Tokens in Felegoth

“A gesture of friendship,” Faörie proclaimed, offering a freshly picked rose to Annúngil, “Please accept this token.”

He accepted, bringing the flower close and taking in its scent. “I thank you,” he said, smiling gently to the young elleth. “I will cherish it while it lasts, and return it to this place once it withers.”

The two stood together, enjoying the company of the other, surrounded by the bountiful gardens within the Halls of the Elvenking. Passersby conversed in their groups and botanists tended to their flora. Much peace was to be found here, nature and friendship equally in abundance.

“And now,” Faörie began, smiling broadly, “As friends...”

“Indeed,” Annúngil arched his brow, “As friends?”

She leaned forward as if to whisper, though her volume remained steady, “I need your help.”

They spoke of Ráolor and his craft, Faörie's desire to witness his work firsthand, and her intent to seek out a suitable stone to gift to the renown sculptor. “I confess,” began Annúngil, “I do not know much of Ráolor's preferences, but I'm familiar with stonework from my involved history. This being said, I will help you as I may.” An excited smile was shared by Faörie, who was now gleaming with hope. “If the stone is not to his liking, you can say you were ill advised by me,” Annúngil suggested with a wink.

“I intend to!” Faörie exclaimed with a laugh. She turned away and gestured politely for Annúngil to follow. “Lead the way,” he said, and together they passed through the numerous halls out of Felegoth and traveled southward along the river where they began their search.

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