Resting at Oserley

The bustling sounds of Middlemead were too much for me, and for father it appears. Luckily, father simply wanted to check our supplies and see how we were. We departed from Middlemead with haste and continued upon our trek to Wildermoore. The road was laden with more footsteps than before, travelers, caravans with merchants, or perhaps brigands certainly have traveled upon it recently. Hopefully none give us trouble, if we run into any. Birds chirped nearby and the air was warm. No cold nor sign of storm was in the air. Gratefully, with these conditions we pressed on harder than before. My thoughts were disrupted when father had spoke.

'Now, before we arrive at Oserley and in time, Wildermoore, I do need to tell you. Wildermoore is a harsh, unforgiving, cold, and does indeed have enemies of the king there. From brigands, orcs, wargs, wolves, and so on. We must be ever-vigilant. You both have your spears and shields, which is good, if we ever come into trouble, make sure to use them. This will be a camping trip, yes, however, it can also be training if you make it so. Now, before I ask you something, is there any questions?' Father spoke sternly, yet in a kind, fatherly way.

'Are the rumors of the White Witch true, what with all the hostiles and all, father?' Sigehelm asked, somewhat hesitantly.

Father stopped, looking at Sigehelm with disappointment, 'You don't actually believe in those, do yo-....No. The White Witch doesn't exist, and you shouldn't be listening to those legends and rumors, not good for anything. That is a lesson, don't pay attention to gossip, legends, or rumors unless they involve you or someone you know or love. Understand?' Sigehelm quickly nodded to this.

We had gotten to Stoke quickly, and quickly left. We had no intention of pausing there for a brief rest, and instead went to Oserley as quick as we could. The road appeared less traveled than it was on the way to Stoke, which was concerning, as I saw tracks of a evil-looking nature in the grass near the wood. I didn't dare mention it to father, as we were indeed close to Oserley. Luckily, we had gotten to Oserley. We rented a inn at the tavern, and went to sleep. After many hours, we needed it.