my eyes resting my head on her shoulder while I still held her. She remained in my embrace playing with my hair. "When you got time get a ring?" - She then asked me. I looked at her. "I made it before I went to army. I had that feeling it might find a right person someday. And you are that person" - I then explained, remembering that story once again. The only one ring I made before I became a soldier. Now in hands of my beloved it has been waiting for so long. She then kissed me gently and looked into my eyes again. "Foreseeing talent?" - She then asked me with a smile before hugging me tightly again. "I don't think so..." - I then answered with a smile before lifting her up and moving towards the bed. Soon, we were laying beside each other again. "Someone rather has talent kidnapping me around house."  - She then said laughing - "By rest I meant good knight not me. So am I denied do chores today?" - She finished speaking with a smile on her face. I was so glad to see her happy once again. "Indeed you are, princess." - I then said with a smile before closing my eyes. And then we both drifted off as next day was going to be hard for both of us.